Fashion chokers: trends and novelties of the season 2023

The choker is an exquisite piece of jewelry that fits snugly around the neck. In fact, this is one of the varieties of the necklace. Chokers were popular back in Tsarist Russia, including representatives of the nobility and young aristocrats who willingly wore them. In the distant 90s, velvet with a pendant, as well as black elastic chokers, were very popular. They were especially common among young fashionistas. Today, this decoration is again at the peak of popularity. And what fashionable chokers are worth looking at in the collection in 2023, we will now tell.

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Top 8 chokers for spring-summer 2023

Why do women love chokers? The answer to this question is quite simple. The decoration looks very stylish on the neck, adds a bit of seductiveness to the image. You can safely go on a date, party, party, wedding, graduation or any other solemn, entertaining, informal event in it. Choker is a versatile accessory. Thanks to the efforts of designers, it can complement any image.

Next, let’s talk about the most trendy models of the season.

  • with big flower. Without exaggeration, this is a hit of spring-summer 2023. A thin choker decorated with one large flower (a full-blown rose or peony bud) is worn by all fashion influencers and recommended by most trendsetters. The accessory will look great with a little black dress, a bandeau top, a sleeveless blouse with an open shoulder line. If desired, it can even be entered into a business style. The flower can be contrasting with the choker itself, or in tone.

  • In the style of minimalism. An elegant choker around the neck for those fashionistas who do not like massiveness and excessive pretentiousness. Such jewelry can be made of a thin chain, small pearls, black or bright satin ribbon, leather cord, or in the form of a rim. As expected, it will fit snugly around the neck, creating the desired effect. Often, the accessory is complemented by a pendant – a small pebble or pearl. A minimalist choker is the most suitable choice for every day.

  • In the form of a chain. If you want to include something more daring and non-trivial in your look, then pay attention to chokers in the form of massive or vice versa thin chains. In the 2023 season, this is the most trendy. Such decoration can be safely called basic. Moreover, it can be made of an alloy, real silver or red, yellow, white gold. The accessory will look self-sufficient, but often even the most massive models are complemented by other types of chains. Because it is in fashion today.

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  • multilayer. One of the hottest accessories today. The main feature of such a choker is that it wraps around the neck several times. The decoration can be made of diverse chains, double or triple strands of pearls, multi-colored rows of beads or several ribbons. Depending on the massiveness, the presence of pendants and style, you can wear this accessory both to work in the office and to an evening rendezvous. In any performance, it will look luxurious.

  • Combined. Fashion 2023 welcomes creativity. Therefore, if the same type of jewelry seems boring to you, turn your attention to the combined models of chokers. They can be made simultaneously from materials of different textures. For example, from pearls and a chain, stones and leather lace, or from a satin ribbon and large beads. If desired, such an accessory can be made independently with your own hands. Then it will definitely fully meet your taste.

  • sparkling. And this is mostly an evening option. A choker decorated with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals can be worn to a restaurant, club party, corporate party, cocktail event. The effectiveness of this accessory does not hold. In the light of spotlights, it will sparkle beautifully on your neck and will certainly attract attention. So make sure you create the right look. However, some stylists urge to include a sparkling choker in everyday outfits.

  • From beads. Beaded chokers in 2023 also continue to be very popular. Openwork weaving looks original, adds femininity and individuality to the assembled bow. When creating jewelry, you can use one-color and multi-colored beads, beads of different diameters and shapes. Also, the choker can be multi-layered or concise, made in one thread. Talented needlewomen create real works of art from ordinary beads.

  • fringed. New for the 2023 season is a fringed choker. Perfect for creating a romantic look. It can be created from beads or from leather and thin chains, where the latter act as a fringe. It is worth wearing such an accessory with outfits that imply an open neckline. And the choker will draw attention to her. The length of the hanging elements can reach the level of the abdomen. And it can be limited to the collarbone. Which one to choose is a matter of taste and goals that you pursue by wearing this jewelry.

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Chokers made of natural stone – pearls and amber – remain invariably in trend.

Fashionable chokers of 2023 are the very element that will transform your look. Choose your favorite models by referring to the photo in our selection.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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