Fashion makeup for the office: trends 2022

Many women who are forced to comply with a strict dress code are worried about what fashionable makeup for the office can be done in 2022. After all, even at work, negotiating, communicating with clients or solving a difficult production problem, every fashionista wants to look stylish and beautiful.

Makeup for the office: fashion ideas 2022

A make-up for the office, on the one hand, should set you up for work, that is, be restrained and concise, and on the other hand, help create the image of a true professional in your field. The fashion trend of the season will be natural beauty. Makeup artists offer women to focus on one part of the face: cheekbones, eyebrows, eyes or lips.

Let’s explore what makeup for the office will be fashionable in 2022:

nude makeup

The main advantage of nude makeup is that it allows you to beautifully emphasize the dignity of appearance and look as natural as possible. To make the eyes more expressive, makeup artists advise using beige, nude and light pink shadows, which are perfect for creating a business look. Lips are best painted with a neutral matte lipstick or light gloss.

Makeup with arrows

Feminine and elegant arrows are the main favorite of this season. Therefore, it is not surprising that such makeup for the office will be the most fashionable in 2022. The arrows look so impressive on their own that they do not need any additional make-up.

Makeup in gold tones

This season, makeup artists recommend that fashionistas opt for golden eyeshadows that refresh their faces. An office make-up, designed in such colors, turns out to be elegant and stylish. Also in 2022, carefully painted eyelashes will come into fashion. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality mascara that will keep well on the eyes, because at work it is not always possible to correct makeup.

Makeup with red lips

If the office does not have a strict dress code, stylists allow fashionistas to use their favorite bright lipstick. Muted burgundy, cherry and coral shades will look stylish and beautiful. Focusing on the lips, the rest of the make-up should be kept in a neutral tone. For example, lightly highlight the eyes with the help of small arrows.

Makeup without makeup

To look well-groomed, it is not necessary to use a ton of different cosmetics. This season, makeup artists invite women to pay attention to the fashion trend called “makeup without makeup”, and use transparent foundations to create office makeup. A minimum of cosmetics on the face will help emphasize the natural beauty of fashionistas.

Makeup with lip gloss

In 2022, stylists advise using lip gloss in everyday and business makeup. This will make them more expressive and give a trendy “wet” effect. To make the make-up elegant and businesslike, you should not use bright shadows. To go to the office, it will be enough to make up the eyelashes and slightly tweak the eyebrows.

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Makeup draping

Draping is the technique of applying blush to give the face a sculptural sophistication. Makeup artists are even advised to apply them instead of shadows and lipstick. Makeup with pink and peach blush is harmoniously suited to a business outfit. They will add a beautiful matte shine to the skin, and help hide existing imperfections.

Makeup with dark lipstick

The novelty of the season will be a stylish make-up with an emphasis on the lips. Dark shades of lipstick will come into fashion: burgundy, plum, brown. This makeup option is suitable for the office only if the lips are the only bright spot on the face. The maximum that is allowed is to give expressiveness to the eyes with the help of mascara.

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey ice make-up will help women look beautiful and confident at work. To make business makeup elegant, it is better to use warm brown tones. When drawing an arrow, it is important to carefully shade it, because then the stretch will turn out smooth and soft.

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Makeup with an emphasis on eyebrows

As before, in 2022, wide eyebrows will be in trend. Various cosmetics will help to make them expressive – gels, fondant, shadows, pencils. When going to work for owners of beautiful eyebrows, it is enough just to emphasize the cheekbones, apply mascara to the eyelashes, and a stylish make-up for the office is ready.

Makeup for a business meeting

Some business meetings and presentations take place in the form of large and solemn events. In this case, the dress code does not prohibit women of fashion from doing makeup that is more saturated in color. Fashionable pink shadows in combination with elegant arrows and burgundy lipstick will look spectacular and feminine at the same time.

Makeup with eyeliner

In 2022, eyeliner will return to fashion. In the case of make-up for the office, you should not draw a thick and voluminous line, it is better to outline the eyes, carefully and carefully blend its edges. During the working day, you should check from time to time to make sure that the makeup is not smeared.

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A well-groomed and elegant look for any business woman begins with the right trendy makeup for the office, and in 2022, makeup artists offer fashionistas a ton of stylish options.

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