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Women’s eyeglasses are now not only a necessity, but also a beautiful accessory that requires the selection of frames that are fashionable in 2021. Due to the fact that a lot of stylish frames are being made today, glasses are able to successfully complement the images. Right now we will analyze which frames for corrective and sunglasses will be the most fashionable in 2021.

Which women’s eyeglass frames are in fashion in 2021

If you have to wear glasses, and you absolutely cannot come to terms with your reflection in the mirror, then perhaps you just haven’t picked up a good frame yet. When choosing, you need to rely on the features of your face so that the glasses look as harmonious as possible.

Also, when deciding on a frame, it is desirable to take into account the type of visual impairment. For example, with myopia, the eyes usually appear smaller through the appropriate lenses. In this case, it is better to take a large frame – for balance. If you suffer from farsightedness, then stop at the frames of small sizes.

Trending frames this year:

  • oversize. Oversized is a very popular trend, so it has also touched points. For women with myopia, this option will be the most optimal.

  • “Cat” or “Fox” eyes. The frame in this style looks very impressive and elegant, which is exactly what girls need. You can wear these glasses under any delicate and feminine look, because they will look very harmonious.

  • Round shape. Not every woman will decide to choose such a frame, because they are intended for the most daring beauties who like to attract attention to themselves. Believe me, if you successfully choose glasses of this shape, they can look very stylish.

  • translucent. The advantage of such frames is that they fit any style of clothing and type of their owner. Trendy models of translucent glasses will be an integral part of business images, as well as successfully complement the casual and sport-chic style.

  • Rimless. And this option also has the right to exist, because many girls fell in love with it. If you do not want to focus too much on your eyes, but at the same time look stylish, then stop at this model.

Lightweight and inexpensive plastic, heavy and durable metal, as well as resistant Kevlar and titanium are used as frame materials. Recently, silicone has also been used for this purpose. Falls are not terrible for him, he bends and is easily disinfected. New for 2021 is a real wood frame.

Glasses for vision should decorate the appearance, so they must be chosen with great care. Narrow frames make the face thinner, so they are suitable for chubby women. If you have an oval face shape, then you can afford wide frames.

Sunglasses frames 2021

In the warm season, sunglasses are an indispensable accessory. They not only protect our eyes from the rays, but also make the images much more interesting. Among the fashionable frames for women’s sunglasses in 2021, the following should be highlighted:

  • Volumetric. They can be square, round and any other, but their main difference is that they cover almost half of the face. This model can be seen in the collections of world famous designers, as well as on the most stylish celebrities.

  • Oval. This category also includes any elongated frames that have a small height. Extremely narrow glasses that barely cover the eyes are still fashionable.

  • multicolored. Stylish glasses with multi-colored frames can complement any spring-summer looks. It is important that the accessory looks harmonious with the outfit. To do this, you need to stock up on several models of glasses of different colors at once.

  • Geometric. The most original frames are variants of geometric shapes. Square, triangular, pentagonal – the choice is very wide. Try on some of these accessories if you want to be unusual and interesting.

Also among the sunglasses you can find models with a frame like “cat’s eye”. They fit absolutely all girls, if you choose the right size.

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Fashionable frames for women’s glasses in 2021 can be decorated with decor, as can be seen in the photo. Stones, rhinestones, beads, pearls, sequins and other bright details make glasses more attractive. If you are not afraid of experiments and want to be in the spotlight, then buy yourself such a trendy model.

Colors and prints of eyeglass frames

The black color is still relevant, because the glasses in its performance look expensive. It can be matte, shiny, saturated or translucent. In addition, frames in other colors will also be in fashion:

  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • beige;
  • emerald;
  • blue
  • red;
  • turquoise.

Frames with prints have become popular – floral, animalistic, geometric and others.

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You can see the frames for women’s sunglasses or vision-corrective glasses that will be fashionable in 2021 in the photos presented here. If you have poor eyesight, then just try to choose the right glasses for your particular case. If everything is in order with your vision, but you want to use glasses in your images, then you can stop at models without lenses. In any case, do not forget to complement your bows with these stylish accessories, because they can significantly change your look.

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