Fashion jackets 2021

A jacket is a fashionable piece of any women’s wardrobe in 2021. This piece of clothing can be worn not only for work and study, but also for a meeting with friends or a solemn event. The jacket can be easily combined with various wardrobe items – it can be both classic skirts and trousers, as well as trendy jeans, and evening dresses. From the article you will learn about the most trendy and popular models, see photos of fashionable images for the new season.

Women’s jackets – fashion trends 2021

In recent seasons, jackets are incredibly popular with women of all ages. All over the world, fashionistas replenish their wardrobes with stylish new clothes that easily fit into any outfit.

Fashion for 2021 offers women a wide variety of styles and colors. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose a style that will suit her taste, and will be easily combined with other clothes.

The new season will be rich in textures, and the choice of styles will become really large.

Distinctive features of fashionable jackets:

  • classic straight cut;
  • the presence of pockets;
  • high-quality lining, often of interesting colors;
  • waist length or below;
  • wide shoulders, allowing you to visually make the waist narrower;
  • the presence of a turn-down collar and buttons.

The most fashionable jacket models 2021

Modern fashion suggests wearing jackets not only as an integral part of a suit with a skirt or trousers, but also as an independent part of the wardrobe. Some women of fashion replace outerwear with them, others, whole dresses.

The most popular combination among stylists in the new season is a jacket with jeans. Such a tandem will become a real lifesaver for all occasions.

The most stylish and relevant models in 2021 will look like:

  • allowing you to make the image more feminine and elegant;
  • restrained – with a small amount of decor;
  • soothing colors and colors, with interesting, but discreet prints;
  • with oversized shoulder pads.

Next, let’s talk in more detail about the styles that will be most popular with fashionistas in the coming season. Surely everyone will be able to choose a model that suits her.

Classic one button

This style allows you to create a feminine look without frills, as well as get a very stylish outfit, which, for sure, will not go out of fashion soon. Such jackets are very fond of celebrities, and the well-known lover of this wardrobe item, Monica Bellucci, will not refuse such a model.

A one-button jacket emphasizes the elegance of the female silhouette, and in tandem with a neat collar, a moderately strict and at the same time very elegant bow is created.

For those who are used to being the center of attention, interesting color options are suitable, for example, fashionable women’s jackets with animal print, stripes or flowers.


In this case, we are talking about a stylish tweed jacket in the style of the famous Coco Chanel. Such a model will ideally fit into the wardrobe of any modern fashionista who prefers feminine and elegant outfits.

A distinctive feature of such a jacket is complete minimalism, no unnecessary details and frills. Not even a collar. However, the Coco model has its own individual character – it does not tolerate being next to denim, leather and frivolous things, it was created for a more restrained and business style.


This color is always relevant, especially if applied to a stylish and beautiful thing. In a jacket with a fashionable checkered print in 2021, the girl will certainly attract the attention of others who will definitely appreciate her perfect taste. Especially in the new season, you should look at elongated options with a narrow waist. They will emphasize the elegance of the silhouette and make the bow even more feminine. These jackets fit perfectly into the images in any style. They are worn with both regular jeans and evening dresses. Also, the checkered model will be the perfect complement to the image in cool summer weather, it will create a stylish outfit if thrown over the top.


These jackets have an incredibly interesting and original style. It has become popular only recently. This means that the fashionista will definitely attract the views of others. It is noteworthy that this is not just a jacket in its classical sense. The long sleeves of this piece of clothing with a slit from the shoulder make it look like a cape.


We will not be mistaken if we say that a white jacket is suitable for almost all occasions. Moreover, white in 2021 will be one of the most fashionable colors. Another plus is that such a wardrobe item looks extremely advantageous with almost all other shades. This gives a wonderful opportunity to experiment with the look, creating both strict and romantic elegant looks.

Jacket dress

Fashion experts agree that a jacket dress makes the fair sex as sexy as possible. Therefore, if you want to have a wardrobe item with a spicy “flavor” in your arsenal, be sure to get a jacket dress. Such a thing will be indispensable for going on a date or a party.


In spring and autumn, many women of fashion prefer to dress in leather jackets of various styles. As a result, the streets of megacities are filled with young ladies in leather jackets. Do you want something new and unusual? The above wardrobe items have at least an equally stylish alternative – jackets. Their charm lies in the fact that they are found both in classic and in original styles – with pleats or asymmetrical edges, with a narrow waist and voluminous shoulders. In general, a fashionista can always create a bow suitable for any life situation.

With belt

This is another great option for girls who want to look stunning. Do you want to highlight your waist? Then this option is made just for you. If in doubt which model to take, it is better to give preference to the elongated version. As for the color of the belt, in some cases it does not have to match the jacket itself. For example, white jackets seem to be made for contrasts.

Without sleeves

Some fashion models of women’s jackets are designed without sleeves. And this is not an accident – in this form, this wardrobe item is not only original, but also beautiful. To create an attractive and interesting summer outfit, this is what you need. This jacket will look especially cool with blue jeans and a midi length skirt.


Sequins are back in fashion now, so you can not hesitate for a second when purchasing a model with sequins, made of luxurious satin. Just imagine how spectacular your evening look will look with such an original thing.

Choosing a fabric

Women’s jackets, like men’s, are most often sewn from suit fabrics. But 2021 will definitely please true fashionistas, because it offers a pleasantly surprising variety of textures and materials. Among them are products made of leather, satin, denim, such noble materials as linen and…

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