Fashion for obese women – summer 2019

The time has passed when fashion for overweight women limited the choice of clothes and offered only baggy hoodies, but the summer of 2019 has prepared bright and stylish looks for them. And it is worth noting that they are in no way inferior to the bows of girls with model parameters.


And so that you can verify this personally, we have prepared for you a detailed review of the summer season trends for puffy fashionistas.

What has summer 2019 prepared for us?

Unfortunately, even in the warm season, not all girls dare to “throw off” their winter voluminous sweaters, hoodies and put on something lighter and more open. Many believe that their few extra pounds are a taboo for bright summer clothes. But it’s time to say goodbye to all complexes and stereotypes, because now even more and more plus size models appear on the catwalks, who prove to us that the female body is always beautiful and sexy.

In addition, this season, designers have presented so many bright and colorful new products that they are quite enough to shine in a new look every summer day.

We advise you not to remain in the shadow of fashion trends, but to take our advice into service and start preparing for the holiday season and the sea. The following models will help you feel stylish and comfortable:

  • Sundresses and summer dresses, in which the main emphasis is on the waist. The length of such products can be both midi and maxi. Here it all depends on your preferences.

  • Tunics with a length just above the knee remain relevant. And the fullness of the hands will help to hide the sleeve ¾. This is a great option for obese women in their early 50s, as it will help them “reset” a couple of years and look even more attractive and younger.

  • Jumpsuits are just a must have for the coming summer. They are ideal for young girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. Stylists recommend paying attention to models with a top or batwing sleeves, as this is a universal option, appropriate both at a party and on a walk with friends.

Nice outfit

  • Blouses and shirts are another important element that you should pay attention to. After all, a white blouse is a basic wardrobe item that allows you to create both a business look for work and a simple casual bow. No less relevant are shirts with abstraction or floral print.

  • Well, where without T-shirts? In the summer of 2019, fashion for overweight girls offers plain models made in pastel shades. For example, such as in the photo below.

What length should I pay attention to?

Girls with curvy shapes need to be careful about the length of things. After all, a too short dress, skirt or top can not only emphasize figure flaws, but also completely spoil the image. But the right length, on the contrary, will be able to cover problem areas and present all the advantages of a female figure in a favorable light.

So, full girls are recommended to choose:

  • Dresses and sundresses of midi or maxi length. But here it is important to remember that highly layered and puffy skirts will add extra volume in the hip area. It is much better to choose a fitted A-line dress, pencil skirts or a tulip.

[stextbox id=info]Quite often, it is the knees that have an imperfect appearance, and therefore it makes sense to cover them.[/stextbox]

  • Pants should also be chosen with a maximum length and worn with high heels. Such a simple solution will not only make you visually slimmer, but also taller, which is also important for short girls.

  • Another good news for overweight women is that you can and should wear shorts. Of course, mini models are not our option, but the length to the knees or the middle is what you need.

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Is decor in clothes for overweight girls acceptable?

You should be extremely careful with the decor in clothes, and this applies not only to girls in the body, but also slender ones. After all, an abundance of prints, too bright, colorful colors can ruin absolutely any image, and in the case of overweight women, they can also add extra volume.

But, if you still want decorations, then you should give preference to concise options. For example, lace inserts that are able to adjust the figure. So, inserts on the sides in the form of rhombuses or a triangle in the neckline will help to “draw” an hourglass – a shape that many women aspire to.

A belt is also allowed, which emphasizes the waist. It can be from the same fabric as the dress, or vice versa, be brighter and give the image a special charm.

Classic pencil skirt for full

The trends of this summer could not pass by the classic pencil skirt, which suits all girls without exception. It is especially relevant for ladies over 40, as it makes their image more elegant and restrained. Doubt? Then look at the photo below and see for yourself.

And so that the image does not seem boring, the designers added several interesting details to the classic cut:

  • Contrasting zipper, which is sewn in vertically and runs along the entire length of the product.
  • Sewn-in belt to add flair to a stylish look and tie a bow at the waist.

  • Wide belt, made from the same fabric as the skirt, with a high waist.

Dominant colors:

  • Cappuccino.
  • Wet asphalt.
  • Dark blue.

  • Wine.
  • Pistachio.
  • Grey.

These are colors that are more suitable for office attire, but for everyday wear, you should look for skirts with a bright geometric print, flowers, and contrasting inserts.

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Mini skirt for full: dream or reality?

Even if you have magnificent forms, this is not at all a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing short skirts. Of course, the mini version is more suitable for brave girls, since not everyone is ready for such a “fashion revolution”.

The main thing is that the skirt has a standard cut and is absolutely without decor, as this will already be too much. And instead of a stylish bow, you risk getting a tasteless outfit that will make you look bigger.

What pants to choose?

Pants are the main element of the women’s wardrobe, which has a slimming effect. This year, fashion trends have offered a straight cut with smoothed arrows, as in the photo. It is followed by culottes, banana trousers and, of course, jeans that have been relevant for several seasons in a row.

For classic options, designers have suggested light shades, so be sure to get yourself white trousers for the summer.

Stylish shorts

No summer is complete without shorts and Bermuda shorts. Full girls should not refuse such things, because they will look great on their figure. The main thing is to choose the right style and material from which they will be sewn. Now lace, cotton, jeans, linen remain relevant.

[stextbox id=info]Note! Shorts should not be too tight, it is better to give preference to looser models.[/stextbox]

In the photo you can find some interesting options.

Great summer bow

Maxi dress: how to choose?

Perhaps only with these dresses you can create …

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