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The fashion trends of 2020 are so diverse that every fashionista will be able to choose a hat to her taste, and our photo selection will show you this now!


Color palette

  • The real hit of the season is a hat in white or black. Such a universal palette fits perfectly into any images of the cold season.

  • You can also choose a neutral pastel shade that will individually suit the tone of the face and the type of appearance. Delicate pink, mint, blue, cream and muted green tones are recognized as the absolute favorites of the season.

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  • A great idea would be to buy a headdress in bright colors. But it is worth considering in advance what things such a hat will be combined with. Such a juicy accent can dilute a wardrobe designed in neutral and basic colors. But what colors should you pay attention to in order to be in the trend of the 2020 season? Of course, these are red, orange, blue and yellow shades.

  • Stylish novelties are hats with prints. The main favorites of the year are abstract, geometric and animal motifs. Interestingly, the right print can even make the face slimmer.


Lapel knitted hats, judging by their huge popularity, will linger on the list of leading trends for a long time. Designers prove that beauty in winter does not require sacrifice, and that you can look stylish while dressing warmly and comfortably.

Stylists suggest that a hat, first of all, should create volume on the head. You know that narrow headdresses, like in a swimming pool, adorn few people, right? So a fashionable hat should be made of a fairly dense and voluminous texture.

In a combination of such models usually there are no difficulties. Fashionistas easily make stylish combinations with puffy jackets, down jackets and raincoats. These hats look best paired with mom jeans or boyfriends and an oversized sweater as a top.

Large knit

The coarse knit technique in the performance of hats was used by many designers in the shows of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. This texture looks impressive and original, so it reveals itself best in combination with jackets and down jackets of a laconic design.

At first glance, large-knit hats may seem awkward and careless. But one has only to try on such a model, and it becomes clear – bulky knitting makes the image touching, charming and incredibly stylish.

The type of knitting is not of fundamental importance in the 2020 season. Braids, arana or English gum look great. The shade of the hat can be both neutral and cheerfully bright.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Too voluminous hats are not suitable for overweight women, as they create an emphasis on the parameters plus-size.[/stextbox]


Elegance and compliance with the main trends combine fashionable in 2020 knitted turban style hats. Such models look great in combination with a beautiful brooch, making the usual look more chic.

The turban model is beautiful in deep and dark shades. For several seasons, the tones of marsala, emerald and black have been at the peak of popularity. These colors are perfect for both young fashionistas and women over 40 years old.

From fur

A stylish fur hat will be a great end to a winter outfit. The real hit of the 2020 season is the Kubanka, bonnet, earflaps and boyarka. Round and high fur hats, plus models with a visor, will also be popular.

If a fashionista wants to stand out, she will certainly pay attention to the fur of bright colors. Such a headdress will become a key accent of the image and will allow you to emphasize your individual style.


Another fashionable novelty is a felt hat. In the 2020 season, not only wide-brimmed models made of this material are recognized as relevant, but also berets, krosh, caps and hats with ears.

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But still the main favorite of the season is the fedora hat made of felt. It can be purchased for a stylish spring to make especially elegant looks.

Tribles and British bowlers have successfully migrated from the men’s wardrobe to the women’s wardrobe. Modern women of fashion have appreciated the style and practicality of such models. Designers at their shows clearly demonstrated that these hats can be mixed with a knitted jacket, a classic suit and a blouse with a romantic bow or frills.


Fashion is fashion, but still the main criterion when choosing a headgear is compliance with the individual characteristics of the appearance. It turns out that there is a trendy hat that suits everyone without exception. This is the beanie model.


You can add a unique French chic and charm to the image with the help of a beret. These hats are great in a variety of colors and textures. This time the designers paid special attention to the oversized trend and exquisite leather, fur and velvet berets.

An interesting detail of a fashionable beret can be an original tie. In general, trendy decor remarkably rejuvenates the image and is suitable even for women over 50.


Such a hat has repeatedly appeared in the list of trends, and in the 2020 season it is back with us! Stylists advise combining this model with youth jackets and classic coats.

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Actual decor

Many stylists are dubious about hats with various decors. Indeed, stones, rhinestones and stripes can greatly reduce the cost of the image and do not fit the age and style of the owner. But the fashion of the 2020 season still advises to take a closer look at some jewelry options. The design of fashionable hats largely reflected the stylistic direction of punk. It manifested itself in bold inscriptions and metal fittings.

Ties in hats now perform not only an obvious practical function, but also become an element of decor. Models with tie-ears, braids and decorated ribbons look stylish. A great choice for creative minds! Fashionable hats can also be decorated with fine pearls, embroidery or buttons.

A bored plain hat can be supplemented with a brooch, thereby extending its relevance for at least one season. The elegant veil is recognized as the most beautiful hat decor of the 2020 season. Now fashionistas know how to fill the image with charm with a touch of retro style!


A trendy headband can be a stylish alternative to a hat. Today, such accessories are appropriate not only in a sporty style, they perfectly complement everyday and business looks. The most luxurious headbands of the season were presented with rhinestones and large beads.

Kits are out of fashion

Ready-made women’s sets of a hat, scarf and mittens of the same palette are no longer in trend. Surely many fashionistas will be outraged by this turn …

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