Fashion mules 2019

Fashion mules in 2019 are a stylish and bold solution that every girl will love. Let’s consider together what models will be relevant in the next seasons.


Features of choice

Mules are a peculiar form of shoes, somewhat reminiscent of slippers. They do not have a back, the heel in any case remains completely open. Many girls like these models because they are very easy to put on and take off.

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Fashion houses prefer to produce lines with heels of different sizes, so every girl will find a pair for herself. Shoes have an ancient history, since there was such a model in ancient Egypt, but at fashion shows and in everyday life, it has only been found in the last few years.

Today it is trendy to wear mules with complex ties and unusual elements. Of the prints, animalistic fabrics that fake the skin of a zebra, crocodile or panther are popular. Materials should be chosen depending on the place where you will wear mules.

Low running leather mules

For recreation and beaches, wicker options are suitable, and for the city – leather or suede. The length of the heel should also be chosen, focusing on how much you move around the city. For example, mules with heels are not suitable for public transport, it is better to choose a flat sole and a minimal rise.

trend models

  • Open toe

In 2019, fashionable open-toed mules began to appear more and more often at shows, photos are in our review. This is especially convenient for hot summer weather, air exchange will be better, the leg will not get tired so much. Usually they choose a not very open toe, a few centimeters. Then, if the sole is flat, without a defiant heel, such mules can be worn to the office to work.

Lightweight and comfortable open toe mules

For a balanced look, choose models with a slightly closed back. For example, if the classic model ends up to the ankle, then you can purchase shoes with long side parts, but not covering the heels. It is best to combine such pairs with midi length skirts, 7/8 trousers. Mules will perfectly fit into the everyday wardrobe of country or boho style, you need to be more careful with sports and street style.

  • Thick heel

Heels in mules are a real field for creativity. They can be asymmetrical, irregularly shaped, classic stilettos or a tight platform. The latter option is especially popular because of its convenience and practicality.

It is more comfortable and stable to walk on thick heels, it can be advised to young girls who do not know how to walk in heels at all. The thickened version looks good with suede and velor fabrics, together they look luxurious and elegant.

In 2019, naturalness is in fashion, so you can choose a sole made of cork material or a fake natural one. Such colors are most often light, beige or sandy, so they will suit everything, they will look organic. These materials are also distinguished by texture, girls are attracted by crossed threads.

  • Heels – hourglass

Another popular type of heel is the hourglass. They were already relevant several decades ago, but fashion is cyclical, so heels are again found in salons and boutiques. The difference between these options is a sophisticated middle, flared upper and lower parts. They are ideal for mules, since the hourglass heel does not have to be large, its beauty is in its miniature.

You can dilute the image with this type of heel with fringe, natural embroidery – they will resemble oriental motifs, suitable for combination with long or medium skirts, loose blouses. Such fashionable mules will perfectly fit into a classic or business wardrobe, suitable for obese women.

  • Heel strap

Plain, classic mules can be successfully diluted with straps. They have become very popular lately. This is not surprising, since straps are a quick way to add thoughtfulness and integrity to an outfit, even though they look complicated at first glance. They are used as a back to keep the foot, especially for demi-season, insulated options.

Also, the straps can be in the front, but then they will only play a decorative role. They can be freely decorated with beads, ribbons, rhinestones or fringes. You can even do it yourself if you want to add connecting elements for different bows.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! You can belt oversized T-shirts or leather skirts. At the same time, it is important that the fittings and accessories are in the same color scheme – only gold or only silver.[/stextbox]

  • Mules with fur

Such mules have nothing to do with warm shoes; they are not suitable for the autumn-winter period. Fur is used only for decorating the upper part and for nothing else. This is one of the most popular ways to decorate shoes, because you can use different colors, the look is very delicate and cute.

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If you wear such mules, try not to repeat the fur elements anywhere else. It is worth excluding fur vests, massive earrings with pile from the bow, you need to be careful with T-shirts and trousers with fur elements. Otherwise, you may become like a Bigfoot, as the image will be oversaturated with the same elements. It is worth taking a closer look at smooth leather, satin or organza – they will balance the overall look, there is a photo in our review.

  • Ties are the new trend

Ties, as well as straps, are another way to make the look more interesting and practical. They are used as a back to better fix and hold the leg, they can be braided around the ankle, which will look very gentle and unusual, they are used in the front part as decoration.

At the same time, the ties can be of completely different formats – to adjust the density of coverage, static in the form of bows that cannot be untied, thin leather or wide textile – it all depends on the fashion designer’s imagination and your willingness to wear unusual options.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! It is not necessary to use only textile materials, combine several trends at once. For example, the ends can have stylish metal circles, rivets or buttons. This will make the shoes more interesting and brighter.[/stextbox]

  • Embroidery

Mule embroidery is new for 2019 and immediately catches the eye. Usually bright, saturated threads are used, which can dilute a plain, boring look. This makes mules an indispensable part of the wardrobe, suitable for any top. For greater contrast, it is best to use a solid and dark base – black, ultramarine, brown. Smooth threads are also interestingly combined with a fleecy surface, for example, the fabric can be suede.

According to fashion trends, mules in 2019…

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