Fashion Looks – Spring 2020

In this article, we have collected for you the most fashion images for women season spring 2020. Go ahead for inspiration!


A jacket

A loose jacket is a definite spring trend. Plain, checkered, leather or silk – it doesn’t matter which one novelty deserves your approval. The main thing is to use the most relevant combinations. We just have some stylish ideas!

Surely you already know that modern fashion favors wide trousers and trousers. But what about the narrow models that have long settled in the wardrobe of many fashionistas? You can give them a second life in combination with an oversized jacket in men’s style. Get trendy and fresh!

The mini length is definitely a good idea for the spring season. But if you want to make the image more restrained, feel free to dilute it with an elongated jacket.

The emphasis on the waist is still firmly on the list of key trends of the 2020 season. You can put this trend into practice by adding a leather belt to your jacket. This technique highlights the waist, slims and correct the silhouette. Exactly what is needed!

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In the spring, many girls want romance, and that’s fine. In the 2020 season, stylists suggest combining an elegant dress made of airy fabric or polka dot print with an elongated jacket to add a little seriousness to a fashionable bow.

If you suddenly missed this trend, we dare to remind you that it is now fashionable to wear long jackets instead of a dress. To keep this look from looking too revealing, add a base layer in the form of a sweater or turtleneck.

There is another stylish trick that many fashionistas have already adopted – this is a combination of a jacket with a matching sweater or turtleneck. It can be both black and bright tandem. In any case, the image will turn out to be more expressive and interesting.

Pants in boots

Now, for sure, many fashionistas will be amazed: “What, it was possible like that?”. In the 2020 season, you even need it! Such a practical combination began to be brought to the masses by the heroines of street style, and now ordinary women of fashion, following their example, tuck even wide trousers into boots. The main thing is that no folds form on this border – this feature will visually add volume to the legs.

Second skin

fashion images season spring 2020 for young girls or for women 45 years old may include the splendor of leather texture. As stylists predict, leather clothing will be at the top of the trend list for a long time to come, so this is definitely a practical investment. Among the most fashionable combinations with this trend in the lead role are:

  • leather total bow;
  • leather trousers with a matching Victorian shirt or blouse;
  • overalls from this texture in a duet with sandals or boots;
  • midi length dress with rough boots;
  • leather shirt in denim company.

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We emphasize that this spring you should not limit yourself to an exclusively black palette. In the top, the skin is milky, caramel, pistachio, blue, olive, emerald and wine shades.

Light monochrome

Stylists and designers are well aware of fashionistas who, during the winter season, managed to get tired of the dark palette of images. Isn’t this the best reason to try on a monochrome bow, aged in light shades?! The refreshing range of white, lavender, beige, powder or blue is wonderful rejuvenates appearance and makes it truly spectacular.

Stylish layering

Layered outfits will justifiably remain relevant in the spring with its inherent unpredictability of the weather. Stylish combinations can be made with a checkered shirt made of dense texture – this is one of the most iconic pieces of the season.

Another trendy idea is a sleeveless dress (which can turn into a sundress with a flick of the wrist) in tandem with a plain shirt. A great way to diversify the office routine!

Mini length

Fans of skirts and midi length dresses can sleep easy – their favorite is still on the wave. But the mini mark can seriously compete with him. This is the most seductive, playful and feminine spring trend. Now, for example, it is fashionable to mix a short skirt with a voluminous sweater. Moreover, you can fill the top not completely, but take an example from the girl in the photo.

Fashionable blouse + high trousers

Let’s say that you have stylish high-waisted trousers in your wardrobe that you have already managed to get a little bored with. In this case, you can transform the usual bottom with a trendy blouse. In the spring of 2020, voluminous sleeves, open shoulders, translucent inserts, ruffles, bows and frills are at the peak of popularity. Actual prints can also be used – flowers, peas or animalistics.

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A similar trick can be done with denim.


Pleating, located on a skirt, dress, blouse or trousers, best of all sets the spring mood for the whole look. In addition, the vertical lines of this trend remarkably stretch the silhouette and slim.

More brightness

Trendy color 2020 of the season is, of course, a juicy and cheerful shade. On the wave of yellow, azure, blue, orange, red, pink and neon tones. It is worth adding at least one bright accent to the usual ensemble, as it will immediately sparkle with new colors and change – try it yourself!

The combination of different prints within one look is a win-win way to make the look more complex and expressive. This approach is suitable even for women over 55.

[tds_warning]In order for such a duet to look successful, one should follow the color or overall unity of motives.[/tds_warning]

Active girls will definitely not lose if they rely on a cropped hoodie or sweatshirt in juicy colors. Such products combine correctly with a more muted bottom, whether jeans, trousers or skirts.

Inspiration from the 70s

This time, when creating fashion collections, many designers drew inspiration from the style of the 70s. How else to explain the crazy popularity of corduroy, flared trousers and vests?


We present to you a photo most trendy looks with sneakers season spring 2020 for women all ages. This is the most practical and versatile shoe that can both smoothly complement the bow and become its stylish accent.

Interestingly, in modern fashion, the boundaries of what can and cannot be combined with sports shoes have practically disappeared. Today, it is mixed with literally everything – with trouser suits, leather trousers, wide trousers, airy dresses, denim skirts, sundresses, as well as linen-style outfits. In a word, this spring you can experiment as much as you like!

Loose pants

We already mentioned that loose pants are great with sneakers. But no less stylish set will turn out with elegant sandals. With this, you can vary over the top by choosing a T-shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, shirt or blouse.

Bulky shoulders

The emphasis on the shoulders and sleeves confidently retains its position…

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