Fashion flat shoes 2020

What fashionable shoes without a heel are leading in popularity in the 2020 season? Our current guide will introduce you to the most stylish models!


square cape

Designers and fashionistas from all over the world did not think to lose interest in shoes with a square toe. A few years ago, such a novelty seemed strange and unusual, but today it is perceived as the latest fashion. Another interesting thing is that shoes with a square cape will definitely not lie idle, because they are surprisingly easy to combine with various things.

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pointed nose

If you don’t like a square cape, you can safely move to another camp of fashionistas – fans of a graceful pointed nose. With such an element, ankle boots, knee-high boots, loafers and flat pumps are presented in a wide variety.

White color

A real sensation in the fashion world is the huge interest in white shoes. Moreover, such models were present not only in summer collections. If this trend appeals to you, but you are worried about its practicality, in the off-season, bet on smooth leather models – they are the easiest to clean as needed.

Rough design

Great news for girls in whose wardrobe rough shoes without heels managed to settle in past seasons – in 2020, such models will confidently continue to occupy a worthy position among fashion trends. As a rule, such shoes have practical lacing, which allows you to adjust the size according to the leg.

The main hit that gathered the most fans are boots with rough tractor soles. They hit the heart of many fashionistas, because they have perfect compatibility with almost any wardrobe. Such models can have a minimalist design and black colors – and these are win-win criteria for the relevance of shoes.

If you are for bright and extraordinary looks, rely on the showiness of a rough design combined with studs, spikes, straps, chains, buckles and other decorative elements with a fatal mood.

reptile embossing

Perhaps the most stylish texture of modern fashion is reptile embossing. This trend was most clearly manifested in the collections of the autumn-winter season. In this texture, ankle boots, boots, Cossacks and boots without heels were presented. Stylists suggest not limiting yourself to traditional colors, but trying on bright and non-trivial shoes that easily turn into the most fashionable accent of the image.

Animal prints

Animal themes have also shown themselves in actual prints. The classic of the genre is, of course, the leopard, which promises to stay at the top of fashion trends for at least a few more seasons in a row. However, not a single leopard. Among the leading trends is also the color of a giraffe, tiger, zebra, python or even a cow.


Shoes that you first want to touch, and only then buy, are models with a voluminous stitch. However, this is not the only possible embodiment of the trend for “convex” elements in shoes. Clasps and closed parts were also made in this style.

high platform

In footwear for any season, another trend has clearly emerged, namely an impressive platform. Such an element looks especially harmonious in the images of the grunge and sport-chic directions.

[stextbox id=’info’]This trend is a real find for short girls who would like to visually lengthen the silhouette without sacrificing their own comfort.[/stextbox]

Autumn winter

  • For autumn shoes, an indicator of practicality is incredibly important, so the designers decided to bring rubber boots back into fashion. In the coming season, you should look at glossy black, red, yellow or stitched models. They are good in combination not only with sports jackets and parkas, but also with a classic coat.

  • Lace-up boots still do not leave the fashion pedestal, because they are rightfully considered the most practical shoes for the cold season. Such models are equally good in combination with both jeans and feminine skirts and dresses.

  • Warm boots without a heel can be appreciated by active girls who are not going to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of fashion. The color scheme of such models this time pleases with its diversity – sand, burgundy, emerald, blue and pastel shades are in trend.

  • Ankle boots and boots without a heel, but with fashionable buckles and belts – this is another one hundred percent hit on a fashionable goal. Such an unobtrusive decor looks restrained, but at the same time gives a zest to the image.

  • The most relevant model of over the knee boots this time is nude suede shoes with no decor. This novelty promises to bring a touch of chic and elegance to any look.

  • For special occasions, you can opt for flat ankle boots with a dazzling decor of silver sequins.

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  • A win-win option for flat shoes for spring 2020 is sneakers. Volumetric models with colored inserts deserve special attention. In the design of sports shoes, the influence of the material combination trend is still strong.

  • Fashionable and stylish, loafers are a long-term trend that seems to have nothing to do with fleeting trends. In addition to the classic black colors, such models are relevant in a delicate pastel palette, ideal for spring looks.

  • The trend is Mary Jane flat shoes, which at first glance conquer with their conciseness and elegance.

  • Mules with an open heel are also here – in the list of trends!


  • For active girls, a flat sole is a real salvation, because it is she who gives incredible comfort and convenience. In the 2020 season, fashionistas can adopt slip-ons, which are semi-closed flat shoes without laces.

  • All kinds of ties, laces and ropes are a characteristic feature of trendy summer shoes. Such decor is usually located near the ankle and gracefully wraps around it. The key hit of the season is mules, sandals and flats with ties.

  • Lightweight and practical, espadrilles with a characteristic woven sole are another fashionable idea for the summer season. Not only can this model be easily combined with any clothes, but it also emphasizes the femininity and elegance of the owner.

  • Comfortable ballet flats also deserve to be in our fashion ranking. The most fashionable design of such shoes is represented by a combination of suede, perforations and a pointed toe. Sometimes bows and all kinds of ties act as decor. Such a novelty will perfectly emphasize the elegance and harmony of women’s legs.

  • Flip flops are experiencing a real revolution in the 2020 season. Now they are moving from the category of a beach model to the rank of universal shoes for any look. Models with leather inserts are especially popular (the main hit is caramel leather!). The design of stylish flip flops also featured wicker…

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