Fashion hairstyles for long hair 2023

A hairstyle can change the image beyond recognition, emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide flaws. No wonder the ladies, even while at home, have always paid close attention to styling curls. Women’s hairstyles made for long hair look especially interesting. And which of them are considered the most fashionable in 2023, we will now tell.

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TOP stylish hairstyles for long hair, relevant in the season 2023

There is a huge variety of variations of hairstyles of varying complexity and intricacy, so if you wish, you can change them at least every day. However, not all of them are considered trendy. Like any other detail of the image, the hairstyle can go out of fashion. Therefore, we recommend that you read our review in order to understand what is relevant today.

  • low ponytail. Many consider the ponytail to be an exclusively everyday hairstyle that you can easily do on your own. But not everything is so clear. For example, a low ponytail is perfect for an evening look. Stylists have already recorded this option in the trends of 2023 – concise forms and a combination of elegance and simplicity are more relevant this season than ever. To create the perfect low ponytail, don’t skimp on styling and accessories. For example, a tail with metal rings or a chain will be a daring fashion statement.

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Another experiment with a low tail is parting variability. Side, broken partings look unusual and attract attention.

  • two tails. Do you think that this hairstyle is only suitable for little girls? No! Although, of course, as a child, it also has a place to be, but it also looks no worse on girls. The playful, light look with two high tails has recently been somewhat forgotten. But today, mischievous fashionistas turn to him more and more often. This hairstyle gives the image of coquettishness, naivety, charm. And if you make low side ponytails, you will look bold and cute at the same time.

  • sloppy bun. There are several ideas for the execution and design of this trendy hairstyle. The most basic of them is a high or low bun, made by dividing the tail into several strands, the tips of which are tucked inward. The version of the beam with braids looks original. Weaving can begin at the temples, at the back of the head or at the forehead and gradually move into the main bundle. If you consider a bun with a slight negligence as an evening hairstyle, you can use jewelry. Hairpins and various brooches will be a great solution for graduation or wedding. Sparkling rhinestones in the hair will create a stunning effect.

  • mermaidcore style. In fact, this is loose hair with beach curls that will fill the image with naturalness and lightness. This style owes its popularity to the film about the Little Mermaid. Stylists bring such waves to the top hairstyles for long hair in 2023. Smooth curves on the curls can be done with a curling iron and a texturizing agent. There is also a “grandmother’s” way – to braid pigtails for the night (pre-moisten two tight braids and apply styling).

  • African braids. In 2023, they are back on the list of top fashion trends as one of the most comfortable hairstyles for the summer. Afro-braids can have different shades and even thickness. They look especially impressive on long hair, when there are a lot of them. In addition, you can walk with them for more than one week. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is care. It has its own features that must be observed to maintain the appearance of the hairstyle.

  • Wet styling. Such hairstyles look extremely impressive and outrageous. Although in fact they are made simply. A lot of styling gel is applied to the curls, after which the entire mass of hair is combed back. At the same time, it is important not to slick the hair, but to leave a slight negligence and a small basal volume. An addition to such a stylish styling will be “wet” makeup or the use of sparkles and glitter.

  • Malvinka with bangs. A couple of seasons ago, it seemed that the bangs were an echo of the past, that it was already hopelessly outdated. However, there are styling that only benefit from her presence. For example, this is a Malvinka, which is also included in the TOP of fashionable hairstyles for long hair in 2023. Make a romantic malvinka by twisting the front strands into bundles and connecting them at the back of the head. Complete the hairstyle with a bang-curtain, barely opening the forehead, or elongated, laid along the temples. This bang adds volume to the hairstyle.

  • Tail ‘with flashlights“. The tail may be located at the crown, nape, or at the base of the neck. For its execution, you need several elastic bands – you need to place them along the entire length of the tail at an equal distance from each other. You can stop there. But, if you want the hairstyle to look stricter and more elegant, you can hide each elastic band with a strand of hair and secure with invisibility. This hairstyle suits absolutely everyone.

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On long hair, you can conduct many experiments with the type, quantity and method of weaving braids. Airy weaving, full of femininity and tenderness, looks stylish. Notes of negligence are acceptable and even welcome here. Polar airy, but no less fashionable this season, tight boxer braids. They look bold and stern.

We talked about the most fashionable hairstyles for long hair in 2023, many of which can be easily done at home using the attached photos. As you can see, the main trend of this season is naturalness. So stick with it first.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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