Fashion failures of the first ladies

It would seem that first lady the easiest way to choose outfits and fashion failures they are not threatened. After all, dozens of stylists and image makers stand behind each of their publications. However, even celebrities have embarrassments, which once again proves that no one is immune from stylish mistakes. Here are some of the biggest fashion flops from first ladies and analysis mistakesallowed in the compilation of images.

Melania Trump

The wife of the American President Melania Trump is rightfully considered the owner of good taste and sense of style. After all, she was addicted to the world of fashion from a young age. It was thanks to her modeling experience that the woman was able to attract a multi-billionaire, who years later became the President of the United States.

Exquisite suits, perfectly matched to the figure, as well as sheath dresses – the first lady of the United States is practically unrivaled when choosing outfits. However, she also has failures.

  • Perhaps many of you have heard about the scandal that recently occurred with Melania Trump. The woman went on a working visit to the center where the children of illegal emigrants are kept, who were forcibly separated from their parents. Moreover, Melania did not find a better jacket than a parka with the inscription I really don’t care do u?, which in Russian means “I really don’t care, but you?” It is known that the situation with illegal migrants in the United States is already quite tense, so such a step on the part of the wife of the American president caused a flurry of indignation.

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In response to criticism from journalists and the public, Melania and Donald Trump said that the words depicted on the jacket were addressed to the media, which regularly spread false information. However, such explanations only increased public outrage.

  • Also, one cannot ignore the “pink disgrace”, in which the first lady of the United States appeared before the public at a UN meeting, where she delivered a speech. Fashion specialists dubbed this outfit a mixture of a grotesque dress, robe and coat. And the color turned out to be too bright, saturated and completely inappropriate for such an event.

  • Another fashion embarrassment of Melania took place at the next round of her husband’s election debates – a suit consisting of trousers and a voluminous blouse. And everything would be fine, but a heavy bow around her neck played a cruel joke on the first lady. The fact is that this bow in the USA bears the traditional name pussy-bow. It was the ambiguous concept that caused the emergence of many memes, and image very quickly overgrown with a huge number of jokes.

Svetlana Medvedeva

Another well-known first lady who has repeatedly surprised others with her interesting images is the wife of Dmitry Medvedev, the ex-president of the Russian Federation. In fairness, it should be noted that Svetlana most often chose fairly accurate and restrained outfits in which she looked good next to her husband.

  • One of the clearly unsuccessful images was a winter outfit from domestic stylists, in which a woman appeared at one of the official events. In the press such onion was not evaluated very positively, because Medvedev in it was more like not the first lady, but the “Lady Madam”.
  • The first lady also did not always choose evening dresses well. Sometimes she looked too provincial.
  • Another evening dress caused a scandal. So during an official trip to Yerevan, a woman appeared in a rather strange blue outfit made of thin flying fabric. Not only is the dress highlighted shortcomings figures and plumpunder the flashes of photographers, it also showed others what it was supposed to hide.

Michelle Obama

This woman has repeatedly topped the ratings of the most stylish first ladies. However, it is very difficult to be under the gun of the paparazzi every day and never show up in an unsuccessful way.

The most striking and memorable failure of the Obama wife was a trip to London in 2009. Then the journalists captured her getting off the plane in a rather eclectic outfit – these were classic dark trousers and a light tunic dress with unusual colored lace.

Carla Bruni

Despite her impeccable style and invariably fashionable looks, Carla Bruni also admits fashion failures. The wife of Nicolas Sarkozy once came to an official reception without a bra. Carla was also spotted in a ridiculous look, in which she combined a classic black dress with fishnet stockings and put on strange velor ballet flats.

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Duchess Katherine

For a girl, failures happen more likely not because of the wrong choice of clothes, but by an absurd accident. The paparazzi now and then catch the Duchess of Cambridge in those moments when the wind lifts the hem of her light dress. At this moment, annoying blunders happen, then the duchess will “light up” panties, then corrective underwear. And everything would be fine, but such photos cause serious criticism from the queen.

Lyudmila Putina

With the former first lady Russian Federation Lyudmila Putin also happened more than once fashion failures. One of the most noticeable mistakes in choosing an image can be considered an outfit in which a woman came to a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. Lyudmila Alexandrovna obviously overdid it in choosing an outfit in the “spirit of Britain”. The image was most criticized by the British media. They compared the outfit of Lyudmila Putina with the costume of a little girl who came as a bridesmaid to a wedding celebration, noting that the first lady of the Russian Federation went too far with all the components of the outfit.

Angela Merkel

Despite the fact that Merkel is not the wife of the president, we decided that the first person of the state can also take a worthy place on our list. Moreover, the Federal Chancellor of Germany has repeatedly drawn the attention of others to her images, and not from the best side.

[tds_warning]It is interesting, but according to rumors, the “iron lady” does not use the services of stylists, therefore, even for the most important events, she selects outfits exclusively by herself.[/tds_warning]

Perhaps that is why, since 2005, Merkel has not changed the same type of suits with pronounced shoulder pads. By the way, it is this detail of the image that causes the most ridicule from critics. A jacket, trousers, low-heeled shoes – sometimes it seems that this woman is forbidden by law to wear something else.

The paparazzi also managed to capture the “iron lady” in suits with a skirt. However, such images differed little from the usual ones. The same jacket, perhaps more elaborate and voluminous long skirt – all this did not change the general mood of the image at all.

This style of clothing is difficult to attribute to feminine and fashionable. However, it is quite difficult to criticize him, because it is almost impossible to imagine Merkel in something else. However, the media is always looking for a sensation and trying to find a reason for criticism. So, the German chancellor was once seen with an untidy manicure at an official meeting with the president …

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