Fashion for autumn 2019 for obese women over 50

For obese women over the age of 50 in 2019, designers presented many fashionable styles of clothing. Therefore, on the eve of the autumn-winter season, we invite you to get acquainted with the latest podium novelties in plus size sizes, which are given in our article.


Fashion trends

If we talk about the latest fashion trends, this fall, puffy aged beauties should pay their attention to the trends below.

  • Bright colors. After 50, it is not at all necessary to wear faded and dull clothes, as they further emphasize age-related changes.

Bright colors are gaining popularity in the fall of 2019

In this regard, it is better for women in bodies to choose products of rich gold, green, blue, pink, brown, lilac and dark gray.

  • Total bow. An image consisting of things designed in the same palette is the hit of the season, which has no age restrictions.

In addition to the black that is relevant today, stylists recommend that women with voluminous proportions choose other colors. It can be calm gray or blue, or brighter options, such as burgundy and even fuchsia.

  • Prints. According to the famous TV presenter Evelina Khromtchenko, clothes with prints are exactly what mature women need. After all, with its help you can diversify the bow and visually correct the figure.

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Full-bodied ladies can safely afford to wear things with geometric motifs, abstraction and even animal print. You just need to choose a product in which the ornaments have a vertical direction.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! In order not to look too colorful, give your preference to clothing models in which prints are decorated within the same color palette.[/stextbox]

  • Knitwear. Soft knitted fabrics in the coming season will be extremely popular.

In addition to the already familiar pullovers and jumpers, skirts and trousers will also be trendy. You can wear knitted items separately, combining with clothes from other fabrics, or together in one mono-looks.

  • Denim. Denim is more relevant than ever. It is comfortable in it, and ready-made images with these products are stylish and harmonious.

Women after 50 should better turn their attention to classic shirts, as well as denim jackets. As for trousers, they must be high-waisted and have a straight or flared cut.

  • “Waterfall”. In 2019, models of cardigans and vests made of soft knitted fabrics, which can reach the hip line and below, are in fashion.

But their main feature is the absence of fasteners and a large soft collar, which fits the figure with light frills and thereby visually slims.

We update the wardrobe

Among all the styles of clothing proposed by designers, we have chosen the most fashionable products for the coming season, which, according to most stylists, are ideal for 50-year-old beauties with curvaceous proportions.

  • Coat. They have become leaders in the latest fashion shows. Semi-fitted models, straight cut or a-silhouette will be relevant.

This is because it is the classic style that visually stretches the figure, making it more feminine. As for the length, both midi and maxi options are allowed. With short products, you should be careful, as they can add extra volume.

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  • Faux fur coats. In the upcoming season, they can be worn by mature women with size XL +. Basically, these are models of a straight cut midi length.

The design of such products must be minimalistic. As a decor, waist belts, exquisite brooches or decorative inserts from other fur are allowed.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! When choosing a fur coat, give your preference to short-haired options, as long-haired models visually make you fat.[/stextbox]

  • Poncho. These representatives of outerwear occupy top positions among fashion trends, therefore they are considered the basic option for autumn and for obese women who are already over 50.

In addition, in 2019, not only standard styles were presented at the shows, but also completely new models, which, thanks to light drapery, hide extra centimeters at the waist and make the figure more proportional.

  • Skirts. No woman can do without them. Donuts aged should leave their choice on models of midi length. No less attention should be paid to the style.

In this case, options for a trapezoid cut, for smell, as well as a pencil are best suited.

  • Dresses. This fall, midi length products made of velvet, cotton, jacquard and other textured fabrics will be in fashion.

Small flounces, buckles and drawstrings are acceptable as decor. But the novelty of the season is combined options with decorative matte leather inserts.

  • Sweaters. Overweight women should absolutely not wear shapeless baggy bulk knit models, as they visually deform the figure, making it obese.

It is better to choose products made from fine woolen yarn, which have a straight cut and reach the middle of the thighs in length.

  • Trousers. They should be high-waisted and have a straight or flared cut from the hip. Pants length may vary. Both shortened culottes, which will be appropriate in early autumn, and floor-length options for a colder period are allowed.

Culottes are a great solution for warm autumn.

There are no restrictions on the color palette either, and in addition to the basic black ones, stylists recommend wearing donuts and color options, which, in addition, also rejuvenate.

  • Trouser suits. This is a real must have for women with non-standard proportions, since with the help of such products you can create not only a fashionable bow, but also hide a couple of three centimeters. Most harmoniously on full-bodied beauties, options with a male-cut jacket and flared trousers will look. The color palette can be different and both a black one-color version and multi-colored combined models are allowed.

  • Tunics. With sloping hips and a bulging belly, this representative of the basic wardrobe can easily cope. In this case, it is better to give preference to laconic products with a minimalist decor in the form of a print or an insert made of another material that contrasts in color and texture.

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As you can see, for obese women who are over 50 this fall, it will not be difficult to create an elegant and fashionable set that meets the trends of 2019. The main thing in this case is to choose those things that will correct the figure, veiling its flaws and emphasizing its merits.


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