Fashion Looks – Spring 2020

We present you the most fashionable images of the spring 2020 season! No need to invent anything and puzzle over trendy combinations – all the best ideas are already here!


voluminous sleeves

The Victorian era is still a powerful source of inspiration for designers. If you already managed to buy a novelty with puffed sleeves last warm season, feel free to shine in it this spring too! The trend is all the same dresses, raincoats, blouses and shirts with such a creative accent. Fashionistas were especially captivated by shirts with this design – a great solution for those who are tired of strict classics. This cut looks unusual and fresh, and also sets an interesting stylish mood for the whole image.

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The rule for combining accent sleeves is elementary – choose the most concise components for them so as not to distract attention from an extravagant cut. The girls in these photos combined 2 trends at once – transparency and voluminous sleeves. This is definitely a success! They chose the right combination with simple trousers and jeans.

This fashionista has gone one step further and incorporated spring’s trendiest shade of orange peel into her look. Bravo!

If you don’t like shirts with puffed sleeves, take a closer look at a dress with such an interesting detail. With him, minimalism should reign in the image – simple shoes (actual Cossacks will fit perfectly!) And dosage of accessories.


The spring 2020 season is the perfect time for stylish things with asymmetry. This technique not only brings zest to the image, it also perfectly corrects the proportions of the body. But it should be borne in mind that a thing with an unusual cut always creates an emphasis on certain areas. For example, an asymmetrical skirt focuses on the legs, and the original neckline will accentuate the neck and décolleté.

There is one trick that will save you from buying new products with an unusual cut. You can just fantasize about the way you wear the usual things. A shirt or trench coat will look cool if you drop one shoulder. The buttons on the product are a separate flight of imagination. For example, you can flirtatiously lower a row of fasteners to create an asymmetrical line in a fashionable bow.

The luxury of gold

In the coming season, designers are persistently suggesting that you discard all restraints and wear gold items. They believe that the texture with a metallic effect is perfect not only for special occasions, but also for every day.

The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your look is to buy an accessory with a golden sheen. It diversifies laconic combinations of basic things.

You can also bet on golden shoes, which will add a touch of enchantment and luxury to any outfit. We offer you three win-win combinations with such shoes – a plain shirt dress, a white T-shirt and jeans, trousers tucked into boots paired with an elegant cape. Gold things always look great in combination with black and other shades in the dark color range.

More color!

This spring, do not be afraid of bright colors. On the contrary, you can try to place spectacular accents in a stylish bow with the help of a juicy palette.

Stylists advise starting to master the bright range with one thing – a jacket, dress, trousers or cardigan. Once you get used to the increased attention of the society dressed in gray clothes, you can move on to the next level.

A new stage is the ability to combine several bright colors in one outfit at once. We offer you some ideas for inspiration.

As you can see, the secret of the success of such images is obvious – it lies in the combination of bright things with a laconic cut, as well as in the absence of prints and active accessories. It is also important to wear clothes of the same temperature and saturation. If you want to create a contrasting combination, you can turn to the color wheel for help and choose tones that are located opposite each other.

So that you are not mistaken with the actual colors, we bring to your attention the most trendy tones of the season.

Fashionable looks with color accents in the spring 2020 season will be a great solution for overweight women. With the help of bright colors, it is easy to shift attention to your strengths and mask your flaws.


Fashionable sequins are not only an association with a special celebration. There are several ideas that will tell you how to wear things with sparkling decor with and without it.

A spectacular and stylish solution would be a combination of a skirt with a shiny texture with a cozy sweater. It is good if the skirt covers the knees, and the length of the sweater reaches the waist. You can have a jacket with a sparkling decor in your arsenal – it will instantly transform a day outfit with a basic dress. The stars prove that things with sequins have no age restrictions and are perfectly young.

To be in trend, it is not at all necessary to dress in a brilliant texture from head to toe – a stylish accent in the decoration may be quite enough.

business style

Designers love to experiment with business style, and this time they gave preference to classic styles of jackets, trousers and skirts.

Moreover, it is hardly possible to call such an image boring – fashion maestro play on color combinations, layering and an unusual combination of textures. In the spring season, a business wardrobe should include a fashionable trouser suit, Bermuda shorts and knitted vests.

Such an elegant classic with a modern twist is the perfect choice for women over 50 who appreciate restraint and moderate conservatism.

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Pleated dresses

Pleated skirts are slowly but surely fading into the shadows, giving way to favorite dresses with such a detail.

The key criteria for relevance are asymmetry, rich pure color and midi or maxi length. Such dresses do not look infantile. On the contrary, they are the epitome of elegance and sophistication, which means they are perfect for women in their 40s.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Pleating remarkably slims due to vertical lines.[/stextbox]


Global warming with the advent of spring is planned not only according to the calendar, but also in the wardrobes of fashionistas. The hot trend of this season is transparent things or inserts made of airy texture. Of course, we do not recommend completely weightless blouses through which all the nuances of the female body shine through. There are several safer ways to implement this trend. We are talking about a combination with T-shirts, bras, corsets and other translucent things for layering.

Crop length

Crop length in the spring season is present not only in the design of the usual tops, designers boldly shorten blouses and sweaters as well.

It is easy to combine such fashionable things with various bottom options. A casual look can be complemented with bananas or boyfriend paired with sneakers. Crop top looks stylish and in tandem with a trouser suit.


Corsets are also a sensational spring trend. Stylists suggest wearing them over medium-sized knitted dresses, sweaters and…

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