Fashion for summer 2020 for short women

What will surprise summer fashion for short women in 2020 season? We have collected the most curious novelties in this article!



Many petite girls know that a monochrome bow makes higher. In the summer, making such an image is as easy as shelling pears – you just need to pick up things in a single palette. In the hot season, the most practical solution would be a combination of light-colored clothes with each other. Fashion trends 2020 seasons offer special attention to beige, white and any pastel colors. The indicated range remarkably refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance – this fact can be adopted short women over 40 years old.

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high fit

Fashion 2020 season suggests adopting high-rise bottom options. This style is great for women who, with the help of clothes, strive to look visually taller. The maximum effectiveness of this technique can be achieved by combining an overestimated bottom with a shortened top. For example, you can choose a trendy crop top with lace or ruffles for a skirt, shorts or trousers with a fashionable cut. Such a bow will emphasize the femininity and fragility of the owner.


In summer, more than ever, you want to be especially feminine and elegant, so when creating an image, the choice often falls on fashionable dresses. Among the current models, there are many winning options for ladies of short stature. For example, you can bet on a universal cut of a shirt, a variation with a wrap, models with a vertical row of buttons, slits or vertical slats.

As for the perfect color for a summer dress, solid colors come to the fore. Any current print with a vertical direction of the elements will also look great.


Solid overalls with the approach of the summer season will not lose their relevance. In addition to the obvious practicality and versatility of such clothes, stylists note that overalls of a single color stretch the silhouette remarkably. The most relevant models are styles with a high waistline, a belt, an assembly at the bottom of the legs and a shirt-type top. Work-style overalls with patch pockets are also popular, but these elements should be small and neat so as not to visually weigh down the silhouette.

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Fashion trends for summer 2020 for short women suggest looking at the V-neckline. Such a simple technique contributes to the visual lengthening of the silhouette and, in general, looks sensual and attractive. In the new season, designers have presented dresses, blouses and shirts with such a winning element – you will surely have plenty to choose from!


Cuts on clothes are not only a win-win way to add piquancy and lingering femininity to an outfit. Fashionistas of short stature will surely like the fact that such a trendy element visually lengthens the silhouette. It is curious that for the summer season, designers presented not only dresses and skirts with slits. Similar trendy details were also present on trousers and jeans.

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The most charming and romantic trend summer fashion ruffles, frills and frills became. Such decor is not contraindicated for miniature beauties, you just need to make sure that it is not extremely active and voluminous. Ideally, cute decorations are placed in a vertical line – this trick will help you look a little taller.


When choosing skirts, short girls can also use a few effective tricks. To adjust the proportions of your figure and visually lengthen your legs, you can choose a skirt with a knee-length mark. If you prefer midi products, then it is better to combine them with flesh-colored shoes or with a pair with a high instep.

For women with belly models with a high fit and a free half-sun style are recommended. Among the universal trends of the summer season, there is also a pencil cut with a slit, a wrap version and creative novelties with asymmetry.


Ladies of short stature, when compiling a stylish summer outfit, are also advised to take a closer look at such models of trousers as skinny, palazzo or flared. Any style will look most advantageous with an oversized fit, which noticeably adds height. You can also add a bow with trousers with a small elegant belt, an elegant handbag and a shortened top length.

Stylists suggest that the ideal trousers for the summer for a short fashionista will have a thin texture through which the silhouette of the legs is visible. Also a good solution would be trousers with vertical stripes.


Pleating has not lost its relevance for several seasons and is in demand among women of any age. In addition to the obvious romance and femininity of this trend, it also visually adds height. In addition, the vertical lines in the pleating make the silhouette remarkably slimmer. A similar texture in the 2020 season showed itself in the design of skirts, dresses and even trousers – choose a novelty to your taste!

Unbuttoned top

A stylish addition to the summer look will be any top layer in an unbuttoned form, whether it be a denim jacket, jacket or cardigan. A similar element also visually lengthens the silhouette.

Shortened length

In trousers, a shortened length is considered a contraindication for a petite lady, but in the design of various tops, such a cut is only welcome. By the way, you can create it yourself – by tying clothes in a knot. Such a simple trick will work great for you, because the cropped top lengthens the legs remarkably.

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Shoes for summer 2020 for short ladies, it can have a high rise – this is an obvious trick that allows you to add a few precious centimeters to your height and visually stretch the silhouette. Such pairs are not at all associated with discomfort – designers think over a stable heel or platform in such a way that they turn out to be surprisingly comfortable in practice.

A petite woman can choose shoes in such a way that she repeats the color of the bottom in the image or almost matches the skin tone – with a reference to summer tan, you can look at the beige-brown palette. Both options imply a visual lengthening of the figure.

Another good choice is metallic colors. Gold or silver shoes look elegant and please with great versatility. A fashionista of any age can personally verify this fact!


Fashion for summer 2020 for obese women of short stature, first of all, takes into account the rule of proportionality. With corpulent parameters are contraindicated …

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