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In the new season, designers took a special look at the good old flip flops, and made them one of the most fashionable types of summer shoes in 2021. If you pay attention to the new summer collections, you will notice an unusual variety of flip flops on the legs of models. But in order to be in trend, you first need to figure out which flip flops will be the most fashionable this year.

What women’s flip flops will be in fashion in 2021

Slippers have recently moved from the category of beach shoes to the category of city shoes. This fact is not surprising, because flip flops are one of the most comfortable options for summer shoes. They are open, light, have a flat sole, so walking in them is a pleasure. And for a hot summer, you can’t imagine more ideal shoes.

Of course, flip flops remain the number one beach shoe, but in this article I want to talk about urban options that fit perfectly into summer bows. The main rule for choosing fashionable flip flops is that they should have a spectacular appearance. Ordinary, neutral flip flops for urban style will not work. Special materials, unusual colors and bold decor are responsible for the final result.

Pantolets are very popular today. This model is a shoe with an open heel and toe, as well as a high top – covering almost the entire foot. In addition to the classic low-speed models, pantolets come in wedges and even with a small heel. This allows you to combine them not only with shorts and jeans, but also with skirts or dresses. In the new season, pantolets are also presented in a sporty style – they are multi-layered, bright, but at the same time comfortable to wear.

In addition to models made of plastic and textiles, among the fashionable slaps in 2021, you can see a large number of leather products. Genuine leather always looks chic, so even simple flip flops in this design look very dignified. The style is quite extensive – the collections include sports, casual, sophisticated and even avant-garde models.

The most trendy decor and color of flip flops

Among the options of flip flops that you can find on store shelves, you can see both your favorite everyday ones and completely new and fresh ones. Ordinary slippers are transformed into very feminine and sophisticated shoes with the help of decor. The most popular flip flops this year are:

  • Bows. Large or small ribbon bows will definitely give the image a flirty and make it more feminine.

  • Rhinestones. Shoes with rhinestones always look bright and attract attention. Since summer is a very bright time, the appearance should also match.

  • Embroidery. The original embroidery is now in trend and it also decorates flip-flops from new collections.

  • Transparent details. The sole, the upper or the entire shoe can be transparent, and in any case it looks interesting, and walking in such shoes is very comfortable.

In the new collections, there are practically no brutal “male” models of flip flops for women. Spikes, chains and studs can be the only rough elements that decorate slippers. Shoes with such stylish details are suitable for brave girls who are not afraid to experiment. And you can combine it not only with jeans or shorts, but even with a business style.

The choice of color of flip-flops must also be approached responsibly. At the same time, it is important to consider what you are going to wear these shoes with and what colors are now considered trendy. Paying attention to the new collections, you can notice mainly the following colors of flip flops:

  • black;
  • white;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • silver;
  • yellow.

Choosing flip flops in one of the indicated colors, you will definitely not be left behind by fashionistas. It is also important to learn how to correctly combine these colors with each other and successfully select shoes for clothes. In order to be able to always look stylish, you need to purchase several pairs of flip flops in different colors – from classic to very bright.

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What to wear with flip flops

As it turned out in 2021, not only rubber flip flops are considered fashionable, but also flip flops made from many other materials. Therefore, their combination with clothing can be completely unpredictable. Slippers can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, casual wear and even office outfits. Courage is in fashion today, and where else to show it, if not in appearance.

This information may surprise you, but in the new season, the most daring designers have shown that flip-flops go well with socks. Socks with “separate” fingers fit in especially stylishly here. This image looks very at ease, easy and elegant in its own way. The new trend has already been appreciated and approved by world style icons. Flip flops that are combined with socks can be flat or have wedges. We also recommend paying attention to the “inflated” platforms.

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Girls who prefer comfort in clothes are probably very happy that slippers are now classified as stylish shoes. In the photo from the shows of the collections of famous designers, you can find the most fashionable flip flops of 2021. You will be surprised when you see how cool flip flops can look in different ways. There’s still time before summer, so choose your perfect shoes carefully.

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