Fashion color trends 2019: photos

Modern fashion trends are changing at a rapid pace, but the right combination of colors in clothes still plays a fundamental role in the effectiveness and luck of the final image. The colors of 2019 and fashion trends consist of a huge variety of combinations. Of great importance is also the ability to correctly combine colors that you like. As a rule, girls and women among their favorite shades have not one, but several, and how skillfully a woman uses them in her images depends on her appearance, how aesthetically it will look from the outside.[youtube][/youtube]

Natural and natural shades in the colors of 2019

The most basic colors in the coming year will be those that are inherent in nature itself. In such colors you can celebrate the New Year. These shades are quite bright, saturated, conveying all the liveliness and deep beauty of the surrounding world. All colors that will convey the atmosphere of nature estranged from civilization, whether it is a quiet thicket of the forest or a paradise island in the wide sea.

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Among the top colors, Pantone highlights seven base colors for the coming 2019, which will determine the entire range that will be fashionable next spring and summer:

Grenadine color

This is a red color that has always remained relevant, for several seasons already. It does not come off for a very long time and looks impressive on various styles and in combination with many shades of the same spectrum (for example, with yellow or orange). Modern fashion designers are constantly experimenting with this color, changing the tone, making it either more aggressive and catchy, or using a darkened version that borders on purple (photo 1).

Grenadine color

However, stylists do not recommend wearing rich red to blondes and girls with a very light skin tone. You should also not use accessories that are too close to the face, this only worsens the appearance of your clothes, since this combination will not be entirely successful.

In all other cases, grenadine is perfect for both gala evenings and everyday wear. For example, tanned girls or naturally dark-skinned girls are almost obliged to have red shades in their wardrobe, as this will only emphasize their dignity, beautiful face oval and natural attractiveness. You can take plain clothes as a basis, as well as with a combination of several shades at once – fuchsia, burgundy, etc.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Similarly, you can use grenadine in accessories, it goes well with gray and most shades of red (for example, with wine).[/stextbox]

Port wine color

This noble and at the same time discreet color is suitable for clothes that are just right to wear in the cool season or in cloudy weather (photo 2). It is dark, but at the same time it seems to radiate warmth, a very pleasant and not annoying look. Plain things of this color should not be worn by girls with dark skin or red hair. This combination will be too gloomy for them, you need to dilute the image with brighter shades or add appropriate accessories. But do not get carried away and switch to other colors, it is better to dilute the appearance with tones from the same spectrum.

Port wine color

[stextbox id=»warning»]The color of port wine is very suitable for outerwear, since most of the things sewn using this shade are created using heavy fabrics.[/stextbox]

Pointe shoe color

This shade carries a certain inconsistency, it turned out to be the most controversial in the coming season. In winter and autumn, this color is considered the most spectacular and successful. Girls with a dark skin tone should exercise extreme caution and discretion in handling this color.

Pointe shoe color

With no less accuracy, it is necessary to approach the shades that you want to combine with this color, since it is extremely difficult to choose the tones that perfectly harmonize with this color, because pointe shoes are a very ambiguous color and it rejects many others. Therefore, if it is not possible to choose shades that could be combined with pointe shoes, then it is best to wear it in a solid color, diluting it with accessories.

oil color

The butter color is a calm shade of brown, similar to chocolate milk paste (photo 3). This color is suitable for both blondes and brunettes, it is famous for being versatile and most colors are freely combined with it. Therefore, you can wear an oily color both in a single color and diluted with others, including bright accessories.

oil color

[stextbox id=»warning»]It is best to use shades of the same spectrum as the oil color, but it also harmonizes well with black, white and red colors. Therefore, it is with this color that you can freely experiment, as a result you can get a unique and original image.[/stextbox]

sea ​​peony

This color will be the most basic in the fashion trends of 2019, as most fashion designers see it on a par with the classic shades, on the basis of which the entire fashion environment is built.

sea ​​peony

The color of the sea peony is able to replace the standard colors – white and black. Due to the fact that this shade is quite deep and dark, it can help out girls who want to hide the flaws of their figure at the right time. Visually, the sea peony slims and even adds height in some styles, so most fashion designers recommend using it in the coming season (photo 4).

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Neutral gray (silver)

Gray color is universal in combination with any colors and looks beautiful on most styles of dresses and blouses (photo 5). Stylists recommend that every girl have several types of clothes of this particular shade in her wardrobe. Moreover, it is the gray color that easily harmonizes with other tones of the fashion spectrum in the coming year.

Neutral gray

[stextbox id=»warning»]However, this color is recommended to be diluted with brighter and more saturated ones for those girls who have pale skin, because otherwise you will simply merge with your clothes. But swarthy women and brunettes have nothing to fear – this color will only add spectacularity to your appearance.[/stextbox]

shady spruce

This color is very reminiscent of the shade of spring moss or deep seaweed. The color of shady spruce (photo 6) looks equally aesthetically pleasing on everyday clothes and evening dresses for going out.

shady spruce

This shade gives a special nobility to dark-skinned girls who prefer to wear it. It harmonizes perfectly with golden hues or sandy tones. At the same time, blondes and fair girls need to be careful with him, since not every one of them can fit a shady spruce.

autumn maple

The most fashionable shade in the coming season is recognized as a bright orange color, called autumn maple (photo 7)….

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