Fashion hairstyles for prom 2023

We have created a selection of trendy 9th and 11th grade prom hairstyles for different hair lengths 2023 for your inspiration. It is noteworthy that many of the options are easy to repeat on your own at home!

Festive bunch

If you want to follow the fashion trends of 2023 in prom hairstyles, take a closer look at the elegant bun hairstyle. Options based on romantic curls can be repeated at home: master classes with a photo below will prove our theory!

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A bun for prom 2023 will look elegant and stylish if you add trendy accessories to your hair. For example, studs in the form of pearl beads or flowers will create an elegant touch.

Hairstyles with curls

The fashion of the 2023 season dictates the trend for natural, voluminous and slightly sloppy hairstyles. Curls help to achieve the desired effect, which become the basis of stylish textured hairstyles for graduation. After creating curls, you will be able to arrange a beautiful bun, a trendy malvina or a hairstyle with weaves.

A trendy look for prom 2023 is easy to create based on trendy styling with a Hollywood wave. We advise you to entrust the creation of the effect to a hairdresser or practice on your own in advance – when turning curls into an exquisite styling, skill will be required.

A smooth Hollywood wave will become a stylish decoration for a classic ponytail. In such a hairstyle, it is better to mask the elastic band with a strand of hair.


Malvin’s hairstyle is a classic of a feminine and romantic look. In prom looks, young ladies prefer styling based on airy curls. Stylish hair accessories 2023 are also welcome – satin or velvet bows, hairpins with pearls or rhinestones, jewelry with flowers.

Trendy Malvina in the 2023 season is often complemented by voluminous weaving. A stylish technique is relaxed braids of temporal strands that meet above the back of the head and fix the hairstyle.


To complete a minimalist and elegant prom outfit, a shell hairstyle is perfect. A master class with photos will help you master the classic technique step by step.

Stylish tail

The decoration of the ponytail hairstyle for prom 2023 will be feminine curls that will add extra volume to the hair. To enhance the effect of the image will turn out with the help of additional weaving.

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Smooth hair, fixed in a laconic ponytail, will create an elegant and trendy look for prom 2023.

An original and stylish look will be complemented by a ponytail with elastic bands along the entire length – the unconditional trend of the 2023 season.

A Bella Hadid-inspired high ponytail completes the look with a long prom dress in style.

An unforgettable look at graduation 2023 will turn out if you embody a glamorous hairstyle from the catwalk for long hair. Here are some ideas for inspiration!


Romantic weaves based on curls are the best way to create a beautiful voluminous hairstyle for graduation 9th grade and 11th grade. To make the image relevant, create moving natural curls without gluing with varnish, and only then proceed to create a hairstyle.

smooth hairstyle

The opposite trend to voluminous weaves is gorgeous sleek hairstyles 2023. Shiny and straight strands look healthy and well-groomed.

To achieve a trendy shine on your hair, use a flat iron paired with a gel. Dry oil for super shine will complete the styling.

The smooth effect looks stylish both on loose strands and as part of hairstyles – for example, a low ponytail or a bun. Smooth styling for prom 2023 will create an elegant and expensive look.

We hope we were able to prove that do-it-yourself hairstyles for prom 2023 at home is a mission that is feasible and easy to accomplish. We advise you to master the option you like in advance so that everything is perfect on X-day!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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