Fashion ideas for autumn manicure 2020

Fashionable autumn manicure will be a real lifesaver in gloomy weather. For autumn 2020 designers have prepared for women a lot of interesting and stylish ideas that will not only look attractive, but also cheer you up. From the article you will learn about the main trends for the upcoming season, as well as how to make your nails beautiful this time of year.


Main trends

When creating an attractive design for the fall, the masters suggest using familiar techniques:

  • french;
  • gradient;
  • stamping.

Despite the use of time-tested techniques, experts have proposed new design options. Among the stylish solutions there will be cobwebs, drawings in the form of strokes, as well as an original print in military style.

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Bright decor will be an important aspect of a successful and ideal design. Therefore, on autumn you need to stock up on stylish ideas using foil and rhinestones.

[tds_warning]In the new season, the trend will be a manicure, which is created using several techniques at once.[/tds_warning]

The undisputed leaders will be thematic drawings on the nails, for example, autumn manicure with leaves or with an umbrella.


Thematic prints and drawings are incredibly popular with fashionistas who are not used to staying in the shadows. To attract the attention of others, you can do autumn manicure with raindrops, yellow leaves, twigs. It will be interesting to look at the print in the form of a couple in love under an umbrella, birds, chanterelles.

[tds_note]In the new season, predatory prints and patterns are also appropriate.[/tds_note]

colored nails

Simple, stylish and concise – this design will turn out when using different colors. You can apply your own color to each nail. For autumn, choose soft and discreet colors, as well as a sophisticated matte finish. The most successful such manicure looks on long nails.


This design option is reminiscent of the abundance of puddles that form after rain. To create such a creative manicure, foil and a sticky layer in the form of a drop are used. Also, this option for decorating marigolds can be found under other names – liquid gold, metal, unicorn tear.

Golden overflows

This is one of the trendy manicure options for autumn. It’s not for nothing that the season is called golden. At this time of the year, nature pleases with an abundance of shades of yellow, orange, so nails decorated in such a palette will look stylish and beautiful.

The combination of velvet coating with gold foil, as well as glitter and rhinestones, will look most impressive. Deep shades in a matte finish will work well with negative space and golden motifs, which will create trendy manicure on autumn 2020How for shortand long nails.


If you really want to depict some kind of drawing on your nails, but there is no desire to spend a lot of time and effort on it, you can resort to the stamping technique. With the help of special devices, you can make drawings of any complexity in a matter of minutes. In this case, the pattern on each finger will be identical and neat, which cannot be achieved with a brush.

Combination of several techniques

In the new season, designers offer fashionistas not to be afraid of experiments and use several techniques in manicure at once. So, the combination of the “spider web” and “quail eggs” design will look very stylish. The nude base will add sophistication and charm to the image, and a few rhinestones – luxury and elegance.

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French manicure has not left the trendy manicure charts for several years in a row. This design is appropriate at any time of the year. For autumn, a jacket with an orange, yellow or golden smile should be preferred. Thematic drawings that can be depicted on one or two nails will help to make the image truly seasonal. It will also be interesting to look at the black and matte versions of the French manicure.

colored brush strokes

A similar design is a real novelty of the autumn season. Despite its unusualness, it looks very impressive. In this case, it is not necessary to use a lot of bright colors; you can perform a manicure using a classic restrained palette – white, black and beige. Also, fashionistas should look at the combination of blue, red, brown and gold – it looks very stylish.

With rhinestones

Sequins, stones and rhinestones are indispensable companions of a luxurious manicure at any time of the year. So in the fall, experts recommend that women pay attention to this decor option. The combination of rich and deep shades of varnish with delicate and neat stones looks interesting.


This is a real hit of recent seasons. There are many options for using foil – to achieve the effect of craquelure, to create the effect of “broken glass”, as well as a mirror manicure.

Also, any manicure will turn out more stylish and attractive if you add it with strips of shiny foil.


Rubbing allows you to create a luxurious and trendy manicure on autumn 2020, photopresented below is a vivid confirmation of this. This design is perfect as a themed seasonal decor. For every day, such nails may turn out to be too bright and outrageous, but to create an evening look, such a manicure will be most welcome. You can decorate with a mirror rub all nails or leave one finger intact. Bold experiments are welcome!


Another relevant decor option is kamifubuki. Colored confetti of different shapes and sizes allow you to give the manicure a playful mood. If multi-colored kamifubuki were appropriate for summer, then for autumn it is better to opt for gold, silver and beige options. For a more festive decor, you can experiment with blue and burgundy colors.

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colored blocks

The color block technique can be a great solution for creating an autumn manicure. This design always looks fresh and original. The essence is simple – the nail is divided into many sectors of different shapes, sizes and colors. For autumn, choose a more restrained and cold palette, so the manicure will fit into the image as harmoniously as possible.

sweet bloom

Such a manicure looks very impressive and unusual. The pattern not only has an unusual shape, but also a convex relief. You can achieve the desired effect using special gel polishes. If desired, the nails can be supplemented with rhinestones and pebbles.

Feline eye

The metal particles that make up the special varnish form original patterns under the action of a magnet. Create vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines in minutes with a single touch of a magnet. Choose an autumn palette – brown, gold, blue and burgundy shades.


With the help of a transparent gel polish, you can easily create a rain effect on your nails. As a basis, you can use a monophonic …

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