Fashion for spring 2020

Now is the time to get acquainted with the leading fashion novelties of the spring 2020 season. For a feminine, stylish and beautiful season, every girl should be fully armed!


New version of the costume

As the tiring winter draws to a close, many fashionistas are open to a stylish update to their wardrobe. Stylists advise you to start by buying a beautiful and trendy suit. It is only worth taking into account the leading fashion trends, so as not to miscalculate with the style.

In the 2020 season, oversized models with a voluminous cut paired with twos, triumphantly returning from the era of the 90s, are recognized as popular. Among the most stylish variations is also the combination of a jacket with culottes, a palazzo or high-waisted trousers. Won podiums and stylish sets with Bermuda shorts. For obese women, a jacket with a belt or belt is perfect, which will create the desired emphasis on the waist.

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The spring 2020 fashion also offers to decide on stylish experiments with a transparent or translucent texture. You definitely won’t go wrong if you opt for such intriguing inserts in combination with a print or a transparent top or skirt, which have proven themselves in layered compositions.

mini length

Spring trends are getting hotter! This season, the established midi length will seriously compete with the flirtatious mini mark. With this trend, it is extremely easy to demonstrate your slender legs and knowledge of the latest fashion.


Top bras have now proudly left the list of lingerie wardrobe and have taken their rightful place in everyday and evening looks. At the top shows, it was demonstrated that a bra can be perfectly combined with jeans, pencil skirts, various models of trousers or a formal suit.

polka dots

With the onset of spring, the polka dot print will finally return to fashion in all its variations: from large to small, from classic black and white to extraordinary color. Such a motif perfectly rejuvenates the image, adds a spring touch of playfulness and coquetry to it.

An excellent investment in a stylish wardrobe would be a polka dot dress or blouse. To create balance in the look, remember that polka dots are a prominent and active accent that will not compete for attention with other small details.


A triumphant return to fashion is also experiencing a tropical print, which is represented by palm leaves, lianas and images of colorful plants. Such a motif will perfectly refresh the spring look and add a trendy reading to it.


We present you an inspiring photo selection that demonstrates the juiciness and non-triviality of neon accents that are at the peak of spring 2020 fashion. You can choose any color you like – from hot pink or orange to light green or electric blue. You can safely leave a place in the wardrobe between neutral basic things for neon novelties – they will be responsible for the relevance and style of spring looks.


According to leading designers, with the advent of spring, absolutely all fashionistas should shine and shine. In this mission, trendy items with gold colors or with the texture of crumpled foil can come in handy. Moreover, such novelties can be skillfully entered into everyday bows.

By the way, fashionable shoes in the spring 2020 season can be presented in gold colors. This is a great accent for the usual everyday outfits!


Vests have become an interesting spring trend. Such a stylish novelty is reflected in a wide variety of variations – from knitwear to suits. An interesting solution would be a strict elongated vest, which perfectly slims the figure due to vertical lines. As never before, a model in a cage will also come in handy.

Cut for smell

The wrap style is perfect not only for young girls, but also for women over 50. This cut is famous for its excellent ability to correct the figure, hide flaws and create an elegant accent on the décolleté and waist. One hundred percent hit in the trends will be not only a wrap dress, but also a skirt or top with this element.

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Knitted suit

As it usually happens, spring weather does not immediately allow you to get romantic dresses out of the wardrobe. But on especially cold days, you also need to look stylish, and trendy knitted suits can help you with this. Such models are presented with both trousers and skirts. Any variation refuses the texture of noodles and relies on the current free cut. The advantage of such outfits is on the face, and it lies in the obvious comfort.


Many women will certainly be pleased with the return of polo – an incredibly practical and versatile thing. Only if a few seasons ago it was appropriate to combine such a cut only with jeans, today the list of possible combinations has noticeably expanded. The most advanced fashionistas confidently mix polo with skirts and sundresses, dilute trouser suits with them, put on a fashion item over a dress.

Short shorts + oversized jacket

This spring, cycling shorts will be replaced by short shorts in a variety of colors and textures. We reveal the secret: the most fashionable combination will turn out with an oversized jacket.

Cutouts and cuts

In the design of actual clothes, there was a place for deep cuts and cuts of a wide variety of shapes. What you need to create the most sensual images!

puff sleeves

Considering the top collections, we can conclude that puffed sleeves are of great relevance in any of its manifestations – from the usual lanterns to extraordinary puffs. This trend will be a great idea if you want to add captivating femininity and romance to your spring bow.

Accent shoulders

The list of the main trends in women’s clothing includes not only puffy sleeves, but also accent shoulders. The pronounced square shoulder line works gracefully with the fitted silhouette this season.


The raincoat in the 2020 season tops the list of fashionable outerwear. The basis of the designers’ inspiration was the classic trench coat, which obediently withstands a variety of cut experiments. Stylish transformations can be based on a change in style, silhouette, color or texture. The main hit especially for the most daring fashionistas is a leather coat.

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colored skin

Colored leather clothing has become a real sensation in the fashion world in past seasons. Only if quite recently fashionistas decided only on brown and beige colors, now the color range of experiments has noticeably expanded. The key to success this spring is non-trivial skin colors, such as blue, orange, emerald, red and burgundy tones.

To get into trends, just buy a blouse, trousers, shirt or dress made of colored leather. Choose any non-standard color that will successfully fit into your wardrobe and dilute it with a stylish twist.


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