Fashion haircuts for girls 2023

Modern girls begin to take care of their own attractiveness very early. Manicure, skin and hair care products, makeup, coloring, trendy outfits – all this begins to interest young fashionistas already in their teens. And, of course, not without experimenting with hair. What haircuts for girls will be relevant in 2023? Let’s talk about the most fashionable solutions.

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Haircut options for girls over 10 years old

For teenagers, a fashionable haircut is one of the opportunities for self-expression. That is why many girls often wear bright, original hairstyles on their heads that help them stand out from the crowd and make themselves known. Others often prefer something more traditional. And this is also normal, because everyone has completely different tastes. In today’s selection, we will try to give as an example as many haircut options for teenage girls as possible, so that every fashionista has plenty to choose from.

  • Square cut. A classic bob with a straight or side parting and a straight raw cut is one of the most fashionable and versatile solutions that you can imagine. This haircut is comfortable to wear, allows you to make simple hairstyles for a ceremonial exit, looks feminine, suitable for any type of appearance, and especially for owners of a round face. Take note!

  • long pixie. Pixie haircut is one of the key fashion trends of the season. Including it should be worn by teenage girls, especially those who have an elegant “elven” thinness. This styling will perfectly emphasize facial features, open a slender neck. But you should not choose an ultra-short pixie – leave it to ladies over 30. Young women of fashion should better look at the option with an elongated crown and shortened temples, as in the photo below.

  • Bob with asymmetry. Bob is another universal solution that will perfectly fit both the image of a woman 45+ and the image of a fashionista 12-15 years old. Lastly, we suggest paying attention to the creative option with asymmetry. In this case, it is understood that on one side of the face the curls will be noticeably longer than on the other. This haircut is very popular in 2023. Including it will be a good choice for teenage girls.

  • Ladder. A beautiful haircut, which seems to have been known for a long time, but does not lose its relevance from season to season. Suitable for owners of long and medium hair. Looks incredibly cute, natural, feminine. Curls cut in a stepped way will beautifully frame the face, emphasize the expressiveness of the cheekbones, and, if necessary, divert attention from some shortcomings. The ladder looks great with bangs.

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  • “Hedgehog”. A rather controversial, but perky haircut, which belongs to the category of boys. However, many girls willingly wear it. Like the pixie, the “hedgehog” reveals facial features, emphasizes sophistication. Getting a haircut in this way is a bold decision, but not for everyone. And of course, young fashionistas should abandon the daring ultra-short length in favor of something more feminine. It is best to wear such a haircut without bangs.

  • With an open temple. Another original option that is best suited for girls 16-17 years old. Of course, you should not go to school with such a haircut, but for the summer holidays it is quite possible to try it. Add a splash of color to your look to make sure you stand out from the crowd. A short cut temple on one side will be in harmony with elongated curls on the other. This type of asymmetry is considered the most trendy today.

  • Korean style. The popularity of Eastern culture in the vastness of Russia is flourishing, including among young people. Therefore, young women of fashion can safely make styling in the Korean style, which is characterized by texture, torn strands, natural, slightly careless styling, volume. Fashionable haircuts-2023 for girls, made in this format for short or medium hair, look fresh, interesting, modern.

  • Long curls with bangs. A haircut for long hair, complemented by a straight bang or a bang-curtain, is a traditional option that is relevant for girls of 12-13 years old, as well as for older fashionistas. Looks elegant and always appropriate. Allows you to create a lot of hairstyles, from the simplest to the most intricate. Bangs choose based on the features of appearance. It can be straight, asymmetrical, in the form of a curtain, beveled.

  • Ragged. Ragged strands continue to be a trend. They are especially suitable for young fashionistas, emphasizing their rebellious spirit. Stylish haircuts with a “flaw” create the effect of negligence, which is so popular today. Add deliberate asymmetry here, and some brightly colored strands to create a unique look. To do such haircuts is for girls from 14 years old.

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The main task of each haircut is to emphasize the dignity of the image and the individuality of the girl. Therefore, approach the choice with great care.

We told and showed which long, medium and short haircuts for girls will be in fashion in 2023. Keep an eye on the trends to always be on top.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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