Fashion faux fur coats 2021-2022

Fashionable faux fur coats are the trend of 2021-2022. For most girls, the winter period is associated with luxurious fur coats. Now everyone can take advantage of this trend. Because faux fur protects nature and your wallet. Modern fur has excellent warming qualities. In addition, now specialists produce artificial products in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish them from natural ones.

What faux fur coats will be in fashion in 2021-2022

This season, designers have presented many original fur coats with an extraordinary design. Among the fashionable novelties, you can find both short-haired options and clothes with long villi.

Winter trends involve the use of a palette of bright colors, including outerwear. For the most daring fashionistas, fashion experts suggest using not only rich colors, but also unusual prints. Faux fur coats can be both leopard and plaid, fashion trends 2021-2022 approve of such models. Among the variety, stylists recommend paying attention to the following options.


This model is also called a plush coat or a fur coat-cheburashka. This is one of the most popular models among young girls. Most often, such plush products have a beige or brown color and an oversized style. Such a stylish fur coat is best combined with rough shoes – it is practical and fashionable. Teddy will successfully fit into any casual look. If you want to create a romantic look, you can take boots with pointed toes and a light dress.

Under the lamb

It is these artificial fur coats that fashion offers girls for 2021-2022. No less than plush, fur coats made of faux mutton fur are relevant this year. Distinctive features of such products are wavy villi and a light palette of colors, for example, beige. Such a model of a straight cut without a collar looks advantageous. It can be easily combined with a floral dress and boots.

Straight fit with leopard print

This predatory print has also been transferred to winter outerwear. This stylish faux fur coat will help diversify your everyday look. If you don’t have time to get ready, but you need to look spectacular, create a total black bow, throw a leopard coat on top and add glasses. From shoes, it is better to choose ankle boots with stilettos. This combination looks stylish and tasteful.

Plaid with collar

In addition to the extravagant animalistic pattern, designers recommend paying attention to no less stylish laconic models. Checkered products will be relevant this season. Elegant long fur coats in a cage are distinguished by a discreet color scheme that is suitable for business outfits. A green plaid fur coat paired with a white shirt, black flared trousers and matching boots is a great solution for work and formal occasions.

Below the knee with unusual coloring

If the animal and geometric print does not surprise you, then you can use more extraordinary options. Fur products with a non-standard pattern will be the highlight of any look. You can choose peas, rhombus or hearts. For example, a beige fur coat with black hearts will successfully complement a pink striped pantsuit. Such a bold piece will draw a lot of attention to you.


This season, fashionistas can also pay attention to short models. Simple winter and autumn looks will be emphasized by a cropped faux fur coat. If you want to create a stylish look for a meeting with a friend, take black skinny, a burgundy silk top, thin strap sandals and a burgundy sheepskin coat. To complete the picture, use a small black bag and sunglasses.

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With belt

To create elegant feminine outfits, a faux fur coat with a belt is best suited. Such a practical style can be combined with clothes of any style. If this is a casual look, then you can try wearing a fur coat without a belt. For a date, use an emerald fur coat over a pleated skirt, matching tights and sandals with thin heels.


Faux fur coats of this cut have been relevant for several seasons in a row. Fashionable free-style products are practical and comfortable. Volumetric fur product emphasizes femininity. An oversized fur coat looks especially advantageous in light colors. Take a milky fur coat, white jeans, a sweater, a hat and a bag a few shades darker. This outfit will keep you warm in cold weather and will attract the attention of others.

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Among the fashionable novelties of this season is a faux fur coat made in patchwork style. This model involves the connection of pieces of different wool. Designers offer products with sleeves of a different texture, bright fur inserts, etc. A laconic option would be a beige knee-length fur coat and black sleeves. She will look good with skinny trousers, a gray sweater and light-colored closed-toe shoes.

Fashionable faux fur coats will become a bright trend in 2021-2022, photos of current models emphasize the variety of choices. Each girl will be able to choose the best option, and look stylish even in the cold season.

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