Fashion clogs 2019

In the 2019 season, stylish clogs have become incredibly fashionable. These shoes successfully combine all the most important qualities – they are comfortable, beautiful, original and relevant. We invite you to get acquainted with the leading trends in the design of clogs and decide which pair you can not do without this summer!


What is it

If we turn to the definition of clogs, we can find that these are French peasant shoes made of wood. Fortunately, modern designers turned out to be more loyal and offered clogs from various materials to fashionistas. Such models are synonymous with comfort, because they have a soft top with a wooden or cork sole.

Fashionistas all over the world are happy to learn a new word in the fashion world – clogs (an alternative name for clogs), because in such shoes the legs do not feel tired at all. A nice bonus – growth is getting higher. This is the best option for an active and stylish summer!

Stylish palitra

Fashionable shoes of the 2019 season pleases with its colorfulness and rich colors.

Designers see actual clogs in beige colors. This is a practical solution with excellent compatibility, which can be an ideal alternative to the usual black shoes. Beige clogs go well with light and dark clothes, as well as with bright things that you have not dared to wear for a long time.

The embodiment of richness of color – these fashionable red, orange or yellow shoes. With it, it is very easy to place accents in a monochrome outfit with a blue, white, black or beige palette.

[stextbox id=’info’]The absolute hit of recent seasons is metallic shoes. Gold or silver clogs look especially elegant.[/stextbox]

Delicate pastel colors also join the current palette – powdery pink, pale blue, cream and light green.

In the 2019 season, various prints come to the fore. First of all, it is the animal world and various floristry. Do not let out of attention also a cage of various sizes, polka dots and a goose foot.

current models

  • Women’s clogs with tractor soles will not only visually increase the height, but also give the image a daring mood.

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  • The most fashionable (and at the same time the most practical) options are presented in beige colors. Undoubtedly, such clogs will be the leader of the trends of the 2019 season. Wear beige shoes if you want to visually make your legs longer and your figure slimmer.

  • Great news for lovers of bright and creative novelties: clogs with rhinestone decor are in fashion. It is noteworthy that in the new season, designers are not afraid to go too far with sparkling jewelry. More shine – more style!
  • Beads compete with the spectacular decor of rhinestones – a must have of the 2019 season.
  • Delicate flowers are another topical decor. They are presented in colors or in voluminous decorations.

  • Animalism is a trend that is reflected not only in the design of clothes, but also in the embodiment of fashionable shoes. That is why reptile leather clogs are now at the peak of popularity.

  • Among the extraordinary and creative decor, fringe and tassels in various forms are announced. If you want to draw attention to beautiful legs and create an unforgettable bow, opt for these clogs.

  • From previous seasons, clogs with a sharp and square nose migrated to the list of trends.

  • Look at the photo, how fashionable clogs with rivets look fashionable in the 2019 season. This is a great move to make beach shoes more creative and stylish – bravo to the designers!

Suede clogs with metal studs

  • Shoes with transparent elements look very intriguing. Their location does not matter – colorless inserts are observed both on the heel and in the front or back of the shoe.
  • Stylish clogs in the new season are often complemented by embroidery. These shoes are designed to create an elegant and feminine look.
  • Comfort and convenience is the key direction of the main trends. You can see this for yourself by trying on fashionable clogs with thick heels or a stable platform.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Interesting! A high platform on the shoes will help increase growth and make the image more feminine and graceful.[/stextbox]

  • Shoe material is what really matters in the new season. The most trendy clogs will be made of suede, leather, will be complemented by a silicone insert, feathers or even fur decor. The last squeak is a combination of leather and knitwear.

What style do they harmonize with?

Some fashionistas are sure that clogs without a back are appropriate only on the beach. Designers do not agree with this statement and think over the style of these shoes in such a way that they can be worn to a feast, to the world, and even to work. Let’s find out which style of clogs will fit well into the image?

  • A bow with a country mood will be even more interesting if clogs are chosen as shoes. Many designers are well aware of this and demonstrate the combination of country dresses with such shoes.
  • Not everyone knows that clogs compile with military style. In the trend, a creative mix of fashion trends is a fresh and bold move that looks very stylish.

  • Perhaps the most obvious, but incredibly stylish, is the combination of a bow with a hippie mood with clogs. What to wear to create such an image? Multi-colored flying sundresses, torn or flared jeans, or gypsy skirts are perfect. Invaluable help will be provided by accessories – baubles, a headband, voluminous earrings and bracelets. Such a bow will turn out to be colorful, perky and bright – this is very summery.

Hippie style goes well with clogs

  • Clogs are a great option for a comfortable bow in casual style. In the 2019 season, the monochrome palette of the image is at the peak of popularity, and in summer, combinations in white or beige tones look flawless and even bohemian.

Combination ideas

In combination with clogs, everything is elementary. For a summer walk, it would be appropriate to wear such shoes with a flying chiffon dress, and for an evening out, a combination with skinny jeans or banana trousers would be a great idea.

Despite some massiveness of such shoes, it looks amazing with short airy skirts and stylish shirt dresses.

An indispensable thing in the summer wardrobe is a jumpsuit. You can also include clogs in the image with it.

Another perfect pair for such shoes is a sundress or dress made of cotton and linen. It will be great if this outfit is complemented with tassels, embroidery, folk decor or tight lace.

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Stunning summer outfits can be created by combining clogs with bright trumpet trousers. The best choice of top in this look would be a plain shirt (but not a cold shade) or a boho-style openwork top. You will also need large decorations.

Maximum style in your image is guaranteed if you complement it with trendy summer accessories. Bet on wicker bags, hats, stylish earrings, hair bands and sunglasses. The clog looks very cool with elements decorated with fringe – a bag, …

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