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Today we will talk about fashion for pregnant women in 2019 season. Fortunately, the days are gone when girls in an interesting position could only be content with baggy styles and unattractive clothes. Thanks to progress, and at the same time to modern designers – now expectant mothers can dress comfortably and stylishly. Read how to combine it in the 2019 season!


Actual colors and prints

  • A favorite among pregnant fashionistas is a rich palette of pastel colors – beige, dusty pink, pale blue, lilac and mint.

tender images

  • Not far behind and gray. In the 2019 season, he pleases with his diversity – both metallic shades and muted tones are in trend.

  • Feel free to succumb to fashion trends and try on clothes with prints. Things with flirty polka dot colors on expectant mothers look especially charming. Actual geometric and animal prints, in turn, will ensure that the wardrobe is in line with the latest fashion trends.
  • Floristry deserves special attention. In clothes with prints, pregnant girls look even more tender and feminine. Do not be afraid of a large pattern – it will shift the focus from the tummy directly to you.

  • The vertical stripe trend will also come in handy. Such a pattern visually stretches the silhouette and makes the legs longer.

  • Fashion for pregnant women in the spring-summer 2019 season declared bright and juicy colors to be their favorite. In the top were yellow, orange, turquoise and red shades.

Style for expectant mothers has long become an independent trend in the fashion world. What novelties will he please in 2019? Check out our photo selection!

business clothes

Business women are used to not changing their status and impeccable style, and pregnancy, all the more, will not be a reason for this. In the office, you can dress comfortably and fashionably, however, almost the entire previous wardrobe should temporarily move to the far shelf of the closet due to tight cut and not well-thought-out styles.

And here is what will definitely come in handy.

  • Classic straight or A-line dresses are the best option for expectant mothers. It’s easy to look feminine in this outfit without sacrificing comfort.

  • Dresses with a high waist and a strict design will also fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a working woman. It is better to choose plain models without unnecessary decor.

  • In a business wardrobe, business elongated jackets will be more appropriate than ever. They will add a touch of severity to the combination with dresses, trousers and shirts.
  • The vest, as well as the unbuttoned cardigan, creates vertical lines in the silhouette, which guarantees a strict and expressive look.

  • You can borrow a loose shirt with a classic cut from your husband. The style from the male shoulder with rolled up sleeves looks amazing on a rounded tummy.

  • Ordinary trousers should be replaced by models with a special mark “for pregnant women”. They are complemented by an elastic insert in the abdomen, which provides convenience and comfort.

Everyday wardrobe

  • The stylish cut of the shirt dress becomes especially relevant during the period of expectation of the baby. The free style does not constrain movements, delicately hides the tummy, and also looks stylish and modern.

  • It is unlikely that you will be able to do without jeans, because they go well with any top. A justified investment is a model for pregnant women. We advise you to choose the actual style – boyfriends, straight or slightly tapered jeans at the bottom.

  • Comfortable trousers will never help you out. For stylish everyday life, it is recommended to choose not too classic styles. The most fashionable are joggers with arrows, as well as straight trousers with cuffs at the bottom.

  • Tight jersey leggings will be incredibly comfortable. Such clothes will not squeeze the stomach, provide additional support and freedom of movement. In the 2019 season, it is fashionable to combine leggings with tunics and elongated shirts.
  • Denim dresses are another trend that is in the hands of pregnant fashionistas. You will be rescued by the same cut of a shirt or a laconic style with an extension at the bottom. A denim dress looks great with a bright silk scarf woven into the hair. So it turns out a stylish and feminine bow with a touch of retro.

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  • High-waisted dress and empire style models not only meet the needs of pregnant women, but are also fashionable clothes in 2019. A great idea for an evening out is this Greek-style outfit.

Stylish and comfortable look

  • The A-line is another key trend. At the peak of popularity, tunics and dresses of this style. They look feminine, and also do not hinder movement.

  • In the 2019 season, the list of fashionable clothes for pregnant women necessarily includes an oversized sweater. Many girls in an interesting position admit that this is the most convenient thing that the fashion industry could give them.

  • For walks and daily activities, a fashionable tracksuit is suitable. For girls in an interesting position, designers have proposed a combination of a wide hoodie and knitted pants. Among the fashion trends were tracksuits with different colors of tops and bottoms. The most hit is a tandem of gray and dusty pink, yellow and dark gray, red and black.

[stextbox id=info]Interesting! Colored sneakers or perky shoes with metallic inserts will be an ideal complement to a tracksuit. In this image, you will definitely be the most fashionable![/stextbox]

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  • A feminine and romantic bow is unthinkable without skirts. During pregnancy, midi length models are especially relevant. Embrace the trend for pleats and flounces. Do not be afraid to also experiment with texture – velvet skirts look especially elegant.

  • In cool weather, an incredibly comfortable sweater dress will help out. The most fashionable models will be complemented by textured knitting and medium-sized decor.

  • A rare thing can compare with the convenience of overalls during pregnancy. A modern assortment of stores can offer you models with fixed and adjustable parts, the cut of which does not differ from ordinary fashionable overalls. In such clothes, the tummy will be additionally supported, and the image as a whole will turn out to be fashionable and modern.

  • As for outerwear, the trend of the 2019 season suggests taking a closer look at oversized coats, trench coats, raincoats and light jackets in a free style.

What to Consider

  • Fashion is fashion, and the health of the baby is still in the first place. That is why forget about uncomfortable or tight clothing made from cheap synthetic fabrics. The best choice during this special period will be things made from natural materials – linen, cotton, silk, wool, denim and chiffon with the addition of lace.

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  • When shopping, carefully evaluate the fit of things. The shoulders should not move out, and rub the armholes of the sleeves. Additional elements should not put pressure on the back or stomach.

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