Fashion coats for autumn 2021

Fashionable coats will be a wardrobe must-have for fall 2021. To look attractive and not to freeze in the cold season, you can choose the actual outerwear. The material tells about the trendy styles of coats.

What coats will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Designers offer this year to pay attention to the following options for outerwear.

oversized coat

Not the first year, oversized coats occupy a leading position among autumn clothes. They are considered a classic option for city dwellers.

The masculine style of the coat can be found in such famous brands as Louis Vuitton, Max Mara and Dolce Gabbana. An oversized coat in a neutral color is suitable for both classic and sporty looks.

home style

Such a coat for autumn 2021 is included in the international fashion trends. The global pandemic has affected all areas of life, including fashion. Therefore, fashion houses introduced coats that resemble homemade blankets, blankets and even pillows. Such coats are usually sewn in a loose cut, without clear lines. For everyday life, options in gray or milky color are suitable. If you want to wear such a top for a solemn event, you can take a cape in the form of a plaid woven from different patches.

Leather coats

This season, famous designers presented a variety of leather models. Patent and smooth leather coats, laconic styles and eccentric mesh options will be relevant. Accordingly, there are options for every taste.

If you want to surprise others or attract attention at an event, give preference to a long red patent leather coat. Complete it with transparent pumps and a small black bag. Print in this case will be inappropriate.

Without sleeves

Models that visually resemble light vests will be no less relevant. Such a sophisticated option looks good in romantic or business bows. It makes the image feminine and concise. This style can be worn under both shoes and boots.

For a meeting with a young man or friendly gatherings, take skinny jeans, a yellow jacket, beige pumps and a pale pink sleeveless coat. A stylish bow is complemented by a medium-sized nude bag.

Sleeve 3/4

Different lengths of the coat and sleeves will make the image light and add zest to it. This style was popular a few seasons ago, and now again topped the top fashion trends. A shortened sleeve is most often found in autumn models. Their flare gives the image sophistication. You can choose a short beige coat and create a monochrome outfit with it.

Maxi length

Such a coat is not always comfortable to wear, it is better to leave the fashionable image of this style for the dry autumn of 2021. During rainy weather, it is easy to stain the hem of the clothes. Coats of this length will be a great addition to evening looks in cold weather. Maxi coats can be worn with both dresses and suits.

You can choose outerwear in spectacular colors. But it is better to avoid patterns. Light colors will make the image elegant and feminine. For a formal event, choose a strapless peach dress above the knee, take shoes of the same color and a floor-length single-breasted coat. A monochromatic image will attract many admiring glances to you.

Collarless coat

Collarless outerwear is gaining popularity again. The most trendy this season will be coats with a straight cut and trapeze. This option with wide sleeves in brown will be a universal choice for every day.

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Such fashionable coats for autumn 2021 are suitable for overweight and thin women. The classic version can be fitted or loose, single or double-breasted. The main condition is that the length should be below the knees, and the neck had an English cut. The most common option is a sand coat with or without a belt. It can be combined with long boots and a skirt or with sneakers and jeans.

Bologna coats

In the autumn-winter period, many do not have enough warmth and comfort. Therefore, the designers created a sick coat. At first glance, they may resemble a simple sleeping bag. In fact, this is one of the most popular styles of this season. Due to the material, you definitely will not freeze. Different coat options make it possible to choose a comfortable option for girls of different ages and physiques. For everyday wear, you can take a black or blue balloon coat. It can be easily combined with sports and casual styles.

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fashionable colors coat for fall 2021

It is very important to choose the right trendy coat color. This year, stylists consider calm colors to be the most suitable colors for autumn: white, cream, gray and black. You can also choose outerwear in burgundy and orange tones. For the most daring, experts offer a coat of green, blue or purple. Another universal color in 2021 will be considered dark green.

If you want to create a brighter bow, you can use different prints. For example, a coat with a thin vertical stripe. Or a black coat with brightly embroidered flowers on it.

Fashionable coats for autumn 2021 will be able to pick up girls with any figure and status, the photos confirm this.

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