Fashion Makeup Trends 2021

Fashion trends in 2021, in addition to clothing, have also affected makeup. Everyone knows that the face is a visiting card of a person, so it should always look fresh and well-groomed. Here you can get acquainted with the most profitable make-up options that surprised models at shows of famous collections.

What makeup will be in trend in 2021

Makeup is able to rejuvenate and sometimes works real miracles, especially if it is done by skillful hands. Therefore, when creating an image for any situation, you should always select the most advantageous make-up. What have the makeup artists of the most famous brands prepared for us for 2021? Let’s try to figure it out.

Makeup without makeup. Invisible makeup has not gone out of fashion for many years, because it is very versatile. For girls who like to look natural, you can’t imagine the best option for every day, because this type of makeup only creates an even tone of the face. In the new season, stylists have gone further and offer to completely eliminate the use of any cosmetics.

radiant effect. Unusually, but at the same time, the effect of radiant, moist skin looks very attractive. Glossy highlights can simply complement the natural make-up described above.

Blush. The blush looks very natural and natural on the face. Therefore, in the new season, stylists decorated them not only with cheekbones, but also with other parts of the face.

Elegant eyebrows. Updates in the world of makeup in 2021, they say that naturally styled and slightly accentuated eyebrows will be the most fashionable.

Metallic effect. It implies the use of shades of precious stones in makeup. It looks incredibly attractive – see for yourself!

golden notes. Gold will be popular not only in clothes, but also in makeup. Makeup artists recommend using golden eye shadows and eyeliners, because they emphasize the eyes very favorably.

Well-chosen makeup is able to hide flaws and emphasize dignity. Therefore, the choice of cosmetics should be approached with extreme caution. Choose makeup for clothes, hairstyle and situation, and then it will be as appropriate as possible.

The most current eye makeup in 2021

The eyes of a woman always attract the attention of men, so it is worth spending the most time on them. For many years, the Smokey Eyes style has not lost popularity. This is one of the most feminine and attractive eye makeup options, loved by many girls. This year it is again at the height of fashion and can be performed in any shades.

If in the cold season girls prefer more restrained colors, then in spring and summer you can experiment with bright shades. But what color combinations to choose to make the eyes more expressive? You can try these trendy combinations:

  • blue and blue;
  • pink and purple;
  • orange and yellow;
  • burgundy and red.

Neon shadows will be relevant this year. For bold and bright girls, the option of using such unusual shadows in makeup is what you need. This style is completely opposite to nude, but it has its fans.

Beauty eyes can also be decorated with arrows. The most relevant will be massive arrows, lower eyeliner and an emphasis on the inner corner of the eye. In addition, the trend this year will be the so-called spider legs – a special type of eyelashes that look like spider legs.

Glitter makeup is still relevant. Of course, it is not suitable for everyone, but it has its fans. Remember that if you use glitter, then they should cover only one area – eyelids, lips or cheekbones, so as not to oversaturate the image. Glitter can be applied to the entire eyelid or just along the growth of the eyelashes.

Lip Makeup Fashion 2021

Beautiful lips always look spectacular, so do not forget about the fashion trends in lip makeup that will be relevant in 2021:

  • wet effect. To achieve it, it is enough to use a radiant shine of a natural shade.
  • Dark lipsticks. Plum or eggplant lipsticks will also be relevant in 2021.
  • Red lips. Red lipstick is very eye-catching, even if it is the only bright detail in the whole look.

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For example, with the help of the Smokey Eyes effect, a lot of emphasis is placed on the eyes. In order not to oversaturate the image with colors, it is better to leave the lips alone. You can apply lipstick in natural shades or a transparent gloss. Of course, you won’t go to work with such bright makeup, but for parties, walks and other similar situations, it fits perfectly.

If you want to focus specifically on the lips, then there are three ways to do this – using color, technique or sparkles. The most noticeable colors have already been mentioned above – these are red and any dark shades. Highlighter makes lips more voluminous and noticeable. But sparkles are a rather specific option that is only suitable for photo shoots or a bright holiday.

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The most fashionable makeup trends of 2021 can be seen in the photo from the collections of the most famous brands. Watching these photos, you have the opportunity to be inspired and learn to be fashionable anytime and anywhere. We hope that the above information was useful to you and we wish you good luck!

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