Fashion flip flops 2019

In 2019, fashionable flip flops are an important part of the summer wardrobe. Let’s look at trend patterns together.


Features of choice

To stay stylish, you should choose unusual fashionable flip-flops that will attract attention in a basic look.

Modern trends offer us shoes with high soles, with cross closures, always with open backs and socks. Especially popular are transparent elements that are found in almost any clothing. In flip flops, this can be a transparent sole, lacing, accessories.

Also, fashionable flip flops in 2019 should have ethnic or strict geometric patterns, photos are in our review. They are the most popular, as they attract attention, do not leave anyone indifferent.

Opt for intricate, bright circles, rectangles or squares, these can be found on both the upper and the sole.

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Of the colors, silver, metallic, rose gold, bright lemon and light lilac are relevant. They are very delicate, so they will suit any bow, become a universal and basic element of any image.

Pay attention also to natural materials, they will be popular in the coming seasons. The cork sole will be very durable and will last for several seasons. Linen fasteners with the addition of synthetic threads will be especially dense, so it is not always worth choosing artificial materials.

Leather slippers

trend models

Fashionable beach flip flops in 2019 should be as follows:

  • Sports flip flops

If you choose classic and versatile flip flops, then pay attention to sports options. They are very simple, concise, but it is because of this that they are in trend, many girls like them. Their difference is one wide partition in the front upper part, a massive sole that extends beyond the edges of the foot. The model is suitable for beach bows, everyday images.

Slippers Adidas

Wearing sports flip-flops is best with pants with 7/8 stripes, t-shirts and crop tops. Such bows look very youthful, suitable for hot weather. If you choose an unusual model with complex elements, then in order to make the bow whole and thoughtful, select accessories with similar details. For example, silver flip-flops with large letters can be combined with a T-shirt with a similar print.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Although such flip-flops are called sports, they should not be worn to perform sports exercises. Because the leg is not secured properly, the foot may turn out incorrectly and you may be injured.[/stextbox]

  • Slippers with fur

Such options, despite the fact that there is long fur in the front, do not look warm or too heavy. Slippers with fur also have one partition, which is fully or partially decorated with pile. Such models look very feminine and gentle, suitable for creating light summer looks. You can wear such shoes with A-line dresses, chiffon tunics, trendy cycling shorts this year, you can see a photo example in our review.

Many girls prefer a medium or short pile length, since fur that is too long will get dirty quickly and is more difficult to care for. Pearls, beads or rhinestones can act as accessories – they look the most organic, emphasize the softness of the fur.

  • Models with wide soles

The natural massive sole is a novelty of this year, which was rarely seen before. Today, models are popular not only with a thick, but also with a wide sole that extends beyond the feet. Such options, despite the volume, are very light, since airy materials are used – tourist foam or other polymers.

Naturalness is in fashion this year. Take a closer look at the cork sole, leather fasteners, suede elements. They are very durable, so they will last several seasons, and will be a good investment. Textiles are perfectly combined with natural materials, undyed linen is especially relevant. In general, it is worth paying more and more attention to beige, peach, white tones – they are versatile, stylish and very delicate.

  • Shoes through the toe

Models of this kind are familiar to every girl; this is a good alternative to classic slippers. Their difference is that they have a partition through the big and forefinger of the foot, and the foot is held in the same way as ordinary flip flops.

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Such an element through the finger allows you to beautifully decorate the foot, if you correctly place accents in the image. For example, for a bright bow, you should choose simple slippers with wide, but plain shoulder straps and a midsole. If your wardrobe lacks colors, then pay attention to models with floral accessories, rivets or beads. Jewelry can be of different sizes, so every fashionista will find a pair for the summer.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! To make the bow harmonious, you should not choose too thick soles or voluminous accessories for flip flops. Partitions in such models are thin, too massive elements will look ridiculous.[/stextbox]

  • Mules are the new trend of this year

Mules are a kind of trendy summer flip flops in 2019. They also do not have a heel, but at the same time the front part is very closed, the toe is pointed. The heel is as low as possible, the instep is low, so the shoes are suitable for long walks. The sole is usually thin, very durable, bends well. The model perfectly emphasizes thin feet and thin ankles.

Mules are most often made of suede or a material with a thin pile. They look very stylish, suitable for combinations with a new-look style dress below the knee, floating skirts, translucent blouses and strict bags. Mules go well with classic and casual style, suitable for office, casual and formal looks. The materials for accessories can be as varied as possible: fringe, metal parts, weaving, animal prints, leather or suede parts.

  • Crocs

Crocs are an unusual, very massive variant of the flip flops that have become popular over the past few years. Distinctive features: full rubber body, closed front with evenly spaced round holes, open heel counter. Crocs also have a flip-over detail that can act as a backdrop, or can be left in front as a decorative element.

Such flip-flops fit perfectly into beach bows, but in the city they should be worn more carefully. The model is not suitable for classic or business looks, but looks good on vacation with swimsuits and pareos. Crocs often do not have additional accessories, because they themselves are very bright, unusual, voluminous.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The shoes are very comfortable, made in accordance with physiological…

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