Fashion haircuts for curly hair 2023

The disobedience of curly curls is familiar to many women firsthand. Special care is required for such hair. A huge amount of time and effort has to be spent on styling so that the hairstyle has a presentable look. And yet, one cannot but admit that curls are a luxury that is not accessible to everyone. And so that there is always order on your head, choose the right women’s haircuts for wavy hair. We list the most fashionable options in 2023.


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The most fashionable and beautiful haircuts for women with curly hair of different lengths

There are several types of curls: light or heavy wavy curls, spiral, textured curly. And there are different types of haircuts for everyone. There are no universal options here. Rather, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the lady’s appearance and the structure of the curls. In today’s review, we tried to pick up a few optimal haircuts for all types of curly hair, of which you can look for something for yourself right now. However, it is better to discuss the final choice in the salon with the master.

  • Long hair with graduation. This option is suitable for girls and women who can boast long curls with luxurious wavy curls. One of the main advantages of a haircut will be the preservation of length. To make the image look harmonious, make a light graduation at a slight angle, which will create smooth transitions between the strands, which is very fashionable today. And always make sure that the ends of the hair are in order. The section here is simply unacceptable.


  • With a straight cut. Also a good choice for long and medium curly hair. Moreover, a straight cut is the peak of fashion in 2023. Therefore, feel free to contact him. Such a haircut will keep its shape well and be relatively easy to style due to the absence of complex lines. And it will also become a real lifesaver for owners of thick and heavy large curls. However, girls with light small curls can also resort to it. In order not to weigh down the image, do this haircut without bangs.

  • Bean. If we take into account exclusively haircuts for curly hair of medium length, then it is impossible to ignore the universal bob. There are many different options for making a bean, but for curly curls, the one that provides for a side parting will be the most optimal. Asymmetry in the face will look good, but it is optional. The desired length of the strands is up to the shoulders or slightly lower. This haircut will look good with bangs, elongated and laid to the side.


  • With shaved temples. If you want to create not only a fashionable, but also a creative look, then choose a bold haircut with shaved temples. Or with one temple, because asymmetry is in fashion today. In this case, the curls will be focused on the crown. Leave a little length, and then you can lay the curls on your side. The back of the head can also be shortened to keep the concept. This haircut looks stunning on thin, fragile girls with soft features and a beautiful long neck.


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  • Cascade. Layered haircuts are ideal for slightly curly curls and thin hair. In this case, the cascade is indispensable. It will create the necessary volume. It is best to do it on long and medium hair. Smooth transitions between layers and harmonious outlines of the haircut will give the hair a decorated look and greatly simplify its care. The following types of bangs will look good with a cascade: “blind”, asymmetrical, laid on its side, torn.


  • Pixie. Stylish, elegant, anti-aging haircut, which you can safely do if you have textured curls. Remove excess length by focusing the entire volume on the crown. You will get an effective result. To make the pixie look more feminine, leave a few elongated strands at the forehead – they will replace a full-fledged bang, soften facial features. Like a haircut with shaved temples, pixie, in the first place, is suitable for women of thin complexion. It helps to make the image more refined, emphasizes the grace of facial features.


  • Shaggy. We continue to talk about popular haircuts for curly hair for women, and shaggy is next in line. Many stylists call it the most suitable for curls that are curly. Here, the short upper layers successfully coexist with the inner long ones. Thanks to this, the hair acquires a well-groomed look, volume, easily lends itself to any type of styling, and looks natural. If your face shape allows it, “wear” shaggy with straight bangs, as our parents did at the height of the haircut in the 70s.


  • Classic caret. In 2023, simple and clear lines have come into fashion, so do not ignore the bob haircut that has long become traditional. Its universal length is from the chin line to shoulder level. The cut can be made straight or milled. Thanks to the latter, the hair will become more obedient. Strands can be laid back or on the side with a side parting. The classic caret is suitable for light wavy curls, and for large elastic curls.


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We remind you! Owners of a round face should choose elongated haircuts. For a square, hairstyles with asymmetry and volume at the top are suitable. A triangular face is well corrected by a haircut with short temples or straight bangs. And for an oval face, any option is suitable.

We told you which haircuts for wavy short, long and medium hair are worth looking at in 2023. Get ideas for your fashionable looks from photos and recommendations from stylists.

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