Fashion for obese women – autumn 2019

Overweight women in the coming autumn are simply forbidden to dress in dark hoodies of an incomprehensible cut. Indeed, for them in 2019, designers at their shows presented many interesting and fashionable products. It is about them that we will discuss further in the article.

Top main trends

If we talk about the latest plus size fashion trends, below we have presented a ranking of the top trends of the upcoming season, which every buxom beauty should be familiar with.

  • Artificial fur. Outerwear made from natural fur is gradually giving way to artificial products. Firstly, this approach is more humane, and secondly, according to many stylists, faux fur coats look much more spectacular and interesting. Full girls, in addition to the classic semi-fitted short-haired models, should also pay attention to the options for a straight cut with a long lying pile.

  • Denim. This trend can be called a “long-liver”, since it has been relevant for several decades. As before, denim trousers remain in fashion. Puffs should give their preference to straight and flared jeans. Also, do not bypass shirts, dresses and skirts made of denim. You can wear them separately or in one total bow.

  • Vintage pea. This print continues to occupy the top of fashion trends. Moreover, a pea ornament can be present not only on blouses, but also on dresses, including bandage ones, jackets, skirts and even trousers. As for the size of the peas, it should not be too large, so as not to further increase the silhouette.

  • “Candy” colors. Despite the fact that a black total bow will be in fashion this fall, this is not a reason to forget about light palettes. After all, things aged in delicate shades of pink, blue and peach will cheer you up, and the image will be made more cheerful.

  • Crop top. A novelty in the plus size fashion segment. And all because earlier donuts were even afraid to think about putting on a cropped jumper or golf. Today they are simply obliged to wear these products. You can combine such a top with both sports trousers and classic models with arrows, skirts and even shorts.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Curvy girls should wear a crop top exclusively with high-waisted trousers made of dense, slimming fabric. [/stextbox]

  • Bright colors. Juicy rich shades will be a real “breath of fresh air” in a boring basic wardrobe. This fall, stylists recommend full ladies not to be limited to only one bright element of the image in the form of a jumper or trousers and wear colored suits or dresses.

  • Striped print. Vertical striped clothing is the perfect solution for plus size women. She visually stretches the silhouette, making it thinner and fitter.

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We update the wardrobe

Guided by the advice of eminent stylists, we have chosen a number of essential items that should be in the closet of all beauties with size XL+ this coming autumn.


In the upcoming season, dresses are a real must-have. Therefore, it is better to buy several of them at once.

  • high waisted. An ideal option for full, which is suitable even for older women after 40 years. The peculiarity of the style is that the waist line in the dress is somewhat shifted and is located under the bust. Thus, all attention from the bulging belly goes to the décolleté area.

  • For the smell. Simultaneously simple and very effective style, which literally transforms the full figure. It hides the belly and hips, forms the waist line and emphasizes the beautiful lush breasts.

  • Case. Another style that has no age restrictions. In addition, thanks to the semi-fitted cut, it visually makes the figure more slender and graceful.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Avoid products with voluminous sleeves, as they make the upper part even more massive.[/stextbox]


Puffy ladies can’t do without skirts. Like dresses, there should also be at least 2-3 of them in the wardrobe.

  • Pencil. A win-win option for plus size women. Such skirts not only make the silhouette more proportional, but also lengthen it. Another advantage of the model is its versatility, since pencil skirts are suitable for both creating an office look and an evening one.

Pencil skirt

  • Floor length. It is better to give your preference to models sewn from light fabrics, as they will hide the stomach, and the image as a whole will be made airy and feminine.

  • Flared. High-waisted skirts with a cut-off waistline and a flared cut help puffs not only create a spectacular and elegant look, but also balance the proportions.


Despite the fact that tunics are the favorites of obese women who are over 50, designers in 2019 included them in the youth collections of the autumn-winter season. For donuts, in addition to the ever-fashionable transparent flyaways, asymmetric models with elongation at the back or to the side, as well as options with a peplum, were also offered.


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In this case, it is better to abandon oversized oversize models and fill your closet with more sophisticated fine knit options. No less attention should be paid to patterns. They should be without any convex details and have an exclusively vertical direction. As for the color palette, it is better to choose light-colored products, as they visually rejuvenate, refresh, and look elegant.


A classic trouser suit should be in the arsenal of every girl. Full ladies should give their preference to models in which the trousers have a straight or flared cut. The jacket can also be straight or semi-fitted. Options are also allowed in which the jacket is designed in a masculine style or has an asymmetrical cut. The design of such products should be predominantly minimalistic.

trench coat

In the coming season, not a single puffy beauty can do without this representative of outerwear. This is because the trench coat is comfortable to wear and protects its owner from the cold. In addition, it easily fits into any look and can be the finishing touch, both in classic sets and bows designed in a casual or even sport-chic style.

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The photo presented in the article shows that a lot of stylish things were offered for obese women in 2019. Therefore, this fall, any representative of the fair sex will be able to dress beautifully and fashionably, even if her parameters are far from podium ideals.

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