Fashion for autumn 2019

Do you want to be the first to know what will be fashionable in autumn 2019 for women? Then our fresh selection of trends is especially for you!


Colors and prints

  • Last fall, designers actively campaigned for a beige palette of tones, and their main favorite was a monochrome look in sandy shades. If you were on this fashion wave a year ago, do not rush to put trendy things in light shades on the far shelf – they will be useful to you in the 2019 season.

  • Incredibly relevant and deep rich tones that emphasize the figure and make the image interesting. Embrace the beauty of red, brown, burgundy, navy blue, green and eggplant.

  • The cheerful mood of the season can be conveyed with the help of current shades of yellow, orange, hot pink, blue-green and a shade of crimson sunset.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Stylists advise combining colorful expression and unshakable classics in one look, choosing clothes in traditional autumn colors with bright accents.[/stextbox]

  • The laurels of the championship among prints still belong to the stylish and self-sufficient cage. Designers recommend paying special attention to jackets and jackets in such colors that will take care of stylish insulation.

  • Among the cells, it is worth mentioning the “crow’s foot” separately. It is fashionable to combine it with both gray / black / white, and with other geometric prints.

  • The stripe is a print for all time, and this time it turned out to be in trend. In the top, its various variations – color or black and white, vertical or horizontal.

  • The zebra and snake continue to push the leopard into the animal print arena. Particularly relevant are animal colors with a characteristic texture, for example, in shoes.

  • Playful polka dots this fall are presented not only in black and white, but also in color.

  • The argyle rhombus ornament fits very organically into the autumn style. This print looks especially stylish on knitwear.

Main materials

The top three were leather, velvet and velvet – textures that are ideal for the autumn season.

If you are thinking about what to buy this fall, to be sure to be in trend, take a closer look at leather items. The most hit is the total look in this texture. Particularly relevant colored skin – red, mint, red or yellow.

At the peak of popularity is also a combination of leather with another trendy texture – velvet. Remember this combination with the arrival of the first cold weather.

Quilted things

The quilted texture is reflected in literally everything! This fashion story begins with outerwear with a distinctive effect, and continues with shoes, accessories, bags, dresses and jumpsuits with stitching.

The trend is such a texture of various shapes – squares, rhombuses, stripes.

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Focus on sleeves

The hot trend is blouses, shirts and outerwear with beautiful sleeves. Flounces, lanterns, frills, puff sleeves, raglans – all this was present at every fashion show.

patch pockets

This decor was seen on dresses, trousers, jackets and outerwear. It should be borne in mind that patch pockets tend to visually add volume to the area on which they are located.


  • Those who missed bombers, rejoice – they are back on the wave! Only now this is not an attribute of an exclusively sporty style – fashionable bombers can look very feminine. Wear these jackets with dresses, skirts and jeans of various styles and you will be on trend!

  • A cape and a poncho is the easiest way to make your autumn look sophisticated, stylish and noble. Such outerwear in midi and maxi lengths is especially relevant.

  • Fur coats were among the favorites. The style and length of the pile are now of minor importance. Bright color is what really matters. Designers especially highlight orange, pink and green fur coats.

  • A lighter and more practical option than a fur coat is a stylish sheepskin coat. Now shortened models, a combination of textures, white colors, an oversized cut and a classic style are relevant.

  • Down jackets were also under the fashionable sight – long, voluminous and so cozy. Fashionistas liked the wraparound styles, which not only protect from the cold, but also emphasize the figure.

  • Many girls remain true to the classic jacket. In the fall of 2019, it will be fashionable to wear a leather jacket with a skirt or trousers made of a similar texture.

  • Another fashion idea for this fall is a leather coat with a touch of nostalgia for the trends of the past.

No jeans anywhere

It is hardly possible to imagine a comfortable autumn wardrobe without jeans. But in order for the images to also be relevant, the main trends of the season should be taken into account.

  • The shorter, the better – this is the criterion for the relevance of modern jeans. For the fall season, cropped jeans are perfect in combination with heeled ankle boots or boots.

  • A high waist is another sign that will tell you whether to buy jeans.

  • Banana jeans are back! Trendy models should sit loose and baggy on the figure.
  • “Mom’s” jeans paired with classic straight and cropped models do not slow down in popularity. Only in autumn fashion, deep shades of blue and light blue with minimal decor come to the fore.


What shoes are in fashion in the fall of 2019? Current trends highlight several new products:

  • models with animal print;

  • shoes made of python skin;

  • couples with a metallic sheen;

  • rough military-style boots;
  • Wellingtons;

  • shoes with metal chains;
  • bright sneakers.


In addition to jeans, trousers will also be appropriate in the autumn bow. The novelties of the season are wide palazzo models, culottes and cropped styles.

A few more components of a fashionable autumn wardrobe

  • A fitted jacket can be present in an image in splendid isolation or be part of a business suit. Emphasis on the waist can be created using a characteristic cut, as well as by adding a belt or textile belt.
  • Pleating never thought to leave the fashion arena. If you are a little bored with the most feminine trend in skirts, you can switch your attention to flying blouses, dresses or pleated trousers.

  • You can’t do without the iconic element of the autumn wardrobe – a cozy turtleneck. An unmistakable hit will be an example in a basic light color or a cheerful turtleneck in one of the bright colors of the season.

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  • The waist bag has been an object of desire for fashionistas for several seasons. This accessory is a successful combination of beauty and practicality. In the cold season, you can remember the stylish tandem of a fanny pack with a sweatshirt, turtleneck and various outerwear.

  • If turtlenecks, fanny packs and pleating are predictable trends, then colored tights are a complete surprise for fashionistas.

Designers suggest that they can …

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