Fashion for obese women 2019

Fashion for obese women also exists, and in 2019 this will once again be seen. Every year, more and more new collections designed for plus size appear on the world catwalks. And there is absolutely nothing to be surprised here, because those fashionable parameters that we are accustomed to observing over the past 20 years have already proven their irrelevance. In other words, painful thinness is no longer in fashion. But appetizing shapes and eye-pleasing roundness are now in demand more than ever.

Any well-known brand today has a collection of plus size clothes. And it will not be some shapeless hoodies or dresses made of baggy fabric that will hide all the beauty. On the contrary, things will certainly turn out to be stylish and emphasize all the many advantages of their owner.


The main fashion trends in colors

Probably, it will not be a secret for anyone that for any successful image it is important not only to choose things correctly and with taste, but also to guess with the color. And in this matter, you should start from two parameters at once: the shade should suit you, and it should also be fashionable. Fortunately, in 2019, full fashionistas should not have problems with choosing the right color, because the color palette here is very diverse.

  • Pastel colors. And immediately we begin to destroy stereotypes, because for many years full fashionistas have been proved that light shades are categorically contraindicated for them. However, the coming season has shown that this is not entirely true, and young ladies with uniforms can also afford some pastel colors. For example: light blue, light gray, purple, coral.

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Important! In some cases, overweight women can also wear white. For example, the owners of the figure “pear”. To do this, make a massive bottom visually slimmer with black or navy blue trousers. This is where the white top will look appropriate. Otherwise, donuts with white color should be extremely careful!


  • Dark shades. Everything is simple here: black, dark blue, brown, burgundy, dark gray, dark green, purple – all this is a real lifesaver for young ladies with shapes. You can always resort to them and not be afraid that they will fill up.

  • Bright colors. A solution for brave girls who accept themselves for who they are. It just so happened that the bright shades that will be in fashion in the spring and summer of 2019 will not become a contraindication for obese women. And so that our readers, who have magnificent forms, can also wear them, they should remember one rule. Let the thing be bright, but the main thing is that it favorably emphasizes your figure. That is, you can not bypass bright shades, especially if you love them very much, but in this case you will have to be doubly careful about the style and texture of the clothes you buy.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! And do not forget to dilute your image with interesting and stylish accessories. In some cases, they can also visually make your silhouette slimmer. For example, long beads or scarves stretch the figure very well.[/stextbox]

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The main elements of fashion for the full

So we got to the main part of our review. Here we look at the most popular and important wardrobe items that should be in the arsenal of every puffy fashionista. In addition, we have prepared an extensive photo selection so that you can immediately, without leaving your computer, evaluate this or that look.


Let’s start, perhaps, with them, since every woman must wear a dress at least once in her life. And it doesn’t matter what weight she has. And it is important that in this dress she looked like a queen.

  • High waisted dress. This model is considered to be perhaps the most successful copy of the dress in the fashion segment for the full. After all, the waist line, which is located under the chest, very well hides a big tummy and extra centimeters on the hips. This style is loved by overweight women of absolutely all ages. Since it really helps to emphasize the main advantage of the figure – the chest, and hide everything that is not necessary for outsiders to see.

  • Sheath dress. Also a good solution, especially if you want to really look slimmer. After all, the silhouette of the case seems to stretch the figure, distracting the eye from curvaceous forms. It will also be an excellent choice for the office, as this model can be called moderately strict.

  • Wrap dress. Another great option for ladies with curves. By itself, the style of “dress-robe” is very interesting. It will divert all attention to itself, so that the emphasis on a three-dimensional figure simply will not work. Evening dresses of this model look very luxurious and expensive.

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Important! But what plump fashionistas should avoid when choosing a dress is puffy sleeves – they will be completely out of place for your look. As for the neckline, preference should be given to a V-shaped or U-shaped neckline, as well as a “keyhole” neckline. Each of them will visually lengthen your neck.


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Provides fashion for obese women and jeans. Pay attention to the photo, in 2019 the trend will be a straight cut and high waist. But with the decor elements it is quite possible to experiment a little. So, for girls who do not like to stand out in the crowd, jeans without any extra prints are quite suitable.

But if you want something more interesting or youthful, pay attention to models with cutouts or embroidery. Also, 7/8 length jeans with twists will look good.

But when buying such a thing as jeans, full girls should also think about comfort. After all, too dense fabric can dig into bulging parts of the body, which will certainly cause discomfort. That is why jeans should be chosen from soft and elastic material. In addition, they sit much better on the figure, favorably emphasize the hips and make the silhouette more feminine. And most importantly, they will not reap anywhere.

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Important! Continuing the conversation about denim, I would like to note that denim jackets in Casual style, fitted jackets and tight-fitting denim skirts will look good on puffy fashionistas. In general, this material only once again confirms its indispensability and versatility.


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business suit

It does not matter what fashion we are talking about, for fat or for thin ones, one thing will remain unchanged here – a business suit should be in the arsenal of absolutely every woman. And here it doesn’t matter at all what you do, how old you are and what weight you have – a classic can be needed at any stage of your life. This is a must-have for every wardrobe!

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