Fashion clogs: shoes of peasants and artisans in stylish looks of spring 2021

“Everything new is a well-forgotten old,” the designers thought and decided to revive the fashion for sandals with a thousand-year history. Dutch wooden shoes were the lot of poor peasants and artisans, as leather shoes were too expensive for them. Now clogs are shoes for real fashionistas. They have not gone out of fashion for the third season and are becoming more and more popular.

Variety of models

Clogs are, as a rule, shoes with a wooden or other dense sole with a heel or platform.

There are clogs in the form of sandals or clogs without a back. The upper of the shoe is made of leather, suede or textile.

In the spring of 2021, designers suggest giving preference to natural colors of clogs: black, brown, beige, white. They are versatile and will go with any look.

The most daring fashionistas can afford clogs with animal skin print or with sequins and rhinestones. But such shoes are definitely not for everyday wear, such sandals are suitable for special events such as a party or a fashion show.

What to wear

There are practically no restrictions on clothes for clogs. They are the perfect complement to both casual and romantic outfits, as well as sport chic style. Unless stylists recommend combining them with voluminous things: a bell skirt, a blouse with lanterns or an oversized jacket.

Clogs go great with jeans and t-shirts. In casual style, they are like fish in water. Especially if the image is complemented with a leather bag or a belt made of the same material as the shoes.

Floral blouses perfectly balance the massive bottom and make the look lighter and more romantic.

Wooden shoes also go well with skirts and dresses. Unless, of course, this is a business suit or an evening dress with a neckline.

And under the skirt, clogs will fit both high heels and platform. The main thing is to remember that massive heavy shoes are balanced by a light outfit.

Universal clogs are undemanding to the length of the skirt. An extreme mini or floor-length dress will look great with such shoes. The main thing is that the long dress should be made of thin flying fabric, otherwise the image may turn out to be rough.

With trousers made of wood, it’s a little more difficult. Stylists consider this option not entirely successful, since only cropped trousers fit such shoes.

Naturally, it is better not to wear trousers with arrows or wide trousers complete with clogs. These pants will make the image heavy and sloppy.

To become a fashionista this spring, you should afford “peasant” shoes. Even paired with old jeans and a shirt, they will update the look and make it stylish and fashionable.

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