Fashion for spring 2020 for women over 45

Fashion for spring 2020 for women 45 and older can be no less interesting than for young girls. This was boldly stated by designers from the world’s catwalks. What to wear and how to combine in one look, we understand the material below.


Hue is important!

First of all, you should deal with the color scheme. Since an older woman is more demanding of her wardrobe, calm and confident in her attractiveness, you can safely do without flashy shades in the image. Bright orange, scarlet, indigo, acid shades are not for you. The following colors will help to emphasize the sophistication and nobility of the image:

  • Black, white, deep calm blue and dark green slim, make the figure more fragile. But subject to the right cut of clothes. When combined with milky shades, they will create an interesting, fresh ensemble.

  • Peach, light coral, powdery shades – refresh the complexion, make a woman more youthful. Especially these shades should be adhered to at the top of the bow.

  • Turquoise, milky, olive, saffron – reset a few years automatically. Especially with the right haircut and shoes. Therefore, do not be afraid to dilute your wardrobe with more vibrant shades. Do not use only black in it. Believe me, even if you have extra pounds, you can look interesting in light-colored clothes that are in trend today.

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Attention to detail

Having dealt with the shade of clothing, be sure to pay attention to its details. A woman’s wardrobe after 45 must meet the following criteria:

  • expensive fabric that fits well and emphasizes the smooth lines of the cut;

  • fashionable cut with laconic cutouts and cuts;

  • the use of drapery, which will help hide the stomach or other problematic parts of the figure, if any;

  • interesting accessories.

What is in fashion now?

According to fashion trends for women over 45 in the spring of 2020, dresses are needed. And in different styles – business, walking, cocktail, knitted cozy. At the peak of popularity today, such models.

  • Sheath dress. Almost perfect for any figure. Even with extra pounds. It is only important to choose the right length and not get too tight model. If the figure does not have a clearly defined waist, it can be identified with a wide belt. Under the sheath dress, be sure to wear shoes with heels. So you can visually stretch in growth.

  • Dress shirt. Also an indispensable item in the wardrobe. Ideal for wearing to the office, going to visit or just walking around the city. The right fabric for a shirt dress allows you to make it almost dressy. And if you also choose the right color, then with its help you can adjust the figure. The shirt dress hides extra centimeters on the hips and waist well. At the same time, it beautifully emphasizes the magnificent breasts.

  • Cocoon dress. In fashion 2020, it is listed as the most stylish. Visually repeats the tailoring of a shirt dress, but has a narrower cut down. The skirt looks like a tulip. A cocoon dress is ideal for women who have too narrow hips. It adds a little volume in this area. In general, the listed models of dresses can be worn by women with any type of figure.

  • A-silhouette. Another win-win option for any type of figure and height.

[stextbox id=’warning’]The main requirement is length. It should be no higher than the knee. Leave ultra-mini and just mini for younger girls. Even if the slimness of the legs allows. A woman over 45 is a mystery that you want to solve. [/stextbox]

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A stylish bow can also be created with the help of skirts. Such a piece of clothing looks beautiful with blouses, jackets, turtleneck sweaters or a jumper with a boat neckline. Try to avoid V-neck sweaters. They are more suitable for young girls who are ready to demonstrate their magnificent breasts with perfect skin. As for skirts, such models are in fashion.

  • Pencil. Beautifully fits the figure and allows you to adequately present your chiseled proportions to the world. This model is suitable even for obese women 45 years and older. In this case, it is only important to cover the protruding tummy with an elongated jacket with a clearly defined waistline.

  • Tulip. An excellent model for owners of any figure. A tulip skirt can be safely combined with a blouse with a high collar, with golf, with a chiffon shirt.

  • Flared skirt. Also a great opportunity to reset a few years at once. This model makes the image lighter. Looks great with almost any top.

[stextbox id=’warning’]When choosing skirts, be sure to control the length. If your legs are full, hide your knees. In general, it is preferable for older women to wear midi and maxi skirts. In addition, these lengths make the image more feminine and mysterious.[/stextbox]


Do not refuse to wear stylish trousers, even if you have extra pounds. A correctly selected model makes the image mischievous, romantic, businesslike. Such models of trousers are considered especially stylish.

  • Skinny. Their length does not reach the bone a little. These pants look younger and make a woman’s leg more fragile. And the image – delicate skinny is important to combine with the right shoes. If you are above average height, then it is better to wear ballet flats or low-speed shoes under them. With small stature, it is advisable to dilute skinny shoes with pumps or sandals with heels.

  • Pants 7/8. Another stylish option for women of all ages and shapes. Pants length 7/8 is slightly shorter than skinny. Therefore, under them, you can always wear shoes with a beautiful clasp around the ankle. Pants 7/8 look great with jackets, sweaters, blouses and shirts.

  • Palazzo. This model has an extended trouser leg from the hip to the very bottom. Pants have a high waist. Palazzos are perfect for women with above average height. But under flared trousers, be sure to wear a concise, moderately strict top. Otherwise, the image will be overloaded.

  • Classic pants. They look no less interesting in the spring image. Classic trousers are characterized by moderately wide legs with clear arrows. The fit of the trousers can be high or slightly low. Dress pants can only be worn with heels. Combine this model with a cropped jacket, golf, pullover with a boat neckline. The image can be supplemented with an elegant scarf around the neck.

  • Boyfriend jeans. In principle, they are not new. But such pants are a must-have item in the wardrobe of any woman, of any age and body type. In jeans, you can walk around the city, go to nature, go on a trip. Versatile cotton trousers can be combined with strict blouses and shirts, with T-shirts and T-shirts, with a jacket. Under boyfriends, you can put on stylish shoes with heels or looser shoes in a sporty style.


As for the top…

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