Fashion for autumn 2019 for women over 50

At the latest fashion shows of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season, designers presented a lot of new products and trends, some of which are ideal for women over 50. Later in the article, we will take a look at them.


Autumn fashion trends

Women of age should already forget about overly extravagant outfits and give their preference to more classic outfits that emphasize their elegance and sophistication. Based on this, we have chosen the most suitable trends for the upcoming season for 50-year-old fashionistas, which include the following:

  • bright palettes. Ladies aged this year are strictly forbidden to wear clothes designed in faded gray tones. And all because the rich shades of burgundy, green, blue, lilac, pink and mustard will not only add color to the image, but also make it memorable;

  • pastel range. Light colors are an unbreakable classic that is always relevant.

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In addition to basic blouses, shirts and jumpers, stylists recommend that mature women in the fall also get trousers, skirts, and dresses decorated in a pastel palette;

  • a la 70s. The novelty of the season, which has gained popularity among women of all ages. After all, the a-line dresses characteristic of this trend, geometric prints and a combination of fabrics of different textures allow you to create both a catchy and elegant outfit in which you can go to work or even attend a social event;

  • total bow. An image designed in one color palette is a hit of the upcoming season, which is recommended to be worn by all the fair sex, regardless of their age and physique.

As for colors, the black mono-look remains in trend. But do not give up on other brighter palettes;

  • prints. It has long been proven that with the help of these unpretentious patterns on clothes, you can not only diversify the image, but also adjust your proportions.

For example, women of small stature can visually stretch the silhouette, and puffs can “hide” a few extra centimeters at the waist. As for the theme, geometric motifs, ethnic patterns, abstraction and unobtrusive plant art continue to “rule the ball”;

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Pay attention to the number of colors in the print. They should not be more than 2-3. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be colorful and tasteless.[/stextbox]

  • “long live knitwear”. Products made from soft knitted fabrics are back in fashion. Moreover, it can be not only jumpers and cardigans, but also dresses, skirts and even trousers. You can wear them with clothes made from a fabric that is completely different in color and texture, or in one knitted total bow.

What should be in the wardrobe?

If we talk about fashionable things for autumn in 2019, below we have presented the universal components of the basic wardrobe, suitable for both thin and overweight women who are over 50.

  • Skirts. In addition to the classic pencil skirt, a flared version of the A-line cut is also suitable for a mature lady.

With the help of this style, you can visually hide sloping hips and emphasize the waist. In length, these products should reach the line of the knees or be a few centimeters lower.

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  • Dresses. In the age wardrobe, midi and maxi length outfits are allowed. The cut of such products should be straight, semi-fitted or flared.

As for the design, it is better to give preference to options with a minimalist design. As a decor, the product may contain inserts from another material, a belt at the waist, as well as jewelry in the form of brooches.

  • Trousers. 50-year-old women can get more than one pair of trousers this fall. It can be classic straight lines with arrows, flared from the hip or knees, long and short.

There are no restrictions on the color palette either. But the landing of the trousers must be necessarily high.

  • Sweaters. Without them, there is no way to do in the coming season. Stylists recommend not experimenting with oversized models, as they can distort the silhouette and add extra centimeters.

But options made from fine yarn will be just right. They visually slim, emphasize the dignity of the figure and at the same time are very versatile, as they easily fit into any style of clothing.

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  • Cardigans. For women who have crossed the 50-year mark, this is a real find. After all, in such clothes it is always warm and comfortable.

In addition, with cardigans it is easy to create a multi-layered bow that is relevant today.

  • Jeans. Ideally, this fall, older ladies should buy two pairs of jeans at once: straight pipes and flared ones. The color palette should range from black to dark blue.

  • Outerwear. Double-breasted and single-breasted coat models, as well as options with a midi-length stand-up collar, continue to be fashionable.

The style of these products should be straight or fitted. Slightly flared A-line models are also allowed.

A few last tips

Based on the recommendations of fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko, below we have presented the top basic rules for how women who are already over 50 should dress.

  • Do not overload the image with unnecessary details. After all, things decorated with an excessive amount of accessories and other decorative elements make the silhouette more obese, and the bow – old-fashioned.

  • Wear small jewelry, and leave massive items for evening outings.

  • Pay attention to denim. Besides the fact that they visually rejuvenate, in such clothes it is also very comfortable.

  • Stay away from plunging necklines as they accentuate age-related changes. It is better to choose products under the throat. If this is not possible, a silk scarf or stole will help to “veil” the neck.
  • Forget about outerwear made of natural fur, as it ages.

What autumn trends have you identified for yourself?

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The photo examples presented in the article show that for women over 50 in 2019, designers offered a lot of fashionable and stylish things. Therefore, in the coming autumn, every lady of the age will be able to draw up an actual and trendy bow.


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