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A dress is one of the main elements of a basic women’s wardrobe. Therefore, on the eve of 2020, we invite you to get acquainted with the latest trends in the segment of these outfits, as well as see photo examples of fashionable styles presented in our article.


Fresh trends

At the latest shows, designers presented many interesting models of dresses. Among them, we have selected products that will be most popular in the coming year.

  • Leather. Dresses made of natural or artificial leather have become a kind of novelty of the season. And all because the couturiers, instead of the usual mini options for everyone, presented midi and even maxi length styles. The design of such outfits can also be different and vary from discreet minimalism to items decorated with flounces and ruffles.

  • Black color. A long-established classic this season has found a “new breath”. The catwalks were literally filled with various models of black dresses, differing from each other in terms of fabric texture, design, cut features and purpose.

  • Pleated. Original and at the same time versatile products, suitable even for women who are already over 40. As for the design, in addition to plain products, options were also offered, decorated with lurex threads, all kinds of prints and lace inserts.

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  • Asymmetrical. Dresses with a non-standard cut continue to remain at the peak of popularity. It can be bare-shouldered or single-sleeved. The hem of the dress can also be asymmetrical.

  • With drape. Styles decorated with complex drapery will become an indispensable option for overweight women, as they help not only create a stylish bow, but also hide the imperfections of the figure.

  • Golden color. Dresses with metallic glossy coating are gradually giving way to models aged in a heavy gold tint with a bronze sheen.

  • with bows. Products with this decor are at the top of the fashion trends of the coming season. In 2020, the trend will be both classic dresses, in which a small and elegant bow is located on the bodice or waist, and more informal styles with voluminous bows placed on the side or back in the center.

  • With floral print. Plant-themed outfits continue to be in demand. The art itself can play the role of a small accent or completely cover the entire product.

  • With sequins. In the segment of evening dresses, styles entirely decorated with sequins will be fashionable. Moreover, the decor can be monophonic or multi-colored, laid out in the form of drawings, prints and patterns.

  • With flounces. Ruffles, flounces and frills next year should be present on all dresses. They can be located below the hem, neck (in the form of a frill), decollete and around the entire perimeter.

  • From velvet. Velor and velvet are now used for tailoring not only elegant dresses, but also everyday ones. As for the features of the cut, it can be straight styles, cases and even jackets.

  • Linen style. Dresses that look like sleep shirts are still in fashion. However, unlike previous years, in the coming years, these products should be worn in a multi-layered image, combining them with trousers and rough sports shoes.

  • Transparent. Mesh is the hit of the season, so designers have used it for sewing dresses as well. The trend will be multi-layered outfits designed for everyday wear, as well as “naked” evening products that show attractive curves of the figure.

Actual styles

If we talk about the features of the cut, below we have presented the top most popular styles of 2020.

Autumn winter

  • Case. Exquisite cases can be used not only to create a business outfit, but also for meetings with friends. And thanks to elegant frills, unusual inserts, straps or bright prints, the finished bow will also turn out to be very stylish.

  • Turtleneck. This is ideal for the cold season. After all, in a dress made of soft wool or warm knitted fabrics, you certainly won’t freeze. A fitted cut will help emphasize the elegance and femininity of your figure.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! In some collections, turtleneck dresses with drawstrings were presented, which hide flaws and visually slim.[/stextbox]

  • Jacket. Dresses that look like an elongated jacket will be especially fashionable in the coming winter. These can be plain models in black, blue or brown, as well as multi-colored products with a checkered or animal print.

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  • Sweater dress. The baggy style, sewn from dense knitted fabrics, is the most practical and wearable. Stylists recommend not limiting yourself to simple models in faded colors, but giving preference to bright colored products.

Spring Summer

  • Shirt. A versatile option that is suitable for everyday wear. Its feature is a fitted cut, a shirt collar and a number of buttons that simultaneously act as a fastener and decoration.

  • Trapeze. This summer, fashionistas should first of all get a dress with an extension down. This is because such products are sewn from cotton fabrics that are hygroscopic and breathable.

  • Tunic. Light, airy outfits made of cotton or silk will become an essential element of every basic wardrobe in the cruise season.

  • “Noodles”. This style can be recognized by the fabric, as it has a textured pattern in a small scar. The dress itself can be made in the form of a sundress with straps, or have a small sleeve, which makes it suitable for wearing even in early spring.

  • Bare shoulders. Dresses that fully open the shoulders roam from year to year, not losing their positions. The trend continues to be models of a straight cut, which are worn with a belt at the waist. The length of such outfits can be maxi or midi. But mini-products should already be abandoned.

  • With open back. Styles of dresses in which the back is partially open or completely open are an excellent basis for creating a prom bow. These can be long evening models or short ones in the style of babydolls, sewn from thin satin or silk.

  • On the smell. A versatile outfit that emphasizes the waist, highlights the décolleté and hides overly sloping hips.

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