Fashion for autumn-winter 2020 for obese women over 50

Fashion for obese women over 50 in 2020 of the autumn-winter season pleases with beautiful and wearable novelties. Ready to get to know them?


For several seasons, an elongated wrap coat has been popular with women, which perfectly hides the imperfections of the figure. In 2020, such a model will also be considered a good solution, but this is not the only possible option.

By the fall of 2020, you can look for a poncho with cutouts for the arms, a helwock-style raincoat, a fur coat without a pronounced volume, a laconic leather jacket, a quilted jacket and an elongated sheepskin coat. The trend is not only classic, but also pastel and rather bright colors of outerwear.

[stextbox id=’warning’]But voluminous fur coats, oversized down jackets and bright parkas should be avoided.[/stextbox]

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Bright accents

Modern fashion even in the cold season offers not to give up bright accents in your image. Moreover, a full figure is not at all a reason to ignore this curious trend. If you choose a good style, then a thing in a fashionable bright color will be a good idea. Lime, red, orange, blue and green tones are among the leading trends. An excellent solution would also be a multi-colored stripe, which can appear in sweaters or dresses. These new items will definitely cheer you up in gray autumn weather!

[stextbox id=’info’]Another fashionable idea is the topical animalistic motifs, which, contrary to the common stereotype, are also suitable for women 50+. The main thing is to choose a natural palette of such a pattern.[/stextbox]

A stylish accent of familiar looks can be found among fashionable shoes for overweight women. What about cool cowboy boots or colorful loafers or ankle boots? With plus-size parameters, it is recommended to choose a shoe model that will repeat the color of the bottom in the image – this technique visually slims and stretches the silhouette. White shoes also look quite non-trivial and stylish – they can be combined with blue jeans.

noble palette

With the advent of autumn, many ladies are looking at noble rich colors that not only look stylish, but also delight with their practicality. In the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season, it is recommended to head for a rich palette of chocolate, coffee and caramel shades, as well as their “delicious” combinations. But so that such tones do not visually add years, it is worth adding light accents to the face – for example, a refreshing scarf.



With the advent of autumn, actual trouser suits do not even think of losing their popularity, only the principles of combination are changing. T-shirts and tops are decisively replaced by turtlenecks, shirts and sweaters. Also, elongated straight coats are used, which will allow you not to freeze and create an actual multi-layered composition.

The most fashionable style of a trouser suit is great for overweight women at an elegant age. It involves a combination of straight, fairly loose trousers with an elongated jacket. Fashionistas at this age can use one trick – put on a belt over a jacket. This simple trick always emphasizes the waist and creates a more toned and slender silhouette.


Modern fashion tends to destroy age stereotypes around many things. For example, until recently, many women could not afford leather clothing, as they considered it youthful. But if you rely on a matte texture and muted colors (not necessarily black), then you can enrich your autumn-winter wardrobe with a trendy novelty. In the current collections, raincoats, skirts, shirts, trousers, jackets and suits made of fashionable leather are presented in a wide variety.


Many designers have resolutely continued the wave of plaid relevance, which fits perfectly into autumn outfits. In addition, this print sits perfectly on a full figure. An excellent solution would be a houndstooth motif, a pattern with small dimensions of neutral related shades, as well as a cage with bright vertical stripes.

Fashionable outerwear for obese women over 50 in the autumn-winter 2020 season may also echo this trend. A plaid coat or jacket looks stylish and modern and is successfully combined with various plain clothes and laconic accessories.

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A spectacular monochrome bow for many seasons is a good solution with a full figure. You can try on such a trend at any age, only after 50 it is better to rely on muted and calm shades. The color vertical created by such clothes will perfectly stretch the silhouette and slim.


A well-known fashion connoisseur – Evelina Khromtchenko – is sure that a woman after 50 years old must certainly have jeans in her wardrobe. The expert emphasizes that searching for a successful model can take a lot of time, but it’s definitely worth it. The density of denim perfectly masks the imperfections of the figure, and the successful cut slims the silhouette and rejuvenates the image.

A win-win move at this age is laconic straight jeans in blue or black colors. Scuffs are recommended to be avoided – not only do they fill the figure, they also left the list of current trends a long time ago. In the fall of 2020, wide and flared jeans will also be at the peak of popularity – a woman of elegant age can also try on a similar model to be in trend.

Wide pants

If you want to be known as the main fashionista in the cold season, then bet not on bored straight or skinny trousers, but on trendy wide models. In order for them to present the figure in a favorable light, it is recommended to choose a style with a high waistline in a dark matte color.

Fashion knitwear

Most modern women’s collections prioritize comfort and practicality. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that there are so many cozy knitwear in the autumn-winter 2020-2021 assortment. As a starting point, stylists recommend using a delicate pastel-colored sweater. True, with a full figure, a voluminous collar collar is contraindicated. It is better to give preference to a graceful V-shaped neckline, which perfectly stretches the silhouette.

Among fashionable knitwear, women can choose jumpers, dresses or skirts for themselves from a fairly dense texture that masks flaws. It’s great if small cuts appear on the selected product – they not only slim the silhouette, but also add fashionable reading to any clothes in the new season.

An indispensable element of the wardrobe for the cold season is a cardigan. Stylists advise choosing tight elongated models, and, if the weather permits, wear them unbuttoned. Despite the relevance of various prints, it is better to choose a cardigan in a monophonic design.


With the advent of autumn, you should not discount skirts, you just need to pay attention to models made of dense fabrics. The most…

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