Fashion haircuts 2019: for teenagers, boys and men

For teenagers, hairstylists have offered many original forms of haircuts that will help modern young men not only meet the fashion trends of 2019, but also show their masculinity and individuality. Therefore, this season, guys should abandon the standard options in favor of more complex and extraordinary haircuts, which we will discuss later in the article.


Fresh teen haircut trends 2019

The fashion trends of this season offer young men already full-fledged men’s haircuts. These can be completely different forms and even completely radical decisions, since in this case there are no boundaries.

However, looking through photos with images of athletes and top bloggers, you can identify several main trends among men’s haircuts that have already become hits in 2019. These include:

  • Naturalness. Absolutely natural strands that are not stuck together from styling products, which are laid in a slightly careless mess, are a fashionable novelty of this season, which has managed to become a trend in a short period of time.

Naturalness and clear cut lines are in fashion

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Stylists recommend forgetting about gels and hair sprays this year, and using matte wax or foam as styling products.[/stextbox]

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  • Bang. Today, it is a must-have fashion element for men’s haircuts, which has migrated from past seasons. The only difference is that the very shape of the bangs has changed, as well as its styling. In place of the hanging, in front of the eyes, the hair came smoothly laid or slightly disheveled strands with a side parting.

Modern hairstyle with long bangs

  • Shaved whiskey. This haircut option has been in fashion for more than a year. It is especially important to leave the hair on the parietal zone long so that they can be smoothly combed back or collected in a small bun, while the temporal zone remains open.

Classic haircut for teenagers

  • Length. Despite the fact that today there are no restrictions for teenagers when choosing the length of strands, stylists still recommend opting for short haircuts or medium-length strands.

Fashionable teenage haircuts 2019

Depending on the shape and length of the strands, men’s haircuts that are suitable for teenagers can be divided into three groups. The most beautiful and relevant options for today will be discussed later in the article.

For short hair

Men’s haircuts with short strands are now still on the fashion pedestal and are the most versatile option for teenagers. This is due to the fact that young men do not need to bother with styling, and the effect is dizzying. These include:

  • Half box. It is a modified version of the classic haircut. The only difference is that its shape is created according to the individual proportions of the teenager’s face, and the length of the strands does not exceed 5 centimeters.

Half-box haircut styling options

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Due to the layering of the haircut itself, the half-box allows young men to experiment with parting and all sorts of styling, thereby changing their image every day.[/stextbox]

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  • British. A lush and voluminous top in a company with a shaved nape and temples is a hit among young people. This haircut option allows you to play with images, creating both calm and reckless and even flashy bows.

Stylish British

  • High Canadian. A stylish accent in this case is a bang. It should be a few centimeters longer than the main strands. In this case, you can style your hair both on its side and in the form of a small mohawk.

Canadian slicked back

Average length

Medium-length hair among the male half of society is no less relevant today. The main credo of such hairstyles is a slight careless disheveledness and the absence of clear lines. Therefore, in order to get the desired effect, young men this season should pay attention to the following forms of haircuts:

  • Anderkat. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that the strands on the parietal zone remain quite long, and the temporal part is cut off under the “hedgehog”. Thus, a reckless outfit is obtained, which today is considered the most popular among young people.

undercut haircut

  • Double caret. It is ideal for boys with obedient hair. Thanks to the strands of different lengths and the layered shape of the haircut, the hair falls naturally. The advantage of a double square is the ability to experiment with all sorts of styling options.

Men’s caret for medium hair

  • Grunge. This haircut allows teenagers to show their individuality and rebellious spirit. An elongated bang, a few randomly laid strands on the back of the head and shaved temples will only emphasize and complement this role.


  • Gavroche. Shortened strands at the temples, as well as elongated ones at the back of the head and front, in a single composition create an image of a romantic personality.

Modern stylish gavrosh haircut

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Gavroche on even strands will look ridiculous and create the appearance of dirty hair. Therefore, opting for this form of haircut, be prepared for the fact that you have to bother with styling every day.[/stextbox]

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Long hair

Today, haircuts with long hair are also present in teenage fashion. Basically, they have the form of an elongated square with an even cut or a ladder with a cascade. With proper care, such options look equally good both loose and gathered in a bun that is so fashionable today.

Actual men’s haircut for long hair

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! It is worth noting that long haircuts are considered more the prerogative of romantic and creative personalities, so if a teenager wants to grow long strands, he better not contradict this.[/stextbox]

In the photo, we have shown the most relevant models of men’s haircuts for teens in 2019, thanks to which each young man will be able to create his own unique fashionable image, thereby showing an individual sense of style.


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