Fashion flip flops 2021

Flip flops are not only very comfortable, but also incredibly fashionable summer shoes in 2021. Your understanding of flip flops will be turned upside down when you see how many new and original models have been introduced by designers this year.

What flip flops will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

Women love flip flops for their comfort, lightness and attractive appearance. This familiar shoe has gained a lot of popularity lately and is now suitable not only for the beach, but also for urban looks. Let’s figure out which models will be especially relevant this summer:

  • Classic. Nobody canceled the classics, so rubber flip flops on a flat course, as before, can be safely introduced into summer looks. They look light and provide comfort to their owner.

  • With thick soles. This option is perfect for girls who love feminine shoes. Models with thick soles will visually lengthen the legs and thereby add to your height.

  • On the platform. Models on the platform can replace your full-fledged sandals for the summer. The instep can be the same color as the rest of the shoes, or stand out with a different color and decor. These products are perfectly combined with feminine outfits – dresses and skirts.

  • On a heel. Yes, and flip flops can also have heels. In this case, the heel can be both thick and very thin. This year’s fashion trends indicate that such models are at the peak of popularity. They look best in evening looks that can be worn on a date or at a social event.

  • With padded straps. To some extent, unusual, but very stylish flip flops with puffy straps fell in love with many girls. They gained popularity immediately after they appeared on the catwalks.

Flip flops love to decorate with different decor to make them even brighter. This year you can find models decorated with stones, rivets, buckles, flowers. Fans of cute and truly girly things can pay attention to models with bows – small or large, made from pieces of fabric.

In the cold season, our feet get so tired from heavy boots and boots that as soon as summer comes, we want to wear something light. As you can see, fashion trends in 2021 offer a huge number of models of women’s flip flops so that every girl can show her individuality.

Flip flops for the summer: materials and colors

Most often, rubber is used for sewing flip flops. There is a logical explanation for this – it is comfortable, light and, as a result, the product has an affordable price. Wicker models are also popular, in which weaving can be present not only on the straps, but also on the sole.

In addition, fashion 2021 invites women to pay attention to leather summer flip flops. Such products have a more representative appearance, and they are, of course, more expensive than rubber ones. But, you can afford to wear such shoes to some important event and even to the office.

Flip flops always surprise with a variety of colors, and this year was no exception. Besides the fact that you can buy classic black, white, gray, beige or brown models, you also have a large selection of bright options:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • pink.

These summer shoes are inexpensive and do not take up much space, so you can afford to purchase several models of different colors at once, suitable for your bows. Shoes can even become a bright accent in the bow, so do not be afraid of warm, juicy shades.

How to wear flip flops in the summer of 2021

Initially, flip flops were still beach shoes, so they are still necessary on the beach. Choose shoes to match the color of your swimsuit or pareo to look stunning on vacation.

As already mentioned, flip flops have long migrated to urban looks, so let’s see what is fashionable to wear these wonderful shoes in the summer of 2021:

  • With shorts. Shorts, T-shirt, flip flops – and the classic summer bow is ready. Best of all in such an image fit models on a flat course.

  • With a skirt. A summer skirt can be of any length – mini, midi or maxi, because in each of the options, flip flops will look appropriate.

  • With a dress. Flip flops look best with summer dresses made of light fabrics. The bow is laid-back and carefree.

  • With a sundress. Sundresses are the favorite summer clothes of many girls, and they are wonderfully complemented by flip flops.
  • With jeans. And, of course, beloved by many and the most versatile denim trousers can also be safely worn with such shoes.

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But that’s not all. The most daring women wear flip flops even with trouser suits. It is in this image that leather flip-flops are best suited, because in this design they look more representative.

The combination will also be successful with evening dresses – dresses, suits. Here you will need models on the platform or with heels, in which you will not only look beautiful, but also you will be very comfortable.

In the photo you can see all the variety of flip flops fashionable in 2021. Each model is special and attractive in its own way. This summer, flip flops are simply indispensable, so go shopping and treat yourself to a purchase.

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