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Expressive eyelashes continue to be at the peak of popularity. Their main task is to create an emphasis on the eyes, to give the look of languor and mystery. Also, thanks to numerous effects, they allow you to adjust the appearance. For example, make round eyes more elongated or visually lift the edge of the eyelid to get a cat look. That is why many girls regularly visit the extension masters for several seasons in a row. After all, this is a great way to save time on eye makeup and always look spectacular. In today’s review, we list the main fashion trends that will be inherent in eyelashes in 2023.

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What eyelashes are in fashion: a review of 2023

As for the choice of materials, everything is predictable here. Synthetic fiber villi are still in trend: “Silk”, “Mink”, “Sable”. They keep their shape well, cause allergic reactions less often, wear longer and look quite natural. But eyelashes made from real animal hair are a definite bad manners and a relic of the past. In addition, they very often irritate the eyelids. Hypoallergenic synthetic PBT bristles are what the most advanced fashionistas wear today.

When choosing a bend and density, professional lash makers advise adhering to the principles of naturalness. Very curved, very thick, overly voluminous eyelash extensions are an anti-trend. This format has fallen into oblivion and is no longer relevant. Choose classic or double the volume at the most. But with the length, you can experiment a little if you have such a desire. But don’t overdo it. The villi used for extensions should be one or two shades different from the color of the hair. However, colored inserts are also allowed. It is also quite fashionable now.


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Apply for the extension procedure only to that lash maker who does not save on consumables and the quality of materials.

Trending in 2023 extension techniques and effects

We list the main beauty trends in this fashion segment. The list below will be useful for those who regularly increase eyelashes, and ladies who are going to do it for the first time. However, before starting the procedure, consult with the master. After all, it is very important that the chosen option really fits.

  • “Kylie”. If you are interested in the real trends-2023 in eyelash extensions, then we advise you to pay attention to this incredible effect. As the name implies, the Kylie eyelash fashion came from the incomparable Kylie Jenner. The main feature is that, along with standard villi, long ones are also attached to the eyelid. Moreover, they are located at an equal distance from each other. It turns out bright, unusual, spectacular.

  • With arrow effect. This extension option is perfect for owners of round eyes, because it just allows you to stretch the shape of the eyelid. The length and density of the villi increase as you move from the inner corner to the outer, due to which the desired effect is obtained. Add a slight bend here to make the look acquire oriental exoticism and expressiveness. With such eyelashes, you can forget about the drawn arrows.

  • “Kim”. Is it fashionable to wear eyelashes that look stuck together. Definitely yes! This effect was also demonstrated at fashion shows, which indicates its relevance. One of the first eyelashes-rays of the beginning is the star of the reality show Kim Kardashian. When building up, villi of different lengths are used here, the transitions between which look like “torn”. This format is best suited for girls who have their own thick eyelashes.

  • With color accents. Another trendy effect that definitely deserves attention. Of course, naturalness is very good. But sometimes the image still needs to be given some zest. And here bright inserts on cilia will help out. They can be wide or in the form of one small bunch. It is best to place the color accent at the outer edge of the eye, in one place, and not along the entire lash line. In the trend colors: red, light green, blue, purple.

But placing colored villi along the entire lash line is an anti-trend. So in 2023, you definitely don’t need to do it.

  • “Butterfly wings”. Fashion eyelashes-2023 should organically fit into your image, emphasize femininity. This is best done with a popular effect that has been compared to butterfly wings. In this case, the villi also increase in length from the inner edge to the outer. Moreover, each subsequent villus should be longer than the previous one. Due to this, an amazing result is achieved. This is the peak of the spring-summer season.

  • “Wet”. Wet effect is the main fashion trend of 2023. It is found both in the make-up segment and in the styling segment. The top trend and eyelashes did not bypass. Thanks to this build-up, they look like you just washed your face. At the same time, some villi must be glued together so that everything looks natural. “Wet” eyelashes make the look more expressive, add style to the image, emphasize the natural beauty.

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We have introduced you to the popular eyelash extension effects and techniques in 2023. Choose your favorite options, explore new items and create your perfect look.

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