Fashion for summer 2021 for short women

Today we will talk about the main fashion trends for the summer of 2021, which are suitable for women of short stature. After all, most of the trends that designers come up with every year are designed for the figures of models with a height of 172 cm. But not everything is so deplorable. A lot of current new clothes for the summer will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of petite ladies.

Fashion trends for summer 2021 for short women

Among the many fashion trends proposed by fashion designers for the summer of 2021, short ladies should pay attention to the following:

  • Oversized items. Such clothes have a place in the wardrobe of a miniature fashionista. However, when creating an image with voluminous things, belts and belts should be used, focusing on the waist area.

  • Stripe print. Many fashionable colors today are not suitable for petite women. For example, the actual tie dye is able to “ground”, make the figure visually heavier and even lower. But vertical thin stripes can add growth. Especially when it comes to floor-length striped palazzo trousers worn under the heel.

  • Bare shoulders or asymmetry to one side. Stylists unanimously agree that short girls should learn how to correctly place accents in the image, drawing attention to the upper part. The thing is that others evaluate the image from the bottom up. Therefore, if you wear a bright skirt, their eyes will stop on it, which will make the silhouette even lower.

  • hourglass silhouette. You should try to bring the silhouette closer to the ideal, that is, to make the figure visually similar to an hourglass. To do this, you do not need to go to the gym or to a plastic surgeon, all you need is to use a strap or belt when drawing up a bow. For petite girls, it is better to abandon wide models of belts, preferring thin and narrow options.

Fashionable summer shoes for short women

To create a fashionable look for the summer of 2021, it is best for women of short stature to give preference to shoes with heels, platform or wedges. It is such a pair that will allow you to add a few centimeters to your height, make your legs longer, and the silhouette more proportional. High-soled sneakers, slip-ons and moccasins are also suitable for petite ladies.

When choosing a stylish model, one should take into account not only fashion trends, but also some rules that will allow low fashionistas to look even more attractive:

  • Do not wear shoes that contrast with the color of your feet. Such a pair is able to take a couple of centimeters from growth. The same is true with oversized shoes. Try to choose shoes or sandals in a nude palette, gold and silver models are relevant, leopard-colored shoes are suitable.
  • It is better not to buy sandals with a strap or ankle closure. Such models visually “cut” the legs, shorten the growth. If you really want to get such shoes, choose models with straps that blend with the color of the skin.
  • For the summer, choose the most open shoes, so you will add a few centimeters to your height.

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Clothing and accessories for short women

Despite the existing restrictions, the fashion for the summer of 2021 for women of short stature is very diverse. We offer a selection of stylish ideas using trendy items that will allow you to create a very attractive summer look.

  • Blouses with voluminous sleeves. This trend will easily fit into the wardrobe of short women. However, some rules should be observed – the blouse must be tucked into a skirt or trousers, and the length of the sleeve must necessarily be in size or slightly shorter (the best option is 3/4 length). The most successful option is sleeves with frills in the shoulder area, they visually lengthen the silhouette, make the woman taller.

  • Pleated skirts. Vertical pleating, similar to vertical stripes, can elongate the figure and add height. It’s about trendy skirts. Girls of short stature should wear this model with shoes and heeled sandals.

  • Wrap skirts. This is another trendy skirt model that is perfect for fragile, short ladies. Choose models that will show off your knees, so the silhouette will look as proportional as possible.

  • Slip dress. This pajama-style dress looks great on fragile girls. A silk outfit can be worn as an independent piece of clothing, and in cool weather combined with a sweater or jacket. Do not forget about shoes, it must be on a heel, wedge or platform.

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  • Flared trousers. Triumphantly returning in recent seasons, flared trousers are ideal for short ladies. Pay special attention to models with a high fit. A tucked-in blouse and platform shoes will make the girl slimmer and several centimeters taller at once.

  • Overalls. This type of clothing is perfect for short girls. Thanks to a single silhouette, fashionistas can place accents the way they need. By tying the strap just above the waist area, you can visually lengthen the legs. A similar effect can be achieved by wearing a model with wide legs in tandem with platform sandals.

Fashion for the summer of 2021 offers many options for stylish clothes and shoes for women of short stature, and the photo examples presented in the article are a vivid confirmation of this.

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