Fashion makeup 2023 for every day

Fashionable daily makeup 2023 will diversify everyday looks and emphasize natural attractiveness. Here are some trendy ideas for your daily experiments!

natural makeup

Natural makeup is the best choice for everyday life. It helps to look fresh and natural without overloading the face with cosmetics. In 2023, the natural look is complemented by a fresh blush – the right shade of pink can be used as a delicate contouring. Natural makeup 2023 creates the illusion of a lack of cosmetics and emphasizes natural beauty.

Glowing skin

Everyday makeup 2023-2024 looks fashionable and beautiful with the effect of radiant skin. Achieving a healthy and rested texture will turn out on a smooth, moistened surface. Makeup artists prefer to use a weightless BB cream with a shimmery effect and, after drying, apply a creamy highlighter with small particles on the cheekbones, nose, corners of the eyes and the dimple above the lip.

An alternative option for creating a radiant effect is to mix a primer with tone and a sparkling serum.

Wet lips

If lip gloss has been waiting for a high point in your cosmetic bag for a long time, in the 2023 season this moment has come! A fashionable make-up with wet lips will turn out spectacular and stylish.

Makeup artists confess their love to transparent glitter. The texture can be applied over different shades of pencil and lipstick, experimenting with fashionable looks.


Arrows are considered a win-win technique for creating an expressive and stylish look. Fashion trends each time change only make-up variations with arrows. So, in the 2023 season, at the peak of popularity, creative fantasies on the theme of classic makeup are in trend, double, geometric, colored and shiny arrows, as well as minimalistic lines of non-standard shape.

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To experiment with trendy colored arrows, it is not necessary to acquire a collection of different eyeliners. To get a bright color, and at the same time save the budget, a brush dipped in micellar water will allow – after that, dry powder of shadows is collected and lines are drawn on the eyelids.

smokey ice

Smokey eye is a classic makeup that is suitable for a stylish, effective look. In everyday performance, the technique looks beautiful with coffee, chocolate and golden hues in the lead role. To create a bewitching look, makeup artists like to emphasize the lower eyelid with a dark pencil – after such a technique, the eyes become especially beautiful.

chocolate lips

The trendy look with chocolate lips is the perfect makeover for those who want to add style and flair to their look. Previously, dark lipstick appeared mainly in evening outfits, but now fashionistas successfully integrate a luxurious chocolate tone into their everyday look.

Makeup trends 2023 are also welcoming chocolate lips with darker eyeliner. This retro-style technique will make the image especially spectacular.

bright lips

In the 2023 season, it’s time to get bright lipsticks and gloss out of the cosmetic bag – the emphasis on the lips against the backdrop of the nude make-up at the peak of popularity.

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To create a trendy makeup for every day in 2023, use the right tone from your favorite red or pink palette. Eyes
it’s better to just mark it with mascara – in fashionable makeup 2023, one accent is enough.

pastel shadows

Beauty trends in the spring-summer 2023 season require beauty, tenderness and femininity. In the wake of such a mood, makeup with pastel shadows will be in fashion. The most top shade of the 2023 season is an elegant lavender color. This color scheme can be used solo, without other complex accents in makeup.

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A fashionable everyday make-up 2023 is also obtained with a pink tone in the title role. The delicate color will beautifully reveal itself in mono-makeup, showing up on the eyelids, cheekbones and lips.

No matter what makeup idea 2023 you prefer for every day, remember that the most important thing in the image is confidence in your own beauty and irresistibility!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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