Fashion for women over 40: autumn-winter 2020

Fashion for women over 40 in 2020 autumn-winter season pleases with a variety of new products and inspires stylish looks. Choose which trends you will adopt!


New classic

Women at an elegant age often prefer the classic style. It should be given credit for its versatility and sophistication, but it’s still worth recognizing that such a direction risks looking old-fashioned and boring. To prevent this from happening, you can pay attention to the author’s view of designers on the classic style of 2020.

  • Trendsetters are not afraid to dilute traditional restrained outfits with bright colors and prints. You, too, can follow suit and create a trendy look with an accent of one of the trendy shades – for example, mustard, purple, blue, pink or orange.

  • In the classical style, the monochrome technique has also proven itself, which involves creating an image in a single palette. By the way, this combination perfectly slims the image.

  • For the sake of experiment, you can try to dilute the classic outfit with oversized style elements, textured fabrics or asymmetry.

  • Embroidery, fringes, bows and flounces will work great in this look – these are the current trends of the cold season.

  • Another fashion tip is that in the 2020 season, you can and should experiment with a combination of different styles. For example, elements of romantic or casual trends can be added to a classic ensemble.

Love for this style does not negate interest in trendy accessories. It is they who will give the images a fashionable peppercorn and an up-to-date reading. So, in autumn, you can take a closer look at berets, silk scarves, bags with a clear geometric shape and weaving accessories – such details will perfectly fit into a classic bow.

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The philosophy of casual style involves the creation of comfortable outfits for everyday life without strict rules. A note of relaxation in the outfit remarkably rejuvenates the bow, so it definitely won’t hurt a 40+ fashionista.

Of course, denim clothing occupies a leading position among the novelties of casual style. Among the fashionable jeans of the autumn 2020 season, you can find many worthy models for women over 40. So, in a casual look, a straight or flared cut of a plain, restrained color will look harmonious. You can also bet on a fashionable oversized style that skillfully hides the stomach.

Among the fashionable autumn looks for a woman over 40, there are several winning combinations:

  • jeans + classic jacket;
  • pencil or pleated skirt + laconic sweatshirt;
  • trousers + top in linen style and a voluminous sweater;
  • knitted midi dress + leather jacket or bomber jacket;
  • flying dress to the floor + rough boots or cowboy boots.

lavender color

If we single out the main color favorite of the autumn season, then it is worth mentioning the leadership of the lavender palette. In this refreshing and rejuvenating hue, various topical items of the season are painted – coats, capes, suits, sweaters, dresses and accessories. Stylists assure that the lavender color, inspiring for a romantic mood, will definitely not harm the autumn looks. You can limit yourself to light accents, or you can completely immerse yourself in monochrome.

brown palette

For autumn outfits, a trendy brown palette with “delicious” caramel and chocolate shades is also perfect. The nobility and aesthetics of such a gamut are on top!

[stextbox id=’info’]The most fashionable combination of autumn will be a tandem of brown and pastel blue or lavender.[/stextbox]


The fashion trend in 2020 for the fall-winter season is a plaid coat. This discreet and practical coloring is perfect for women of any age. This year, stylists recommend picking a cage that has a basic and bright color – so outerwear can be easily combined with any clothes and look stylish.

Among the actual outerwear also appear quilted jackets, sheepskin coats, capes, fitted down jackets, trench coats, faux fur coats and bombers. You can muster up the courage and decide not on the basic, but on the bright colors. This choice is a great anti-depressant as autumn approaches!

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The key trend of the cold season is latex, but women over 40 rarely go for such an extraordinary texture. At this age, it is easier to decide on smooth skin. It is curious, if in previous collections the designers insisted on its color execution, now they are not at all against the classic black color.


Thinking about how to dilute your autumn looks so that they become more elegant and stylish? Rely on the showiness of trendy leather gloves. The most stylish models will be quite high.


Fashion for obese women over 40 for the fall-winter in 2020 has high hopes for stylish jumpsuits. Clothes made of a dense texture in a single-color design have excellent slimming properties. It is worth noting that the most fashionable jumpsuit this year will resemble the worker’s uniform – it will have pockets, an oversized fit and a belt.

Comfort first

The trends of the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season suggest the presence of comfortable and practical clothes made of mohair and knitwear. It is important to choose such textures in the current style – this is the only way they will become a worthy decoration of the image.


With the advent of cold weather, stylists do not recommend abandoning femininity, moreover, this quality is on the list of key trends. Designers offer fashionistas to take a closer look at pleating, wraparound cuts, straight cuts, variations with cuts and asymmetries on dresses and skirts. The romantic floral print does not leave the world’s catwalks either – by autumn, roses on a dark background will be the most popular.

The return of jackets with an underlined waistline can also be attributed to the treasury of feminine trends. Judging by the latest from designers, both fitted and loose styles are in fashion, only the latter are complemented by a leather belt. Any comfortable jacket can become an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe for the autumn season, because it will provide the top warming layer in the images.


Fashion trends for women over 40 in 2020 for the fall-winter season also offer to adopt stylish vests. The variety of models will surely allow you to decide on your favorite – suit, leather, knitted and puffy vests are in trend. Perhaps you are drawn to the minimalist style, or you prefer creative variations with patch pockets or bright prints.


It is unlikely that in the autumn season it will be possible to do without a stylish cardigan. It is important to choose a model that matches the key fashion trends. For example, the most stylish solution would be a model with a colorful color blocking print – such a cardigan can become trendy…

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