Fashion haircuts 2019 for women 40+

Original and stylish haircuts for medium hair, which are offered to fashionistas by specialists in 2019, can transform any woman after 40 years. Today we will tell you more about the intricacies of choosing a haircut at this age, and also see photos of trendy new products this year.


Subtleties of choice

Forty years is a special age. The woman looks young and attractive, she is self-confident and knows perfectly well what suits her and what does not. Despite this, she is ready for experiments, constantly looking for something new and unusual, something that will best emphasize her individuality and attractiveness.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice of a stylish haircut option for medium hair, as before, in 2019, experts recommend first of all paying attention to the type and features of the face. After all, a well-chosen hairstyle will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

A well-chosen haircut will hide some features of the face:

  • it is advisable for women with a long nose to give preference to voluminous and graduated options when choosing a haircut, while straight haircuts and bangs will only emphasize a small flaw;

  • it is better for snub-nosed women to give preference to haircuts with collected curls;

  • to visually lengthen the neck, style the hair around the neck in the form of a triangle;

  • protruding ears can easily be hidden under curly hair;

Beautiful styling

  • ladies of short stature, on the contrary, it is better to refrain from curls;

  • You can correct a too narrow or square face with asymmetry.

Hair type is another important point to consider when choosing a new look. After all, the same haircut can look different, depending on whether it is done on straight or curly hair. Almost any options are suitable for straight hair, while owners of curly hair are best to opt for elongated and as simple haircuts as possible.

Trends 2019

Medium length hair for ladies over 40 is considered the most successful and acceptable option. Such haircuts do not require special styling and at the same time allow you to experiment with hairstyles, giving fashionistas the opportunity to change images.

This year the trend will be:

  • Volume and versatility. Graduated haircuts are ideal for owners of thin hair, as they allow you to add extra volume to your hair. At the same time, fashionistas do not have to spend a lot of time styling – simply drying your hair with a hairdryer using foam and a diffuser will be more than enough.

  • Side parting and texture of strands will emphasize individuality, make the image memorable and stylish.

  • Naturalness. Today naturalness and naturalness are in fashion. The same goes for choosing a haircut. This rule is especially true for mature women.

  • Bangs. When choosing a haircut after forty, it is best to avoid torn and shortened bangs, and give preference to asymmetrical and elongated options. Bangs after 40 are a real find, it perfectly hides traitorous wrinkles on the forehead and refreshes the image.

  • Beach curls. It would be a big mistake to believe that beach curls are only suitable for young girls. As practice shows, they perfectly complement the bows of ladies over 40 years old. So if you want to create a carefree and at the same time stylish look, as well as time to maintain curls daily, then beach curls are what you need!

Fashion haircuts

Experts agree that medium hair length is the ideal choice for women over 40. These haircuts:

  • look better compared to longer hair;

  • unlike short ones, they offer fashionistas a wide selection of styling;

  • allow you to curl curls.

The list of haircuts that will be relevant for owners of medium hair length has not changed much in 2019. Everything is also in trend cascade, elongated bob, bob, etc. However, these fashionable options have undergone changes, according to the fashion trends of 2019.


The cascade has been at the peak of popularity for several years now and is extremely in demand among fashionistas of all ages. And all because this haircut is universal, it looks great on medium hair length and suits women with any type of appearance. The cascade is easy to style, and thin strands look much thicker and more spectacular with it. This haircut looks great with or without bangs.

An elongated bang and asymmetry will make the image trendy. If you have curly or thin hair, experiment with a ragged cascade that will add volume to your hair and also make the look lighter and more natural.

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The short flight of stairs has a lot in common with the Cascade, but do not be confused – these are completely different haircuts. Features of the Ladder – soft stepped framing of the face. In this case, layering can begin both from the temples and the chin. The main advantage of such a haircut is the absence of the need for frequent adjustments. Ladder experts recommend both women with straight and curly hair.


Restrained and feminine haircut Rhapsody is able to refresh the image. The main feature is shortened strands in the crown area, creating the effect of a “hat”. The remaining length of the hair is cut in layers, the appearance of which depends on the personal preferences of the fashionista herself.

Volume is the main advantage of rhapsody, therefore, for styling such a haircut, it is best to use brushing and a hair dryer, the tandem of which will add splendor to the hairstyle and keep breathtaking volume for the whole day.


Haircut Debut is preferable to choose women with thick and hard curls. A distinctive feature of this technique is its versatility. In this case, the first layers begin at the top of the head, framing the contour of the face and falling to the shoulders. Such a “creative mess” on the head perfectly masks the angular features of the face.

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long bob

This haircut looks very stylish and is perfect for young ladies who are not used to staying in the shadows and always want to be in the spotlight. According to the fashion trends of 2019, an elongated bob will suit owners of straight and curly hair, and will also be an ideal haircut for medium hair for women with a round face after 40 years.

Especially look at the elongated bean is for girls with a square and rectangular face shape. Also in this case, an asymmetric bang will be useful.

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Just like the previous two options, the square does not want to give up its fashionable positions and will be at the peak of popularity in 2019. This haircut is a wide scope for experimentation. So, you can try the classic, asymmetrical, elongated and square on the knife. The last option will add volume to the styling and subtract …

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