Fashion for short women for summer 2019

We know everything and even a little more about what to wear for short women to be on top in the summer of 2019!


Basic principles for choosing clothes

  • Instead of baggy oversized clothing, it makes sense to rely on slim, elegant silhouettes with a fitted cut. Although voluminous things are now in fashion, they tend to make the silhouette heavier and visually reduce growth.

  • A definite “Yes!” it is worth saying things with a high waistline, which stretches the silhouette and lengthens the legs. This technique is observed in fashionable trousers, shorts and skirts.

  • Any vertical in clothes will be very helpful. Among the fashion trends of the 2019 season, it is worth highlighting a vertical row of buttons, asymmetry, cuts, stripes, arrows, oblique lightning, etc. This list of techniques not only adds growth, but also slims.

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  • V-neck, U-neck or stand-up collar will add a few precious centimeters of height. For evening occasions, you can choose clothes with a seductive deep neckline.

  • Summer fashion for petite women strives for conciseness. Simple shapes, a minimum of decor, solid colors – this is what you need.

  • If you still can’t resist buying complex clothes with frills, layering or flounces, balance it with concise things.

The art of making images

  • Dressing properly for short women will help the rule “one-third to two-thirds.” This means that the bottom should take up 2/3 of the image, and the top gets one third.

  • In the collection of accessories of a short woman, there must certainly be a couple of stylish belts. A thin elegant belt will be a winning accessory – it will create an emphasis on the waist and visually add height. But a wide belt can create the opposite effect.

  • A stylish, complete image is unthinkable without a handbag. Short fashionistas are not recommended to choose huge accessories in which you can put a million unnecessary things. Graceful small clutches look much more advantageous. The hit of this summer is wicker bags, round shapes, belt accessories and original transparent PVC pieces.

  • Headwear also requires adherence to simple principles. Massive headbands, turbans and wide-brimmed hats are not the best choice. But graceful small hats will add charm and elegance to the image.

  • Contrasting and massive shoes are a bad idea, because such a choice can steal a few centimeters of leg length. In the summer of 2019, you should give preference to options in the nude palette. Also a great solution would be gold, silver or beige leopard print.

  • Obviously, heeled shoes will help “grow up”. But even here there are some limitations. The maximum height is 8-10 cm. At the same time, it should not be excessively voluminous and bulky. Under the ban were wide ankle straps. Caution should be taken with a rounded nose, which visually shortens the legs.

Very fashionable nude pumps this season

  • The image is made by accessories, so you should not refuse them in summer looks. It is recommended to choose small and elegant jewelry – long earrings, oblong pendants and a set of thin bracelets.

Monochrome bow is our everything

A fashionable total bow is a trend that seems to have been invented for girls who want to look taller and slimmer. An image created on the basis of one palette really stretches the silhouette and creates the desired effect. This cannot be said about the contrasting combination of top and bottom, which divides the figure into several parts and creates an emphasis on short stature. Also among the prohibitions are clothes with a color blocking print.

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[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! It is not recommended to make total look predominantly in black, but noble dark shades are not considered a contraindication.[/stextbox]

Top summer wardrobe items

Skirt above the knee

Short women are advised to be especially careful about the length of the midi. It is acceptable in the wardrobe, but only if combined with high heels. A length just above the knee is considered much safer. You are practically unlimited in the choice of style – it can be a miniskirt, pencil, A-line or A-line.

A pencil skirt will help you look a little taller.

You can also take note of pleated skirts, which for several seasons have confidently kept among the trends. Vertical folds perfectly elongate the silhouette.

Another fashionable novelty is the wrap skirt. This model is also suitable for overweight women, because it skillfully hides the tummy, creates a waistline and emphasizes beautiful legs. The ideal style with plus-size parameters is a trapezoid. Fragile girls are recommended to cut a tulip.

A long, flowing, non-bulky skirt is also a stylish find for this summer.

Classic pants

Even if you don’t have to visit the office this summer, you can still buy straight-leg dress pants. They have long since left the rank of a working wardrobe and can be successfully combined with trendy t-shirts and sneakers.

As for the optimal style of summer trousers, stylists advise paying attention to the average width combined with a high fit. Narrowing of the cut in the lower part and the presence of arrows are allowed.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! If the length of the trousers slightly hides the heel, this makes the legs visually longer.[/stextbox]

Taboo for low fashionistas is cropped trousers. When shopping, you should pass by capris, bermudas, banana culottes and short options.

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Crop top or cropped blouse

If a petite girl chooses between a tunic and a top, the stylist will definitely advise her to choose the second option. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the successful combination with the bottom of the high landing – this will not allow you to divide the body into 2 parts.


A definite must have this summer is a stylish jumpsuit. Such a thing will be a stylish investment in the wardrobe of a low fashionista, because it will last at least several seasons in a row. For this purpose, it is worth choosing a basic monophonic model with a maxi length. Effective techniques will be a high waist and a slight flare of the legs.

Feminine dress

When not to make romantic images with fashionable dresses in summer? We have identified several current models that are the best fit for petite girls.

  • Fashion for the summer of 2019 for women of short stature highlights A-line dresses. This style is also suitable for women with a full figure.

  • A dress with vertical stripes is not only a definite hit of the summer of 2019, but also an effective way to lengthen the silhouette and add harmony to the figure. The most relevant style for this summer is a stylish shirt dress. Such a model usually has a vertical row of buttons, which will also be in the hands of petite girls. Stylists recommend diluting this style with a belt at the waist and bending the sleeves to a length of ¾.

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