Fashion for obese women 2021

Fashion for obese women in the 2021 season has prepared many interesting new products that inspire the creation of stylish and spectacular ensembles. We believe that you want to get to know them without long prefaces, so let’s get started!

Main trends

Black skin

The leather texture has not lost its relevance for several seasons, striking with a variety of colors and variations of embodiment. However, by the 2021 season, designers are confidently returning to the classics – matte black leather. By the way, such novelties are ideal for full fashionistas, because they allow you to visually look slimmer.

The whole secret of the desired effect lies in the density of the leather texture – thanks to this property, the fabric sits perfectly on the figure and hides all imperfections. Of course, for this, leather clothing must have a fairly loose fit – another important criterion for the fashion of the 2021 season.

A lot of stylish possibilities will open up before a woman when she decides to beat the leather texture in her outfits. The most daring fashionistas will certainly embody the Matrix-style total look, and the more modest girls will use leather in portions, combining it with emphatically feminine and elegant things.

lavender color

In the minds of plus-size fashionistas, there is still a strong stereotype that they are recommended to be content with only dark nondescript clothes. However, stylists assure: full ladies are allowed absolutely any color of things, subject to a successful style!

For example, the lavender color scheme clearly claims to be the leader of the 2021 season, which perfectly rejuvenates and refreshes the appearance. Win-win duets with a touch of pastel in the title role are paired with white or beige items. If you want to get the most out of this color, use it as the basis of a monochrome stylish look – this is an actual technique that effectively slims the silhouette.

Emphasis on the waist

Despite the record long relevance of the oversized cut, the emphasis on the waist is also considered an unconditional trend along with a free style. If you want to add a touch of elegance and femininity to any look, then let a leather belt of medium thickness become your best assistant – thin, barely noticeable accessories are no longer in trend, and they poorly embody the task.

Among the most trendy ways to use a leather belt are its duets with a jacket, a flying midi-length dress and an elegant coat. We are sure you can continue this list and come up with your own ways to embody the emphasis on the waist!

Stylish dresses

If we talk about the key difference between the fashion trends of the 2021 season, then first of all it is worth highlighting the desire for femininity. In the current collections, a huge number of new products were presented that amaze with elegance and sophistication. Of course, it is best to create a similar mood in the image under the power of beautiful dresses.

When compiling fashionable bows, obese women should first of all pay attention to outfits with geometric, animalistic and floral motifs. Unobtrusive medium-sized drawings on a dark background will look great.

Fashionable dresses 2021 for obese women with a belly adhere to a fairly loose style and a high waistline. Shirt cut models, A-silhouettes, à la jacket styles and experiments with asymmetry are also recognized as unconditional trends.

Many novelties among dresses look great in the casual style of images. For example, in the new season, models with a straight cut with vertical cuts will be in demand – most often they are presented from ribbed knitwear. Fantasies of designers on the theme of an elongated sweatshirt or sweatshirt as dresses also take place in the 2021 season.


Of course, a plump woman’s wardrobe would not be complete without stylish jeans. The fashion of the 2021 season has not significantly changed the current models, because the trend is still the same familiar straight cut, raw edge and oversized fit. When choosing colors, it is better to lean towards classic blue and blue tones.

If you want jeans to hide your belly and draw a feminine silhouette, express your preference for a high waist and a loose fit that tapers evenly to the hem. You can wear such a must-have with shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, t-shirts and tops. In the role of shoes, it is better to choose ankle boots or shoes with steady heels – they look more stylish and also add visual harmony.

Little secret! In combination with high-rise shoes, cropped jeans look most advantageous. If you don’t have one, you can simply tuck or trim the hem of your regular pants.

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The fashion trends of the 2021 season also offer a wide variety of stylish blouses for obese women. Actual models will easily fit into various images, bringing a touch of elegance and femininity to them.

The main favorites of this year are models of blouses with delicate prints – polka dots or flowers. With an “apple” type of figure, it is worth picking up the top of a free cut, which sits quite tightly in the chest area. Women with a pear shape, on the contrary, are recommended to use a trendy blouse to create visual volume in the upper part, bringing balance to the silhouette.

So, to the trends! A win-win solution in the 2021 season will be blouses with asymmetry, a belt or belt at the waist, as well as models with a wrap or voluminous sleeves. If the upper body is not your problem area, you can take on a stylish blouse with transparent inserts – it looks just great!


When choosing trousers in the 2021 season, a plump girl can focus on a classic straight cut with a high waistline – it is he who will make the figure more slender and sophisticated.

An excellent option would also be a light flare that will add variety to your everyday wardrobe. Such models look especially impressive in dense leather or denim.

Designers recommend full ladies to give preference to plain trousers, but not necessarily dark ones. In the 2021 season, being bright means being fashionable, because there are so many juicy colors among the trends. For example, crimson, blue, red, brown and pastel colors are in fashion. If you are afraid that colored trousers will betray volume, wear them paired with a matching jacket, embodying a spectacular monochrome look.

On fashionable trousers for a full girl, there may also be contrasting vertical stripes – the so-called stripes. This decorative technique has no equal in creating the effect of harmony.


Fashion for overweight women over 50 in 2021 provides for the relevance of suits that look elegant and stylish. The main must-have is a trouser set, which is in demand not only in the office wardrobe, but also in everyday life.

The most stylish ensemble in 2021 is approaching…

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