Fashion Looks – Spring 2019

What are they, fashionable images of spring 2019? For every woman, this question is becoming more and more relevant every day, and she is ready to spend time looking for new products and photos of successful bows so that she can look her best with the onset of warm weather! Well, we decided to make this task easier for you and found samples of the best fashion looks ourselves, so that you can devote yourself to something really important. You just have to read our review and decide what you really like.


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Fashion trends for the coming spring

In what style is it better to create fashionable bows in the coming spring? A fairly simple question, given the fact that the choice is very large. There is a fashion trend for every taste. Don’t believe? Let’s prove it now!

  • Classical. Everything is simple here: elegant restraint, clear lines, noble colors, maximum aesthetics and a bit of seductiveness – at all times a huge number of fashionistas preferred the time-tested classics. The coming season will not be an exception. Classic suits, coats, dresses, skirts, blouses and raincoats are very popular today. They are considered the true must-have of every wardrobe, they are loved for their versatility and nobility that they possess.

  • sport chic. The complete opposite of the classics, the novelty of the coming season and, perhaps, the most extraordinary fashion trend – that’s what sport chic is. Naturally, the key concept here is the word “sport”. That is what defines the mainstream of this style. But among the main features we can distinguish: layering, slight negligence with a touch of glamor, a combination of different styles in one bow and, of course, comfort. After all, hardly anyone will deny that sportswear is the most comfortable to wear.

  • Ethnic motifs. Let’s make a reservation right away, this direction is considered an amateur, however, it also has a lot of admirers who are happy to turn their daily bow into an abundance of colors and elements of third-party cultures. So, in 2019, the collections of many fashion designers were inspired by Indian and African cultures, as well as the style of the Wild West.

  • Oversized style. For several seasons in a row, this fashion trend has been a real lifesaver for obese girls and women. And in principle, everything is clear with this, because oversized allows women of fashion with a non-standard figure to be dressed to the last peep and at the same time feel very comfortable. Oversized clothing has a free cut and perfectly hides any figure flaws. Young ladies with quite standard proportions also have a special love for her, because a loose-fitting thing allows them to feel more fragile and sophisticated.

  • Boho style. Do you want to learn how to combine the incongruous? Then you should definitely pay attention to extravagant boho. This is the style of bold and self-confident fashionistas who are not afraid to show their true selves to the world. Many believe that only creative people can become adherents of this trend. However, this is not entirely true, boho is available to everyone. Therefore, if you feel the need for self-expression this coming spring, then this is definitely your option.

Feminine boho look

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! But the main and most popular style of the coming spring can be considered, of course, Casual. Simplicity, comfort and affordability are the three main components of this trend. [/stextbox]

Things in casual style, as a rule, are basic in the wardrobe of every woman. They easily echo each other and allow you to create interesting bows. And they will never cost too much, which is important in today’s economic realities.

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Basic elements of a fashionable spring bow

Spring 2019 has prepared for women a huge number of options for creating any fashionable look. And in our today’s review you will find photos of the best of them. And for clarity, we have broken down the most popular images into their constituent elements, so that you have a better idea of ​​what we are talking about.


An excellent choice for the upcoming spring, and for the whole season as a whole, will be a sweater. First of all, it will serve as an excellent replacement for jackets and raincoats. It definitely won’t be able to freeze in it, but, unfortunately, it won’t save you from rain either. Perhaps the last fact is the only indisputable disadvantage of any knitted sweater. Otherwise, there are only pluses here. So, let’s figure out what is fashionable to wear sweaters these days.

First, it’s jeans. Any. Versatile top and versatile bottom, what could be simpler and more natural? Second, it’s a short skirt. And do not be afraid, the image will not be defiant. On the contrary, you will look moderately sexy and very attractive. And, thirdly, a sweater-dress. A completely independent wardrobe item that is easy to combine with high boots, such as over the knee boots, as well as with any coat. As a result, the image will turn out to be very stylish and seductive.

Stylish spring look with a sweater and a miniskirt

Fashion sweater models

  • Crop sweater. An excellent solution for women with a perfect figure and not older than 30 years.

  • sweatshirt. And this is an option that will help create an interesting youth image.
  • Sweater with an unusual curly sleeve – a real trend of the coming spring.

  • Sweater that falls over one shoulder. A clear element of romantic style, by the way, also fashionable this season, which looks very attractive and feminine.

  • Oversized sweater. We think you can not comment on anything here, because you already understand that this is a hit.

Leather clothes

Spring and a leather jacket are synonymous words for many modern fashionistas. After all, when the last snow melts and the first rays of the sun begin to warm the residents of the metropolis who are tired of the lingering cold, many immediately rush to throw off the down jackets that have bothered them during the winter and put on stylish and lighter clothes. Most often, she turns out to be her favorite leather jacket.

But not only she will be in trend this coming spring. Leather pants, trench coats, dresses and even T-shirts with blouses will be no less popular. Of course, here you should immediately make a reservation, young ladies no older than 40 years old can wear leather clothes, and most importantly, that a good figure is also available. Otherwise, a fashionable image will not work.

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Trousers – perhaps the most important attribute of a fashionable image for every woman in the spring of 2019. With them, you can create interesting bows for every day, or for going out, and generally lead a very comfortable lifestyle. So let’s figure out which pants will be in trend in the next few months.

  • Length 7/8. A very interesting fashion trend that appealed to fashionistas who have a taste for life. This playful model has several popular options at once: narrow, wide and slightly flared. You can combine 7/8 trousers with…

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