Fashion for women over 40 for autumn-winter 2019

In anticipation of the autumn-winter season, the leading fashion houses presented many trends suitable for women who are over 40. Therefore, further in the article we will consider the main trends of 2019, which every representative of the fair sex of the Balzac age should be familiar with.


Rules and recommendations

40 years is not yet the period of life when you need to start filling your wardrobe with incomprehensible monotonous things. However, this is the age when, when choosing clothes, you must follow the tips below.

  • Know the measure. Stay away from things that are too youthful, such as Mickey Mouse sweatshirts or overly closed sweaters and floor-length skirts. It is better to give your preference to classic products, which, moreover, are always relevant.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Get rid of mini-skirts, shapeless sweaters and tight clothes forever, as these products look ridiculous and funny on older ladies.[/stextbox]

  • More colored shoes. Bright multi-colored shoes will help transform the image and make it more stylish and fashionable. In addition, you can wear colorful shoes, boots or boots in the upcoming season with almost all things from the basic wardrobe.

  • Down with the deep neckline. V-neckline on clothes is considered the privilege of young girls. But for older ladies, it is already better to choose things with a “boat” neckline. This neckline looks no less sexy, but at the same time the image is refined and elegant.

  • Buy clothes in pastel colors. It has long been proven that a light palette visually rejuvenates and refreshes. Therefore, this fall, 40-year-old beauties, in addition to the usual jumpers and cardigans, also need to get raincoats, coats or warm dresses designed in this range.

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  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Stylists say that even the simplest and most nondescript bow can be made more stylish if it is complemented with bright accessories or jewelry. For this, earrings, thin rings, pendants or bracelets, as well as silk scarves, are the best fit.

fashion trends

If we talk about the latest trends, below we have given the main trends that will be relevant in the upcoming autumn-winter season.

  • Leather products. Things sewn from leather fabric of natural or artificial origin have no age restrictions. Both outerwear and leather vests, dresses or skirts will be in fashion.

As for colors, classic black, brown or gray colors are allowed. Also, do not ignore the bright products of green, red, blue and even pink.

  • Denim items. Denim is the undeniable trend of 2019. Not only trousers will be in demand, but also skirts of different styles, jackets and dresses.

The design of such products should be minimalistic: without scuffs, decorative tears and accessories.

  • Prints. Things richly decorated with unpretentious patterns are also suitable for women over 40.

The main thing is to choose products with not too colorful ornaments. The themes of art can be different, ranging from all types of cells to small floral or ethnic patterns.

  • Patchwork style. Patchwork design in the coming season will be extremely popular. These can be multi-colored combinations in the color block style, as well as options in which several different fabrics are combined at once, differing in texture and origin.

  • Vintage outfits. Retro motifs in clothes are now more relevant than ever. For 40-year-old women, midi-length a-line dresses, flared trousers from the hips and velvet products that can be worn even in everyday life this fall are just perfect.

  • Belt at the waist. A wide leather belt at the waist visually slims and makes the figure more chiselled. In this regard, it is recommended to wear this accessory not only with trousers, but also with skirts, dresses, blouses, and outerwear.

  • Big earrings. The style of the 80s is back in fashion. Large massive earrings, reaching the shoulder line in length, will succinctly fit not only into an evening, but even into an office look.

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  • Little bags. Small bags are the novelty of the season, which has already become a real hit. Stylists recommend giving their preference to bright clutches or models with unusual decor, such as embroidery, stripes or non-standard handles.

Top Basics for Fall Wardrobe

In the latest collections of the autumn-winter 2019 season, designers offered a lot of fashionable products suitable for both thin and overweight women who are already well over 40. We have presented the most wearable of them below.

  • Dresses. Stylists recommend that women of Balzac age wear sheath dresses made of dense, figure-supporting fabric. The color palette of these products is selected based on their purpose.

For the office, gray, black or beige is best. But for evening events, fuchsia, burgundy or bright blue models would be appropriate.

  • Blouses. For 40-year-old ladies, it is better to forget about transparent blouses and choose options made from silk, cotton or viscose.

The products themselves can be plain or printed. As a decor, only a small embroidery or a cute bow tied around the neck is allowed.

  • Pantsuit. This is a basic option that will be appropriate in any situation. It is better to opt for a classic black style with an elongated jacket and flared trousers from the hip or knees.

If you wish, you can also pay attention to printed models, as in the examples of photos presented in our selection.

  • Skirts. This fall, aged fashionistas cannot do without a pencil skirt, which helps to visually stretch the silhouette.

As for styles, these can be shortened models that reach the knee line in length, as well as more elongated options.

  • Jeans. For women over 40, it is better to purchase straight or flared high-rise jeans in dark blue as a base.

But do not ignore youth moms, as well as straight pipes that can be worn with both sweaters and blouses.

  • Pullovers. There should be at least two of them: light and dark. The style of these products is better to choose semi-fitted.

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Oversized models are also allowed, but you need to be careful with them and combine them exclusively with fitted trousers and jeans.

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