Fashion haircuts 2021 for women over 50

From the article you will learn about what fashionable women’s haircuts will be in trend in 2021 for those over 50, and what to choose for those who want to get a stylish and fashionable outfit. Today, stylists offer many options that will not only suit mature women, but also rejuvenate the image, make it more spectacular and expressive. Let’s take a closer look at which haircut to choose for a lady over 50 years old.

Features of choosing a haircut for those, who is over 50

Thanks to the variety of techniques, the masters offer mature fashionistas to try haircuts with neat transitions, torn ends and asymmetrical strands.

A fashionable haircut in 2021 is not only properly cut strands, but also well-styled hair. Also, a perfectly matched haircut is able to display the inner world of a woman, the features of her character and soul.

There is an opinion that the older a woman is, the more rare her hair becomes, so her haircut should be shorter. However, this statement is not always true. Much depends on individual preferences, features of appearance, image. Next, we will tell and show photos of the most successful options for haircuts for hair of different lengths.

Short haircuts

There is an opinion that short hair length refreshes and rejuvenates the female outfit. That is why the most popular for mature ladies are haircuts for short hair. There is nothing surprising in this, because there are quite a few stylish variations of haircuts. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to choose the option that suits her perfectly. After all, a lot here depends on personal preferences, as well as type and appearance.

Fifty-year-old women can safely choose a perky pixie, a short but truly elegant inverted bob, or, for example, asymmetrical silhouettes of short haircuts that visually rejuvenate the fair sex for several years.

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Pixie haircut generally gives a lot of room for maneuver. So, the hair can be laid back – in the classic version of the above haircut, it will look very stylish. Or you can lay the strands up. In this case, a bold and voluminous hairstyle will make the image of the owner incredibly stylish.

Next, we will take a closer look at the various options for short haircuts for adult ladies.


Obviously, the pixie is still in the lead when it comes to rejuvenating short haircuts for mature women. So in the 2021 season, this trendy haircut will be the perfect option for most of the bright women over 50 who are used to being in the spotlight.

A pixie haircut suggests the presence of “torn” and uneven hair ends – this is exactly what brave young ladies need.


Many mature women deliberately refuse long hair. Most often, they do this in order to visually lose a few years and seem a little younger. Garcon is a win-win option for ladies at a respectable age.

Note that the garcon conditionally refers to “boyish” haircuts, but at the same time adds elegance and extraordinary charm to its owner.

Garcon allows a woman to look different all the time – styling can be done both in an intriguing and romantic style.


Kare is one of the most versatile haircuts for women. Moreover, both young girls and older women can do it.

If we are talking about a square for ladies of age, then stylists recommend that they give preference to either a shortened or an elongated version of this haircut. It can also be a square with bangs in different formats or some varieties of bob-car.

Fashion experts assure that squares are timeless and fashionable. This means that this haircut will always be relevant, and for women of all ages. Ladies over 50 often choose bob because this haircut magically visually makes its owner 5 or even 10 years younger.


This haircut is the best choice for women of age who want to give an image of cuteness and elegance. Cascading haircut gives volume to thin hair and corrects the shape of the face, outlining its oval.

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Stylists say that the cascade is perfect for older ladies with unruly hair. Thanks to the different lengths of the strands along the entire length and graduation, this haircut will correct the above flaw.


There are a lot of bob haircut ideas. And, according to professional hairdressers, almost any of its options will look very good on adult women and visually rejuvenate.

The lightness, ease, and to some extent even the playfulness of the bob haircut will definitely rejuvenate its owner and make her look truly stylish. At the same time, the bob facilitates daily hair care, as it does not require special styling.


Fashionable and trendy in 2021, haircuts for women over 50 can also be performed on medium hair. Despite the fact that with age, ladies are increasingly experimenting with looks, not everyone is ready to part with curls for an ultra-short haircut.

Stylists say that if a woman has well-groomed and healthy hair, then it is not necessary to cut it short. After all, even after 50 years, ladies with long enough curls can look stylish, bright and energetic.

Medium length hair will look very beautiful if you use trendy coloring along with a trendy haircut. Techniques popular today will give your hair health and radiance. For example, balayazh will add natural highlights to curls, refresh and rejuvenate the image.

long bob

If the condition of the hair allows you to make a medium-length haircut, then an elongated bob would be the best way. The trend will also be various options for the bean:

  • graduated;
  • smooth;
  • wavy.

Such haircuts will be the most fashionable in 2021 for older women who want to look stylish and attractive.

Cascading haircuts

On medium hair, cascading haircuts look great, for example, a short flight of stairs or a filigree cascade. Particularly interesting are options with slightly twisted and naturally laid strands.


Despite the fact that the list of haircuts for mature ladies for long hair is less diverse compared to younger fashionistas, this does not mean that women over 50 are deprived of the opportunity to wear long curls.

Best of all, long haircuts are suitable for women over 50 with a full face. They allow you to visually narrow the oval, stretch the face, make it more proportional. The main thing is that the curls look healthy and well-groomed.

One of the fashion trends in 2021 is the side parting. It goes well with lush curls. Do not forget about the classic central parting, which is also perfectly combined with loose long hair.

The only thing that is recommended to be avoided by older women is long haircuts with short even bangs. This option is better…

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