Fashion fabrics 2019

In this article, we tell you which fabrics of 2019 will be the most fashionable in clothes. It is very easy to make a mistake by buying a thing of the actual style and colors, but absolutely not a trendy texture. We will not allow this! Read the guide to the most fashionable fabrics of the new season and be in trend!


silk muslin

If there is not enough romance and lightness in your wardrobe (and maybe in life), feel free to purchase airy things of this extraordinary texture. For example, a silk muslin blouse or dress would be a smart investment in capsule sets for a special occasion. They look presentable, solemn and very feminine.

Silk muslin blouse

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Note! Buying things of this texture is unlikely to be economical, because silk muslin is recognized as the most expensive fabric in the fashion ranking of the 2019 season.


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Silk tweed

Do you like to make trendy bows in the style of minimalism, in which the main focus is yourself? Then take a closer look at things made of tweed with the addition of silk thread, which are not very friendly with the decor, but look stylish even in splendid isolation.

What to buy in such an invoice? Elegant suits, classic jackets, incredible robe coats or practical A-line skirts will be a win-win option. Tweed doesn’t have to be traditional, but less trivial plaid, houndstooth or herringbone prints are also welcome.

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As for the current colors, cheerful shades of ocher, blue, milky, red, sand, mustard, dark red and a delicate pastel palette have become recognized leaders.


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Denim is irreplaceable

The 2019-2020 fashion fabric ranking would be incomplete and a bit boring without denim. Not a single fashion collection could do without it, and this once again confirmed the indispensability of denim.

Don’t be in a hurry to part with cropped skinnies, boyfriends and cool jeans, which you probably managed to get in the past seasons – these practical things promise to remain in trend this year as well. The most relevant shade of denim texture is a classic dark blue color that boasts of its versatility.

Raw hem denim is also trending, a ’90s throwback that looks incredibly cool in a modern look. If you are for the classic reading of denim, you can afford the denim total look – it is back on the list of fashion favorites.

Denim total look

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Second skin

Ready for a fashion experiment that will garner a record number of admiring glances and “likes” on social media? Then decide on clothes made of leather. Matte or glossy, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is that this texture looks bold and stylish, and also favorably emphasizes individuality.

What to buy in leather performance from outerwear? You definitely won’t go wrong with a leather jacket, crop jacket, bomber or raincoat. Fashion trends have also prepared for you novelties made of leather in the form of dresses, sundresses, skirts and trousers of various styles.

It is also not necessary to stick to classic solutions and choose only black leather. More creative colors are also in trend: dark blue, beige, red, yellow and khaki.

Fashionable leather colors

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The choice of modern ladies with an impeccable sense of style is trendy satin clothing. The grace and elegance of this texture captivates from the first touch, and you no longer want to limit yourself to satin only in evening outfits.

Designers, in turn, support this desire and offer women of fashion to replenish their wardrobe not only with a charming satin evening dress, but also with a top, trousers, blouse or skirt made of incredible texture.

Now let’s go through the actual colors. Fashionable satin fabrics in the spring-summer 2019 season are mainly represented by a delicate palette of coffee and milky tones. For any season, a bright satin with greetings from the 80s will be a great idea: crimson, purple, blue and red.

Trendy colors – hello from the 80s


Do you position yourself as a fashionista? Then in the new season you will not be able to do without things from velveteen. This noble and luxurious texture with a rich history definitely deserves to take pride of place in the wardrobe of girls who love to be in trend and create stylish looks.

As beautiful as this texture is, it is so dangerous. The fact is that velveteen is able to add volume, so it is not suitable for problem areas. Otherwise, velvet clothes and accessories are a definite must-have, which easily transformed from catwalk looks into everyday fashion.

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Coats, dresses, skirts, sundresses, trousers, jackets, overalls, caps and bags were seen at the top shows in velvet. You will definitely think of what to choose from this list!

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The most trendy bows of the new season are a T-shirt and a corduroy midi sundress, as well as a pleated skirt of this texture, paired with a plain turtleneck or blouse.


Pleated corduroy skirt


Fashion-craze for knitted fabrics will be appreciated by women of fashion who appreciate comfort and practicality when creating a fashionable look. In such a cozy texture, a variety of things are presented: from suits to dresses and trousers.

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The absolute hit of the 2019 season is knitted items with open shoulders, which look incredibly seductive and feminine.


Fashionable off-the-shoulder dress

An extraordinary solution that will be very useful in a fashionable bow for this season is crocheted mesh items. You could imagine bags, cardigans or dresses in this design. But what about a hat or swimsuit? These trendy solutions also featured in many fashion shows.

Chic, shine, beauty

Shiny and shimmery fabrics continue their fashion runway and break all the stereotypes that everyday looks should be boring. Metallic accents already last season proved to be excellent in everyday looks, and fashionistas actively continue to use shiny textures in their bows.

Clothing with a sheen of silver, gold or red copper is definitely something fantastic, but at the same time very fashionable.


For dresses and suits this season, gabardine is actively used. Of course, you can choose practical things from the classic monochrome palette. But if you intend to pass for the main fashionista, decide on a rich gabardine of juicy shades. Turquoise, blue, yellow, green or red would be a great idea.

Fashionable gabardine skirt

Along with bright colors, checkered or floral print gabardine is on trend. This option is applicable even in summer bows. Remember the main…

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