Fashion jackets 2021

Very soon, girls will replace light sets with fashionable jackets from the winter collection 2021. There were so many outerwear options on the catwalks that shopping promises to be difficult. After all, the wishlist presents a wide variety of options: from light sports-style jackets and anoraks to cute down jackets and leather bomber jackets. An unusual cut, as well as avant-garde decor, is the best way to show everyone your impeccable taste and not freeze at the same time.

Fashion trends and novelties 2021

Trend No1 Oversized down jacket

Fashionable women’s jackets in 2021 gave the honorable first place in their ranks to the oversized down jacket (see photo). This detail of the wardrobe at the peak of popularity has been holding for more than one year. The fashionable vector has turned towards comfort, coziness and strictly adheres to it.

In such outerwear, the girl will not freeze even in the most severe frosts and, as a bonus, she will look as stylish as possible. Increased volume, natural down filling, and water-repellent impregnation make the jacket versatile and all-weather.

An oversized down jacket can be easily combined with other elements of the wardrobe. But only if the girl chooses a light-colored model that will play interestingly with hats and scarves of any shades. But the winter down jacket with bright abstraction and geometry is more selective about its “neighbors”.

Trend No2 Extravagant anorak

Anorak is perfect for creating extraordinary looks. Practical outerwear in 2021 again breaks into the fashion podium, which undoubtedly pleased loyal fans. To properly wear an anorak, you need a special art and a subtle sense of style.

On the world catwalks, the jacket was presented by such fashion gurus as:

  • Christian Dior;
  • Hermes;
  • Lacoste;
  • Max Mara.

Surprisingly, the designers left all the traditional features of the anorak – a small zipper that allows the jacket to be worn over the head, a large kangaroo pocket, a hood, and jersey inserts on the sides. Instead, the fashion gurus worked on the jacket’s length, color, and original design.

For example, Christian Dior decorated his anorak with a small fringe located at the seams and a branded inscription that hides a very roomy pocket.

Trend No3 Leather down jacket

Despite the total rejection of leather products, this material still remains at the peak of popularity. Leather in their fall-winter 2020-2021 collections was used by such fashion houses as Akris, Hermès, Each x Other, Tod’s.

And therefore, girls who have not yet had time to appreciate the practicality and convenience of such outerwear will be able to do this in the new season. After all, the designers presented not only the already familiar leather jackets, but also leather down jackets.

Their colors are simply amazing. Classic black jackets side by side with models in the color of young burgundy wine and orange. They also differ in length, ranging from specimens that cover the knees to those that barely touch the waist.

Trend No4 Puff Sleeve Bomber Jacket

This outerwear can be called the protagonist of the fashion arsenal. He is not afraid of either the fleeting time or the eerily capricious fashion. A convenient piece of equipment for bomber pilots has probably moved into the women’s wardrobe forever. And no wonder, because this jacket skillfully combines sporty comfort and social chic.

Spring 2021 will definitely be happy with a fashionable bow, consisting of a bomber jacket with exaggerated voluminous sleeves and a tiered black skirt, as in the photo from the Max Mara show.

Such a bomber jacket looks interesting with classic-cut flared trousers and a provocative mini-dress. Such a stylish bow was presented by Tod`s.

Trend No5 Sheepskin jacket

Sheepskin coats are back in fashion. But unlike their predecessors called “pilot”, these jackets have become more elegant and feminine. Now the puffy sleeve is gathered at the cuff, and the thin waist is emphasized by a belt in the color of the outerwear.

In addition, designers experimented with volume, decor, silhouette and length. Fashion 2021 offers elongated sheepskin coats, presented in various colors: chocolate brown, aristocratic gray and warm beige.

The main decoration of such outerwear was a short-cut sheepskin collar.

Trend No6 Wool jackets

For a cold autumn, fashion houses have offered stylish and very warm woolen jackets. They will help create an interesting and practical look in a casual style. Outwardly, they are similar to a men’s shirt. The similarity becomes even greater due to the voluminous pockets on the chest, fastened with a small button.

The advantage of such outerwear is its versatility. Monochromatic models are combined with almost all elements of the women’s wardrobe.

A voluminous jacket with patch pockets makes the figure visually thinner.

By the way, not only monophonic specimens were presented, but also with a bright checkered print. This version of the jacket will complement the basic dark jeans and a simple white T-shirt.

Trend No7 Vest Jacket

Designers are still experimenting with puffy jackets and last time they presented an interesting sleeveless variation. This is a great option for sports girls.

The absence of sleeves does not hinder movement, and the lining on a padding polyester or down lining does not freeze.

Several different styles were presented, which differ in texture and shade. Models with a through fastener are additionally decorated with a deep hood and a stand-up collar.

With the right approach, they look interesting not only with jeans, but also with evening dresses, flirty skirts. It was this fashionable look that was presented at the Louis Vuitton show.

If you can find a jacket-vest in soothing shades, then it is suitable for women over 50.

Trend No8 Leather blazer jacket

Fashion trends 2021 again offer interesting options for leather jackets that will be as relevant as possible in the fall.

The peculiarity of clothing is its “communicativeness”, it easily finds a common language with other elements of a fashionable bow. A good company for her will be an asymmetric skirt or classic jeans.

This modern piece combines the design of a forty-year-old jacket with the small volume of down jackets we are used to. But the main touch in a leather jacket-jacket is a belt that slims a little and makes the figure more attractive.

Trend No9 Sport style

Sports style is gradually beginning to displace the classics from the fashion catwalks. Democratic images with a jacket that somewhat resembles the uniform of the Olympic team could be seen at the shows of Zadig & Voltaire, Louis Vuitton, Versace.

An alternative to the usual coats will be slightly elongated jackets with Velcro fasteners or with a traditional zipper. Contrasting details are used as decor, enhancing the sporty focus. And the vertical stitching perfectly builds silhouette lines.

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Trend No10 Down jackets mini

Apparently, designers are hoping for the same abnormally warm winter as last year. Otherwise, how else to explain these models …

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