Fashion blouses for summer 2022: trends

Fashionable blouses for summer 2022 will be the hit of the season, this type of women’s clothing brings a special magic to the image. World couturiers presented collections of new products that will not leave you indifferent. It is safe to say that the coming year is characterized by unusual styles made of light materials. We offer you an overview of summer trends that emphasize femininity and romance.

What summer blouses are in fashion in 2022

Consider fashion trends for the summer of 2022:

Lantern sleeves. This is one of the most sought-after models of blouses, where puffy and voluminous sleeves have become an accent. If you study photos of fashionable blouses for summer 2022, there will be many such options. These sleeves look flirtatious, slightly pompous, they are beautifully combined with slip skirts or loose shorts.

Cropped blouses. A stylish image will help to create a style that favorably highlights the waist and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Some options for short blouses are very open, more like a top.

Blouses in silk and satin. It is worth noting that these materials will often be used in summer novelties. A product with a delicate sheen and radiance is sure to refresh the image, emphasizing sophistication. Such blouses are suitable not only as elegant bows, you can go to work, dates and walks in them. Styles will be relevant, both with voluminous sleeves and without them, ties around the neck or a deep neckline.

Asymmetry. Fashion trends for women’s blouses 2022 were not without asymmetrical styles. Such an extraordinary cut looks impressive and bright. An image with such a blouse will become memorable, with its help you can dilute the gray everyday life. Many novelties are distinguished by a lowered shoulder. An asymmetrical model should be combined with denim or wide trousers.

Deep neckline and long sleeves. This is a win-win option for the new season. It should be noted that the neckline is found both in the neckline and at the back, while long sleeves are required to emphasize the contrast. Designers offer styles with buttons or with ribbons, any of the options presented will be beneficial to highlight the figure. An intriguing model is not for every day, but it must be in the wardrobe of the fair half.

translucent models. Products with a similar effect are delicate, despite the frankness, which can be presented subtly. Beautiful frills, elegant assemblies of translucent fabric will always look elegant. It is important to note that underwear for such a style must be chosen carefully, the main thing is a pastel color or a flesh-colored shade that does not stand out, but only complements the image.

Square cut. Despite the fact that deep sharp or round necklines are often in trend, square cuts will become very relevant in the coming season. Most often, such models are sewn from dense fabric that can hold the silhouette, so jeans and leather have become the favorite materials of designers. Such novelties will appeal to those who follow the trends.

Blouses with bows. No romance in the next season anywhere. Despite the fact that bows were used last season, they still hold their position, so many designers have used them in their summer collections. The classic tie at the neck resembles a tie, but at the same time emphasizes femininity. However, such an element can also show off on the shoulder. You can wear a blouse with leather trousers, this look looks bold, but at the same time mysterious.

For obese women, fashionable blouses in 2022 are equipped with raven ribbons, which Coco Chanel herself introduced into fashion.

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Blouses for summer 2022: trendy colors and prints

The following prints will be relevant in the upcoming season:

  • animal theme (leopard, zebra, python);
  • stripes;
  • printed;
  • multi.

As for the color palette:

  • milk shades;
  • black and white;
  • shades of red;
  • yellow orange;
  • blue, blue.

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Top 5 Fashion Looks for Summer 2022

With light jeans. A satin blouse with a deep neckline will look good with a denim bottom, complete the look with pumps.

With a miniskirt. Such a bow is suitable for brave girls with a perfect figure. The cropped style pairs beautifully with a miniskirt that will show off your slender legs.

Classic summer trousers. In a similar image, you can go to work, and in the evening go on a date. A red blouse with white patches will look harmonious with light straight trousers.

Skirt with animal print. A sleeveless blouse combined with a leopard bottom and a headscarf will create a romantic look.

With shorts. In the hot season, you want to wear something light and beautiful, so you can choose shorts made of denim or other material.

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It’s safe to say that fashionable blouses for summer 2022 are characterized by puffy sleeves, a short silhouette, ties and open shoulders. Among such a variety of styles, every stylish woman will find the perfect option for herself, in which she will feel like a real lady.

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